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if ok computer was their appetite for destruction then this could be their use your illusion

Wait, so you think In Rainbows will be better than OK Computer???
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Kid A > OK Computer

You know, I think I actually agree with you. For a long time I thought Kid A was complete garbage, but it eventually grew on me so much that I couldn't decide whether or not it was actually better than OK Computer. And then I came to the conclusion that yeah... it probably is.
They're both easily among the greatest albums out within the last 20-some years, though. Actually, of all time.
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I never understood Jimmy's affection to Ernie Ball strings, I've thought they were crap since the day I started playing.

I'm an Ernie Ball guy myself. .09s, usually.

Just thought I'd contribute.
Hey, as long as we're on the topic of strings, what kinds of picks do you guys like to use? Partial to any particular brand/thickness?
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I actually never heard of that. What's it about?

The Song Remains the Same? Or what?
The Song Remains the Same is the name of a live movie filmed at Madison Square Garden of a Zep concert. It was done after their Houses of the Holy album. It's got some cool live footage (although I've been told that the desert DVD is much better; unfortunately I've never seen it).
That is what you were asking about, isn't it?
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dunno about record players, but my dads still got his old one and made in japan
by deep purple has never sounded so good, way better than the cd version

Ohhhhhhhh... [drools]
Vinyl record production... I don't know, I can't put my finger on it, but it's millions of times better than CD production. It's like CDs eliminate more of an artist's presence or something. It's too "clean" for me sometimes. That's why it's cool to have record producers like Steve Albini (and Jimmy Page, to keep this relevant), who still try to capture bands in their raw, live sound. I cherish my Black Sabbath vinyls more than I'll ever cherish my Black Sabbath CDs.
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You're overproduced 80s crap....

+10 Seth points. Interchangeable with 1,000,000 DownIn points, if you feel the need to convert. Dang, that's grade A Seth humor right there. Nice one.

So what's the scoop on the remastered Song Remains the Same DVD that's coming out soon? (You guys probably already covered this topic, but whatever; I'm too lazy to look back more than a couple pages) Are they going to splice in more of the edited-out stuff that was taken out of the original release? Because I've seen The Ocean from that TSRTS performance, and it is awesome. Does anyone know what new stuff's gonna be added that differs from the original release?

EDIT: Also, it's good to see the Star Wars quotes. I see the spirit of Seth isn't totally dead.
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Edit: This is a bit off-topic (I know, I'm the king of topic changing),

Nah, I'm pretty sure that title belongs to me, dude.
but has anyone else noticed the brilliance of "Hot Dog"? It's a very underrated song.

I wouldn't call it brilliant, but it is pretty awesome. The guitar solo's completely classic, albeit really sloppy. I've said it once and I'll say it again: Page's guitar work on ITTOD is great. I know it's incredibly sloppy, but it's got this insane live feel that I think is only topped by the guitar work in Presence. Great stuff.
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the last song should be hallowed be thy name... i guess something happened when i uploaded number of the beast to my computer a few years ago. how is it possible for tracks to get switched?

What, like your track that's labeled "Hallowed be thy Name" is in reality "Total Eclipse," and your track labeled "Total Eclipse" is really "Hallowed"? Media players just grab album information from the internet based on what they think the music you've uploaded is. So your media player probably just got a crappy/wrong source and mistakenly switched those two tracks around.
I'm not exactly sure how that all works, though, so don't think I'm speaking from knowledge here. Just guesses. You still have all 9 NotB tracks uploaded, though, right?
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^Not at all. Plantations are just a colorful part of Plant's performances. They add dimension.

"Plantations." You dork. You're starting to sound like me.
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Yeah, that Live Aid show was crap. I'm fine with some imperfections but of all the reunion concerts I've been to in the past few years I've noticed that the shows make you forget how bad they are actually playing. For example someone at the actual show will rave about the amazing solos by Page, and we'll watch them the next day on YouTube and complain about their sloppyness. Same thing happened when I went to the orgasmic Police show. They played AWESOME, but looking at clips from the show on the internet you see just how shaky they were.

