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I especially like the placement of ITTOD (only Seth).

Ah well, Sloop will probably agree with me on it. Right Sloop?
Of course I will agree it is off the charts due to it's awesomeness. Although I think PG should be placed higher up as well.

I thought about it. But isn't "I Have Just Died" a worthy enough rank for PG anyway?
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You was close. It is Face in the Sand.

Ah, dang. Normally I don't get song titles wrong like that. Especially with Maiden. But hey, I technically guessed it! Yay!
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Iron Maiden is metalcore.

I... don't... understand... anything about this comment. I literally have nothing to say in response. Other than... nice username.

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^I don't think it is crap, but it is probably their worst record.

My thoughts exactly. Calling it "crap" is a bit extreme. It still has kickass Zep material, but as a whole it falls short of their other stuff.
Nothing Zep ever did was crap. Their catalogue just has varying degrees of awesomeness. Since I am extremely bored right now (as usual ), I have devised a handy reference chart:

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Haha, thank you! I actually saw it as a compliment so no apologies needed

Oh, okay, good. I didn't want to come off as an ass or anything.

By the way, do you know anything else from the Justice album? It'd be awesome to hear you do a cover of something like "Blackened" or "One."
I've never heard anyone do an AJFA cover, though. It's awesome to finally hear someone do that tune. Once again (sorry to keep repeating myself), nice work.
There are a few things that need to be slightly altered, most of which have been mentioned already. For the most part, though, it's a great addition to the site. Most especially the band profiles and uploading music. This is quite awesome.
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Well it was also anatomically called a penis, and some dick came along and named it dick, so you never know

Fair point, sir.
Edit: Seth, that last bit of the Wiki quote is what I said...

Yeah, that's in a nutshell what you, THB & I all said, but I wanted to put the exact Wikipedia wording up there so we could all stop arguing about whose theories were properly documented or whatever. At least by posting word-for-word what Wikipedia said, no one can tell us that we're just making up the story, right?
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Someone missed the Pink Floyd news on UG .
40th anniversary three disc.

Whoa, sweet! I missed that as well. Only this part doesn't really make sense to me:

will include two versions of the original album in both mono and stereo formats, as well as a bonus disc featuring the recently discovered unreleased tracks ‘Matilda Mother’ and ‘Apples And Oranges.’

How was "Matilda Mother" recently discovered and unreleased? It's on the version I own, anyway, which is a few years old already. I think it's a typo. There's an alternate version of that song on there, but that's not what I think "recently discovered unreleased" meant.
Sounds awesome, though. Almost makes me want to go get it again. This reminds me of when The Clash released the "London Calling" album in a 3-disc format, with a bonus DVD and everything and a crapload of unreleased tracks, as well as demos and stuff. Re-releases like that with loads of new material rock.
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I call my dick "Paul." And my two balls are "Sam" and "Seth." >_>

My name's Seth, and my little brother's name is Sam...

...this is borderline lawsuit material, DownIn. Jesus that's weird...

And I still say that my explanation of ITTOD's title is the best offered so far. This anal sex garbage is a little too perverse, even for Zeppelin. Look at what (come on P&HF, I know you want to rip into me for this ) Wikipedia says about the album title:
Quote by Wikipedia
The album was named by the group as such to describe its recent struggles admist internal problems as well as the rise of punk music. Trying to get back into the public mind was like "trying to get in through the 'out' door".

Granted it's in need of a proper citation, but I still think it's a reasonable... well... reason.
A reasonable reason; that's right, that's what I said. Wanna fight about it?
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I think once you get past the 7- or 8-at-once mark, it doesn't even matter anymore. 13 and 20... same thing, essentially.
Sounds like something The Clash would do.
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Actually, that's true.

So it is... partially.
What I meant was that there was never really a flying animal in the picture. Like, not inflated; I meant a real-life animal. I guess my sarcasm wasn't explicit enough.
But you're right, the "flying animal" truly was in the original picture. That's just not what I meant, though.
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That's because he's soo damn good and fast, it sounds exactly like a double.

