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Nice indeed. But, you don't have any friends. How is that possible?

I found that funny. But for the sake of not putting my reputation as a total freakin' badass in jeopardy here, I'll have to challenge you to an e-deathmatch.

Don't worry, we'll work it out so it just looks like one of us dies, and then the "dead" person can return a week or so later once everyone has forgotten about the whole thing. Being the sport you are, you can be the dead one. No hard feelings, mmmkay?

EDIT: God DAMN, DownIn, you change your avatar more than I change socks! (not too difficult a feat, but still rather noteworthy)
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And to go along with your random Star Wars pic, this comes to mind...

My picture was perfectly relevant to the post!
Now to stay on topic has anyone taken a break form Zeppelin? How long were you able to go without listening to them?

I listen to plenty of other music besides Zeppelin. I'm not to the point of obsessing over them. I usually get into an album of theirs for a couple days, and then I move on to other music, and every couple weeks I'll be into another Zep album. I have a huge rotation of other music to get through; I can't be constantly listening to Zeppelin!
It's just that Zeppelin holds a larger influence over me than a lot of other stuff I listen to. Plus I enjoy it a lot (obviously).
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There is no breaks from Zeppelin.

There is only before Zeppelin.

The Zeppelin is everlasting.


"The Zeppelin is everlasting." Brilliant. I have a friend who occasionally talks like that to be funny; he'd probably find that post awesome. Very nicely done, my friend.
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^^I'm afraid you don't understand. You have to run out and get it this second

Sadly enough, I do in fact realize that you're being entirely serious. I don't know, maybe we'll go out shopping tonight. My brother supposedly gets to pick out a new TV for his bedroom sometime as a week-old birthday present.
nah, it seems like he was one of those "hey let me join an internet forum and spam it up then get banned and forget the whole thing ever happened" kinda guys. Nothing in the FOTB so far.

That's what I figured. He just wants to publicly piss people off. As soon as he's banned, he doesn't care.
It's a sick world we live in.
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Yes, yes, if Roy Z joined Maiden and somehow Tipton and Downing joined as well, then Halford decided to do vocal harmonies with Bruce, and Scott Travis added some double bass madness... I would jizz my pants and die.

As would I, though not necessarily in that order.
Seriously though, that would be the greatest musical feat ever.

I'm imagining one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos being done in all guitars (and bass), Maiden-style, with Scott Travis backing it up on drums. That's honestly the first thing that came to my mind.
I'm getting light-headed...
In true Seth fashion, I have a worthy ( ) addition to the conversation here.
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And to keep the conversation up, the 70's did seem amazing. I loved the 90's, they were truly amazing, and so far the 00's seem okay. The main thing about the 00's that bother me are:

1. Illegal Downloading

That bothers you? Well, erm... huh... [backs away in a very non-suspicious manner]
2. Unnecessary technology

You mean, like, in music? Or just in general? Technology has always had an interesting tie in music. Although I MUCH prefer a more raw, garage-style sound with low production value, no doubt "unnecessary" technology is what made some music great even before 2000, for instance Radiohead's "OK Computer" from 1997 (arguably one of the best albums of all-time) and all the way back to Dark Side of the Moon in 1972 or 73 or whenever the hell it was. My point is this: technology can make music great if used correctly.
Unless you weren't talking about just in music, which quite makes my entire rant very irrelevant, huh?
3. People liking music for its "trendiness"

I'm pretty sure that's been going on since the beginning of popular music. Like those crazy chicks you see in the old '60s video footage at Beatles concerts, fainting and stuff. The Beatles were very trendy. I doubt a lot of those teenage girls truly enjoyed "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" for its composition and musicianship.
4. Emo, although it's just the glam rock of the '00s and will be over by 2010.

There are plenty of genres I hate more than emo. Glam rock being one of them. Besides, what's "emo" and what's not is more a subjective matter than anything else. I've heard some people call Modest Mouse emo. Their "The Lonesome Crowded West" album I find to be the single greatest album on the face of the planet. If that makes me emo for liking them, then so be it...

...Jedi. Come on, how many of you saw that one coming? Let me see a show of hands.

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Anyway, Seth, as soon as you buy PULSE (we all know you're going to ), let us know what you think

Well jeez, it's not like I'm gonna run out and buy it right this second, but it's certainly at the top of my "to-get next" list. Don't worry, I'll let you all know what I thought of the amazingness of it all.
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^Start the club. Most definitely. Will you take the initiative, Seth?

Yes! Check the sig, dude.
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Yeah, Seth, definately go for Pulse. Especially if you have a large screen TV and a good sound system.

Mmm, I do, and... I do. Double-plus, right? Sounds awesome, the way you've all explained it to me.
EDIT: by the way, I took care of that +Shameful+ guy

'Twas only a matter of time. What did he expect to accomplish, anyway?
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You know, I've just discoverd the beauty of Over The Hills And Far Away. That song is epic.