Yep, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Actually being there, experiencing a live performance from a band that hasn't performed together in many, many years is automatically a gratifying experience. Therefore you're willing to give some leeway for mistakes, lapses in tightness, etc. So it's easy to come back from a show (or just get done watching a live reunion performance for the first time, for that matter) thinking that it was absolutely amazing, only to watch it again and realize it was horrifyingly average.
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I'm still skeptical.

You know what, I pretty much was ever since this show was announced too. Obviously it won't rival performances they did in their prime, but I'm still pretty certain it'll be loads better than, say, the 1985 Live Aid show. Just the fact that they're doing a show at all, after all these years, is enough to forgive some slight imperfections, of course. Seeing Zeppelin sub-awesome is still better than not seeing Zeppelin at all.
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the last song should be total eclipse and the one before that is hallowed be thy name... are you saying theres no hallowed be thy name?

This reminds me of something terrible about my NotB. When I burnt it off my brother, the blank CD I was using was already scratched, so now my Total Eclipse is, like, permanently scratched. It always skips. I can't get past a minute of the song without it becoming a garbled mess.
Sorry, I was just reminded of that. Carry on, carry on.
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they both kick ass, at least phil collins isnt drumming for this show

Phil Collins=lowest scum in universe. And he doesn't even try to hide it. Sorry psych, but honestly, I can't stand the guy. Personally, I feel Genesis may well be the worst classic rock band, like, ever. And Phil Collins solo... [vomits]
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Lol i'm not giving up my Vader and Stormtrooper action figures for anything.

My animated Ewok VHSes would go first, then the Pez dispensers. The mediocre comics would go after that. If push came to shove, then I'd be debating whether or not it'd be worth it to lose the action figures and novels.
^And DownIn, I said "maybe." A Zeppelin show's monumental, no doubt, but I've gotta really weigh my priorities when I'm thinking about selling the Star Wars memorabilia for Zep tickets. It'd be like having Jessica Alba for a wife, and having the opportunity to trade her for Cameron Diaz. It's a decision that requires much thought. (Please don't let the Alba/Diaz analogy spark a debate. I get blamed enough for getting us off topic in here )
A tour would be cool...

but I doubt it's gonna happen.

Same here.
Also, shows would be so frickin' expensive.

But if they did tour and got anywhere near me, rest assured I'd pawn off body parts to buy a ticket. And if my limbs alone don't cover the ticket price, I'd even part with some Star Wars memorabilia. Maybe.
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Seth, you're not welcomed back here because you just left without saying anything. No cards, no nothing!

I'm supposed to somehow know when my internet's going to suddenly go down! We all can't be renown psychics like you, P&HF.
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^That's sort of what I meant. I didn't mean sellout-y, just cheesy, really.

Yeah, I kind of think so too. No doubt it would have the potential to be good, but it would be too great of a risk. We all remember a little fiasco called The Honeydrippers... [shudders]
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on topic, kashmir+techno=anyone?

No. Kasmir-anything it already has+anything it already doesn't have=bad. Automatically. 'Tis a cardinal rule, friend.
I'm loving how my return has been met so coldly/plain ignored by basically everyone in this thread. Makes me feel right at home.
Any of you guys catch a cold yet? Seems to be going around like wildfire up here. Even into, like, Michigan and stuff. It's an effing epidemic!
I actually was kinda digging that guitar tone. But whatever; to each his own, right?
Awesome improv at the end... I love that Middle-Eastern style tinge that song has, and you did it justice. Too bad you didn't do that acoustic outro. Although that wasn't really necessary, because your cover seemed like more of a straight-up rocker.
I personally felt that the outro solo you did could've been even crazier (faster licks, maybe even some tapping), but that's more of a preference thing than anything else. Overall, nice work. One of my faves from Use Your Illusion I, and you were faithful to it.
Ha, kickass bends in the chorus, man.
Nice job on the solo, too. Holy crap, that made my day. Even without vocals, that was highly enjoyable. Great cover, dude. That rocked.
Son of a bitch, this was a shitty couple of weeks to have the internet continually go down. I don't know if it's the network or something, but it's been rarely working. God damn it.
One of my friends had his mom enter in the raffle thingy for tickets to the show. If (by some miracle) he's one of the lucky concert-goers, his mom will pay for the ticket and the flight over to London and a hotel and everything... man. It's just unspeakably awesome.
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^Alas there's that little pond called the Atlantic keeping us from going to that concert.