Yeah, he's a madman. The drummer in the band I'm in took after him by trying the technique Nicko uses. He, like, hits the bass pedal first with his heel then quickly with his toes or something like that, so that it generates two quick hits instead of one. He's pretty damn good at it, too.
In fact, he's only recorded one song for a studio album with double-bass and he hated it.

Argh, don't tell me, don't tell me.
I remember reading which song it was, but now I can't think of what it's called; or even which one it exactly is. It's something from Dance of Death, isn't it?
Gates of Tomorrow? Faces in the Sand?
Damn, I can't remember. Was I close?
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SSOASS is about 3 million times better than Somewhere in Time, although SiT is one of the most wonderful albums ever made. That says something about SSOASS huh? Go get it, a.s.a.p (hehe get it, ASAP....)

You took the words right out of my mouth.
I got Somewhere in Time long before Seventh Son, and I thought SiT was awesome. So when I finally got Seventh Son, I was so monumentally blown away that... well, I was literally speechless. I think that's the only album ever that I've listened to that many times in a row upon getting it. I remember putting the album on repeat and listening to it no less than 4 times the very first day I had it.
Like, seriously. That certainly does say something about it!
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(Animal's cover is faked though. Actually it's a composite of two shots.)

You mean the animal flying in the sky wasn't actually in the original picture?

Get right outta town!
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and Buckethead recently released around 20 albums at the same time, if you count that.

Surely you jest? That's insane! But I know that he does work on a lot of solo projects. Still, even for Buckethead, 20 albums seems like a lot.
I've certainly heard of other triple-albums, but can't remember any right now.

George Harrison did one, apparently. I think it was the first triple album ever. I could be wrong though.
The Clash's "Sandinista!" is a triple album. Funny, because every time I see it in stores it's 1-disc; it must be a crappy, condensed version or something. It has a different cover than the original 3-disc album. None of this is relevant, I realize that.
Those are the only ones I can think of. You're right, though; there are probably tons.
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I don't think you quite hit it.

Basically what Seth was saying was that because Punk was popular, Punk albums were what you saw in the windows of the store and on the front shelves; everything else was placed to the back.

However, going "In Through the Outdoor" is going in, but being in what is really the back of the store, which is where the albums that you want to buy (the Rock albums) are located.

The store of course being the mainstream music scene. Taking the in door meant playing popular, trendy music of the times, while taking the out door meant rocking out like it's a decade earlier.
I think, collectively, we've finally summed it up, eh?
No, Led Zeppelin is the man, not The Man.

Brilliant, sir!
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Thank you all very much!
Oh and it is me playing the little solo melodic thingy before the solo, I'm just not playing it in the video since I had a big blackout and forget the tabs from it.. but you are hearing me play it

Oh duh! You even explicitly stated that you did every guitar track yourself.
Now I feel like an idiot for thinking that wasn't you. It was so nicely done that I seriously mistook it for the original guitar track. My apologies.
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The Wall was originally a 3CD album with TFC as well as the part we all know.

Whoa, wouldn't that be crazy? A triple album? How much d'ya think that'd cost at a standard retailer?
Has a band ever done that before? Released a 3-disc set of all new and original material?
And has anyone else realized that every single sentence in this post is a question?
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Don't go running to Wikipedia about it, because they're wrong occasionally, and I can see that being one place where they would be

Wow, you just can't let the damn Wikipedia thing go, can you?
It's blatant jealousy, plain and simple. If you were Wikipedia I'll bet you'd be bragging up a storm right now.
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ONe time I was on Wiki and I think it said something about how In Through The Outdoor was a reference to well.....Robert and him through the out door. I'm pretty sure that fake.....
Maybe I read it wrong though who knows...

No, from what I remember it's a reference to how Zeppelin were trying to stay in touch with the "in" crowd of listeners, while other genres like punk were dominating the music scene. So for them, getting "in" was only possible by going through the "out" door, a la non-punk, classic Zeppelin-style stuff.
I explained that like crap, but that's what I remember reading a long time ago.
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Funny thing... I don't remember "facts" after I've figured out that they ain't worth a ****

Touché, touché.
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Is Atom Heart Mother worth investing in? It comes right in between the Meddle and DSotM, so it must be great right? haha

Yeah, it's a cool album. "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" is a little too out-there from me (and this is coming from a Syd-era fan ), but the rest of it's good. Especially the title track. It's, like, 20 minutes long or something, but it's an absolute masterpiece. Definitely an important stepping-stone to Dark Side.
The rest of it's pretty awesome as well, but I'd say it's worth getting if only for the title track. There's a mega-heavy brass section in it; it's what Chicago would sound like if they were a metal band.

Although you're wrong; Atom Heart Mother comes before both Meddle and Dark Side.
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Wasn't a lot of it written during The Wall, or it comes from outtakes that were going to be on The Wall?

I think some of it's on the Wall movie.

Well, the Wall movie's different from the album, but I don't think any tunes from The Final Cut are included in it. At least not that I know of, anyway. I don't own The Final Cut so I can't be sure.

Go on, start the yelling. "Floyd n00b!" You all know you want to.
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**** you man I've had so many wrong "facts" because of Wikipedia!

For real? I've heard lots of people say that, but they've never proven it. What exactly have you read on there that's wrong?
I'm not disbelieving you (I'd be a fool to), I'm just wondering is all.
Most stuff can be found elsewhere, but I advise reading info from several sources just to be sure that it's true...

But Wikipedia does list several sources...
Quote by Page&HammettFan
You can't take everything that Wikipedia says for true, though. Some people post **** that they heard from someone else who may have been lying, or just flat out wrong. Whatever... But anyway, Wikipedia isn't necessarily the word of God like you seem to use it as

You're obviously distraught and not thinking straight. I'll ignore that comment.
And I think Tool's a pretty sweet band. I haven't heard a whole lot of their stuff, but their interesting prog-like sound reminds me a bit of Rush. They're an interesting band to listen to.
I think I need to clear this up; I never said that Maiden's cheesiness was bad. No, I don't like it as much as a darker style, but Liberation put it best in saying that Maiden did a great job bridging those two concepts.
I still enjoy Maiden a LOT. Their cheesiness is even a part of their signature sound, as I've said before. I just prefer a darker sound. But Maiden still kicks ass, no doubt.
All of it was awesome except the solo.
I mean, the solo was still good (nice use of the wah, by the way; I like wah ), but it could use some work. From what I remember it's not too hard of a solo anyway... at least, if you're going to play it different than the original, make it a bit more interesting, y'know? At one point you were doing the same bending thing for, like, 5 notes in a row. Just practice lead more, get more comfortable with it, and that solo will be a piece of cake.
It'd be cool if you learned the mini-solo right before the main one, too. That's a fun one.
Other than that, the rhythm playing was good. Pretty smooth, and you rocked out on it which is the best way to play along with 'Tallica.
I'd give you about an 9/10 on it. Everything else on it was monumentally awesome except for the solos, one of which you should do and the other which you should do better. Just practice soloing a bit more and you'll have it down.
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Well, it isnt black metal you know........

Really?! You don't say!!! How very intriguing...
You only just realised this? Theyre a NWOBHM band for heavens sake!

So were Diamond Head. None of their choruses are really that "catchy;" they're more like the equivalent of a 1980's Black Sabbath.
Seriously, what the hell? Over half of their songs are like this, Can I Play With Madness, The Trooper, Killers, the list goes on, they are all about serious or perhaps "evil" subjects, but they have happy choruses and what not.