You know what? I skimmed that and thought you were referring to Atlantic Records. And I was about to agree with you! Atlantic... bastards...
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The other comical Maiden recording is Mission From 'Arry...Nicko really seems like a prick in that one

Oh yeah, I think I've heard that one! Is that the one with just audio of, like, a band conversation or an argument or something? I swear I've heard that once but I can't remember what exactly it's like. I've long since lost my mp3 of it.
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EDIT: Actually I just listened to it again, and it just sounds sharp to me. Did they record that separately from the rest of the song, because I swear everything in the solo sounds about a quarter step higher than the rest of the song.

Yeah, Page's tuning was off and they recorded it separately, and Page didn't want to bother changing it. So yeah, forget about playing along with it because it'll sound like ass.
Quote by DownInAHole.
^ That's too much. That's an easy way to eventually "get tired" of a band IMO.

Yeah, I actually don't even listen to Zep every day. Sometimes when I play guitar I'll jam a bit to them, and they're played on the radio occasionally (I don't listen to the radio that often though). 30-50 songs is an unfathomable overload, though. I listen to too much else to have constant Zep playing. My god, guys, THAT many songs?! Wow.
I just finished a very retro, garage rock-type tune called "Business Man," which is basically about the tedium of having said job. Pretty straightforward. It reminds me of a Von Bondies or a Stooges tune, if you want to know what to expect. You can access it through my profile, thanks to these new kickass UG profiles! (Just click on my name)
As always, feedback is appreciated. And keep on rockin'!

WORD OF WARNING: It's kinda quiet. So you may have to turn up your volumes. It's disturbingly quiet compared to my other tunes. Not sure how it happened. Just letting you all know.
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I'm not gonna agree with ya both (is this the first time ever?)

Probably not, with an asshole like me in this thread.
Ah well, different strokes for different folks or something.

Wrong strokes for you, right strokes for me & Ardius.
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Uhhh, speaking honestly, I totally hate most of Blaze's 'singing' on the maiden records. I can think of one song that I thought he sang well. He kinda reminds me of Ozzy, the way he sings flat most of the time.

I didn't like Blaze very much when I was first getting into that Maiden era, but I've come to realize that some of Maiden's best tunes came out of that era, and that if Bruce sang on some of those tunes they may have ended up total crap. Blaze brought in a different element to the band, but I think he utilized it well.
Just think of these: Sign of the Cross and The Clansman. Arguably two of the band's most epic songs (aside from the natural leaders of that list; Mariner and Seventh Son). Bruce's vocal takes of those are FAR inferior to the original Blaze vocals, in my opinion.
So I guess Blaze has kind of grown on me over the years. I still think Bruce is a much better vocalist, but Blaze sang the Blaze-era tunes best, Bruce sange the Bruce-era tunes, and Paul sang the Paul-era tunes best.
Quote by Liberation
I don't really care who Blaze is as a person. He's a fatass now anyways.

A little contradictory, don't you think?
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No. The Simpsons haven't been funny since 1998.

I used to think that too, but this last season of the Simpsons has actually been incredibly hilarious. It's, like, a totally surprising triumphant return.
Quote by TheHeartbreaker
Family Guy is pathetic. It used to be good back in the day, but now they are trying way too hard to be funny, by which I mean have no relevancy to anything.

My thoughts exactly. I went back and watched some of the first season, and it was okay. Nothing great, but it's nowhere near as terrible as the episodes are now. Like I said, it's literally quite painful to watch.
South Park is great.