Well, you're right, but those just didn't come to mind to me because I was thinking about NOTB, which is one of the last Maiden albums I listened to. I just think the chorus to "Invaders" especially is a sickening overload of cheesiness. I guess I prefer my metal to be... less happy-sounding or something. Which is probably why I like stuff like "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" and "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" more than other songs, because they don't have the same degree of happiness to them.
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Hey Seth, did you ever get AMOLAD and if you did, what did you think of it? Did it meet your expectations?

Got it for Christmas, actually. So I've had it for a while.
Honestly, though, it didn't quite live up to what I was hoping. "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns" is probably my favorite from it. But most of the album (to me) sounds like an amalgamation of Brave New World and Dance of Death, which disappoints me coming from a band that is known for continually changing their sound. The length of every track seems a little self-indulgent to me as well. All in all, it's still Maiden, and it's still enjoyable, but I can't say it's anywhere near my favorite from them.
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On Your Time Is Gonna Come you can hear the slide come in at 2:46 (and it becomes quite audible for a while after that), and on That's the Way you can hear it start to come in around 0:26, but becomes more audible around 0:33 and can be heard throughout the song much better at times than others.

Oh, right. Actually, after a couple hours, my mind must be clearer than it was when I posted earlier, because I can distinctly remember the steel pedal in both of those songs now. Don't know why I couldn't remember them before.
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Umm...when did I say I didn't know that stuff?

Pretty sure he was referring to me. Because I'm a dumbass and all. As much as I'm addicted to Wikipedia, I've never actually examined the Zeppelin page closely until tonight. So I found out a LOT of new stuff.
According to Wikipedia, Page used a pedal steel guitar on "Your Time is Gonna Come," "Tangerine," "That's the Way," and the very end of "Over the Hills and Far Away." Would someone enlighten me: WHERE is the pedal steel in the first and third of those listed? I haven't listened to Zep I in quite some time, so maybe I'm just being forgetful. And my older brother borrowed Zep III from me some months ago, so I've been without that for a while as well. The point is: I don't remember any pedal steel guitar in those 2 tunes. Is this just me?
Quote by DownInAHole.
^ Nah, I think it may be true.

Haven't found anything on Wikipedia about it yet. I know, I know, there's more to life than Wikipedia. albeit little
I stumbled across a rather interesting tidbit that I never knew about, though:

Quote by The Almighty Wikipedia
During his stint with Christian, Page fell seriously ill with glandular fever and couldn't continue touring. While recovering, Page decided to put his musical career on the shelf and concentrate on his other love, painting. He enrolled at Sutton Art College in Surrey.

Did anyone know about this? That Page was into painting? I find it very odd. Not unfitting, just an odd bit of info that I never would've guessed. Huh.
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Personally, I don't think Invaders is a very good song at all. The way Bruce shouts "Invaders!" in the chorus is horrendously annoying.

I've noticed that the last time I listened to the Beast album, for the first time in like a year. There are goofy happy-sounding choruses to these otherwise grim, dismal songs. I don't like the combination. "Invaders" is one example, and another is "Run to the Hills." A verse about raping, pillaging, and murdering, followed by an ultra-cheery chorus. It's very annoying.
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I believe his grandmother was Asian.

Like, true fact? Or just something you made up on the spot?
It's hard to tell with some people...

...and I've only seen, like, one picture that makes Page look in any way Asian. Just the lighting and how his eyes are somewhat closed. I've never thought he looked Asian aside from that ONE pic.
You guys are all crazy, I tell ya.
Bah, doesn't look too bad to me. It's a fairly small chip, plus it's in a spot where you'll not likely press down anyway. I'm not an expert on the matter, but I'm guessing your neck is fine. I wouldn't worry about it.
Quote by TheHeartbreaker
In part.

Beck put it on his album Truth, and then it appeared on Led Zeppelin I, so Beck accused Page of stealing his idea.

Then Page said that he wrote Beck's Bolero (which is on Truth as well), which is also a segment played in How Many More Times.