Indeed. It seems like Family Guy tries to imitate South Park by being ridiculous, but instead of also being funny it ends up just being ridiculous. And both shows have a similar fanbase (a lot of South Park fanboys are also Family Guy fanboys), which pisses off Trey Parker & Matt Stone, South Park's creators. I remember reading an interview with one of those two dudes, and he just expressed his unbelievable (yet reasonable) hate for Family Guy. I feel bad for them because too often they get compared to Family Guy, which is not even just.
Eck, Family Guy's just terrible. I hate even talking about it. It honestly gets me this mad, because I don't see how people can see any humor in it. God, it's just awful.
Quote by Kartman
I think Jimmy Page watching Family Guy would be funny. I personally hate that show, it'd be fun watching him criticize it.

I have to agree with you, man. Family Guy is painful to watch... it's disgusting how awfully hard the writers appear to try. It's just... painful...
Although I can't see Page offering any decent criticism for that show other than to be in speechless disbelief/anger over its entire existence.

And I hate being away from this thread for any length of time, because I always miss so damn much! Yes P&HF, I'll admit you pwnt me. But only a tad. For every positive pwn action there is a negative, equal pwn reaction. Remember that, kids. You sleep with one eye open tonight. Because if you don't watch yourself...



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It's not plausible if it's a fact...

No, I think you actually mean to say the exact opposite.

1. Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible
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That was an awesome typo.

I'll leave it.

How in the hell did I not catch that the first time I read it? That's what I wanna know!
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piper was terrible

[fighting... urge... to thrash arms... furiously...]

Piper's up there among my favorite Floyd albums. My favorite 3 are probably, in this order, WYWH, Dark Side, Piper.
That's just my opinion, though. But as everyone here probably knows, I hate being disagreed with. I'm childish that way.
Except I'm always right
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It was good thanks, then the wind built up. next morning the tent had a puddle in it, so we came home, we lasted a good while though. I took my guitar

Ick, so it got rainy and windy and crap? That sucks. But I guess if you had a good time when it wasn't raining and stuff, then that's cool.
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I don't think the harmonies are perfect no (best I could do though), but they're not that off that it would have been better to leave them out are they?

I personally don't think so. It's tough to get anything perfect in recording. The harmonies are good enough, is what I'm trying to say.
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I was in Wales most of that time.

On vacation or what? How was it, man?
Ihave to do my profile now... Such a pleasant suprise

I know, it's pretty much one of the most amazing things in the history of this site. Aside from the site being initially created, of course. I now have no reason to go anywhere else on the inernet. except Wikipedia
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Does your Dad like prog?

[/random ass question]

Not a whole lot. He says he's a huge Rush fan, but I analyzed it further and found that he's only really familiar with the radio hits like "Tom Sawyer" and "Working Man" and stuff. I played him the Farewell to Kings album (arguably their best) and he only recognized "Closer to the Heart" and kind of shrugged the rest of it off.
Also, he's not too into YES either (I'm only recently getting into them myself, though). But both of us love "Roundabout", which is good enough for me. In my opinion that's the be-all end-all of YES tunes.
Quote by TheHeartbreaker
And I believe you have mentioned that about your father before.

Oh, whoops. I feel like Dell Preston, the roadie on Wayne's World 2, who tells that huge story in the cafe about how he had to break into the candy shop to get Ozzy 1,000 brown M&Ms or he wouldn't play the show, and ended up killing the guard bengal tiger, the shopkeeper, and his kid. And then later in the movie, they're setting up for a show and Dell sits down with Wayne & Garth and starts telling them the exact same story and they look really uncomfortable because they know the whole story word-for-word but they don't want to stop him in the middle of it.

"The tiger was no problem, but the shopkeeper and his son, now that's a different story altogether. Nasty business, really. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes...
...but long story short, we got the M&Ms, brought 'em back to the arena, and Ozzy went on that night and played a great show."

EDIT: Oh, hey rocko! Long time no effing see!
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Amazingly enough, Derigiberble wants me to be friends with him I'll take it as an honor, seeing as how we usually just bump heads in this thread.

(I know this is WAY from the previous page, but damn it, you guys post too fast while I'm asleep!)
Derig was actually the first person to send me a friend request. I found it to be very odd as well. But other than our differing views on Zeppelin, we actually have quite a bit in common, so he doesn't really bug me all that much.

Have I ever mentioned how my dad doesn't like Zeppelin? Like, I'm pretty sure he somewhat fakes his hate for it when anyone else from my family's around, because we all love Zeppelin, but whenever they come on the radio my dad say's that Zeppelin's forbidden in his car. I find it very strange that someone with such a fond love for classic rock could express such dislike for one of the genres greatest bands.
Quote by DownInAHole.
^ Yeah. Doesn't Jimmy use a slide right there? I think he does.

Doesn't he use a slide throughout the whole damn thing?
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Four Sticks is my favorite song from the album, though many people on this forum don't seem to enjoy it as I do.

Well, by the looks of it quite a few people do! And so do I; it's always been one of my favorites from IV, too. But I think Evermore & Levee both slightly beat it out. Four Sticks is insanely good, though.
Quote by DownInAHole.
^ I love that one part that goes like...

duhhhhhhhhhh duhhhhhhhhhh da duh da duh da duh da duh

That was very Beavis and Butthead, wasn't it?

Yes, but upon reading it I instantly knew exactly which part you were talking about.
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And no Seth, I don't know anything else from the AJFA album. Ony a little bit of One.

Oh, that's cool. You should learn some stuff from there, though; it's not that hard. Actually, AJFA's the first album I learned on guitar. I don't want to sound like I'm forcing you to learn it or anything; it was just a suggestion.
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Anyways, what the guy was saying is that you should not attempt doing harmony parts until you can do it perfectly, and that demands a lot of metronome practice. In harmony, there is a very thin line between sounding great and awful.

I didn't think the harmonies were off when I listened to it first, and I listened to it again and I still can't hear what you're talking about. The harmonies sound good, and they sync up pretty well. No, it's not perfectly accurate, but it's still close enough considering it's not a professional recording.
Basically I don't think it's an issue large enough to bring up. I didn't even notice anything wrong with it when I first listened to it.
Quote by DownInAHole.
I know. The first bit of it is absolutely orgasmic.

I don't know about that. It's too sloppy and goofy for me to lump it in with some of Page's greatest solos. I like the very last bluesy descending harmony thing Page does right before all the instruments come back again.

...wait, which Heartbreaker solo are we talking about, exactly? There are, like, three of 'em!
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I know it's cliche as hell, but Led Zeppelin 4 is incredible. I mean, a lot of us don't give that album enough credit, because when you listen to it, you can tell that it's a landmark album.

Yeah, I know. I'm not saying it's not incredible. It just can't measure up to their other albums, is what I think. It's already implied that it's incredible! Jeez!
Quote by zeppelinpage4
Also I've lately been getting more into ITTOD, I liked it from the first time listening but that album's becoming one of my favorites now. JPJ's synth and Jimmy's guitar working together on the same songs like that is just awesome.

Yep, that's what sets it apart from anything else Zeppelin, for me. There were always guitar-driven Zep tunes and synth-driven Zep tunes, but ITTOD showcases Jones and Page working together as one. That's exactly what drew me to it too.
Actually I like Jimmy's guitar work on that album too, not sure why but there's some quality to his playing and tone. Like the In The Evening solo.

Everyone criticized Page's guitar work in it, but honestly, I don't see anything too wrong with it either. The only thing completely atrocious is the "Hot Dog" guitar solo, which still is good. Sort of. But stuff like "In the Evening" and "Carouselambra" I think showcase some of his very best guitar work. It's not technically fast or mind-blowing, but his chord work on later albums has always amazed me.