Whoa, it's a whole chicken vs. egg type thing, huh? It's like when I think to myself that the lyrics in Queen's "Bicycle Race" have a line that references "Fat Bottomed Girls," and that song in turn contains a line that references "Bicycle Race," and then I try to comprehend how they did it and I wake up hours later with horrible, aching body pain.
I don't know a whole lot about Clapton's or Beck's personalities (or Page's, either; I never knew any of 'em personally, y'know), but it just came off as slightly schmuck-ish, those grins Clapton were flashing all around. It looked, in my opinion, like he was directly laughing at Page for his inability to correctly play. But I could be blowing it way out of proportion, as I tend to do.
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'In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth,
When the land was swamp and caves were hoooooooooome!!!!!!!!!'


I'll fully admit its cheesiness, no doubt. But I still think it's an awesome song even with the terrible lyrics. The vocals I think are awesome (albeit cheesy, most especially in the opening line).
Quote by TheHeartbreaker
Are you saying they aren't better than Page?

Well, my personal opinions aside, I still didn't appreciate the looks they were giving Page, and each other. Clapton kept grinning like a schmuck, as if thinking to himself: "And everybody thinks he's so great. But look at him now! Mwahahaha!" That's just the impression I got.
Clapton and Beck are obviously both very awesome guitarists too. I just never imagined they'd act all superior and deity-like when playing alongside Page like that. It doesn't seem like something Page would ever do back to them. But whatever.

EDIT: I italicized the period after my italicized them in my second-to-last sentence there. Could you notice?
I thought the chording in the Stairway video (old news, old news, I know; I was gone all day yesterday!) was pretty great. It's just the solo that's slightly cringe-worthy. Seems to me like Clapton and Beck were giving him too many arrogant smirks, like they thought they were better than Page or something. I don't know, it kinda pissed me off. The first 5 minutes or so of that video were incredible, I thought.
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If you put on the audio commentry it has the actors pretending to be an outraged Spinal Tap talking about the film!!! It's like experiencing the film all over again with added hilarity!!!

Cripes, is it? I guess I should've known that the commentary would be awesome! I've just gotten into the habit of instinctively hating all audio commentary in existence, but with Spinal Tap it makes sense that it'd also be funny.
Thanks for letting me know, I'm gonna watch it with commentary right away!
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I like the humourous side to Maiden's videos, although some have unintentional humour

Yes, they definitely do. It's part of Maiden's appeal to me, though... in some twisted, weird way.
The Angel and the Gambler has the worst music video, along with it being their worst song in my opinion.

Ugh, that's the video with the terrible computer animation, isn't it? Where they kind of try to imitate the Mos Eisley cantina in a way but it ends up being altogether terrible? Yeah, that's a bad video. I was never too up on the song either.
Quote by Revelations
Quest for Fire is teh uber a bad way.

Ahh, whatever, I still like that song. It's terribly dumb, but I still think it's awesome in a way. Sweet guitar harmonies (as usual), and good Dickinson vocals. I didn't say lyrics, just vocals.
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They're a really great band, but I still stick by what my theory a couple of months ago: The Traveling Wilburys should be something to be passed down from generation to preserve the ideals of Americana music in the mainstream. So for instance, a new line-up would perhaps be made up of Jack White, Conor Oberst, Jeff Tweedy, Win Butler and Dave Matthews. Do you guys get what I mean?

That the Wilburys are composed of one great member and the subsequent 4 listed are very average?

Seriously, though; I kind of think I see what you mean. Like, that they're a symbol of how great members from different, great bands can form together and still make great music? Except that Harrison's not American... I still think that's what you mean, though, right? Something about joining together or whatever?
Quote by DownInAHole.

Wait! Are you trying to get rid of me?

The deathmatch thing would be all for show. Kind of like professional wrestling.
But anyway, yes. Yes I am.
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Remember Seth I can read the small font.

Curse your genetically-enhanced super-eyes!!!
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Which is better...Animals or pipers at the gate of dawn?

Well I personally think Piper is better.
Though I'm sure many of you here will disagree with me. I think Piper is great.