I used to not like it because it had no structure: no chorus no verses, etc. But I've learned to really love that song, it's amazing! I love Robert's lyrics in it, I think those are what makes that song shine.

I've never even noticed its lack of structure before, actually. I guess I've just always loved that song, from the first time I heard it. It truly is awesome.
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And what album did it come from?


Damn I love that record...

My thoughts exactly.

And I, too, am a Wikipedia addict. I swear we should start some sort of club on it. The Wiki-Whores. It's sweet to see I'm not the only one here who relies on its holiness so much.
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Get it. I'm not nearly as into Pink Floyd as I am other bands, but my God is that DVD amazing. I love that DVD. Dark Side was great, too, live. But anyway, I'm sure it'll blow your mind.

Oh, wow. That's a pleasant surprise. I know a kid at school who's sort of a Floyd fan (more a stoner, I think, than anything else), but he was telling me how awesome Pulse was. Obviously I was skeptical, as I'd plan to view it under the influence of no drugs, so I wanted a second opinion.
Sounds sweet, though. I'll definitely try to get that sometime soon.
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Speaking of Spinal Tap, has anybody seen the movie A Mighty Wind? It's supposed to be like Spinal Tap only with a folk band, or so I hear. I caught about 5 minutes on Comedy Central once, it seemed to be somewhat similar, with a more documentary like style to it.

Right, it's got a lot of the same cast to it. Christopher Guest directed it and wrote most of it, though, so there's no Rob Reiner. He's what made Spinal Tap so brilliant, and even though A Mighty Wind has its hilarious moments, it can't even touch Spinal Tap.
And I just recently got their Break Like the Wind album. Not quite as good as the film soundtrack (for obvious reasons) but it still has hilarious stuff like "Bitch School" and "The Sun Never Sweats."
Also, after many years of owning the VHS, I finally got the DVD a couple days ago. It comes with about an hour or so of deleted scenes, all of which are so funny that they should've been kept in the movie! It's amazing how highly saturated that movie is with hilarious moments. I've heard there's, like, a 4-and-a-half our version of the movie floating around that's famous among bootleggers. Now that I'd like to see.
By the way, it's great to see there's a thread about these guys in here. I'm honestly convinced that This is Spinal Tap is the single funniest movie in the history of filmography. I can't even think of anything that comes close to it.
Ya that guys post made me burst out into laughter. Thank you, white, metal supremesist. You have made my day.

You're welcome!

Oh, er... you weren't talking to me...

Hey, I'm sure a lot of you guys here own (or at least have seen) the Pulse DVD, right? I was kind of wondering how good that is. I noticed on the track list on the back that they play Dark Side in its entirety (which I think is awesome). The only Floyd DVD I own is the Pompeii one, and even though I'm nearly positive Pulse is better, I'd like some opinions. I'm kind of thinking about getting it.
I think more than anything he wants us to talk back to him and flame him like we are. The best thing to do, in my opinion, would be to ignore him. That way he'll realize that his attempt at pissing us off has failed.

And on the topic of speeding Plant's voice up to make it higher, what other songs is that effect on? I thought it was only on Song Remains the Same. But are there other tunes where they do this to Plant's vocals too? I suppose it sounds semi-plausible for The Ocean...
Zeppelin's early stuff>Later stuff

Not to me. But whatever.
Also, while I was typing, I accidentely mispelled Zeppelin Leppelin. And I was wondering: Can we start calling them Leppelin?

Isn't there a Zep cover band called Zed Leppelin? I would get Zeppelin confused with them everytime you used "Leppelin".
It's really efficient, thinks I.

"Thinks I." That's totally something I would type!
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So the first two must surely be SSOASS and Piece of Mind?

Yes. That's exactly how I see it, too.
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I think that about The Division Bell, and it remains the absolute best CD I've heard from them IMO. I find it to be so much more brilliant than any of the Waters era stuff, but everyone likes a different era more. I just prefer that happy style of writing over that dark style that Waters had. Most of (if not all of) the songs that he wrote have a very dark sound to them, whereas Gilmour wrote more mellow sounding, uplifiting styled stuff.

I prefer dark music, though. Happier, more uplifting music I don't find to be as pleasing or something as music that takes on a more dark atmosphere. Not that Gilmour era stuff isn't good, but I personally consider the Waters era to be far superior, simply because of the brilliance I find in the darkness.
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I've noticed that, since I'm a bassist, and the only conclusion I can come to is because this is ultimate-guitar, not ultimate-guitar-and-bass.

True, but a lot of bassists rely on this site for tabs too. There are bass tabs as well as guitar tabs, so I've always seen this as a guitar and bass site.
Besides, the bass is a guitar too, right?
When submitting a guitar lesson, there's a plethora of different guitar-oriented categories to choose from. Basics, Chords, Soloing, Correct Practice, etc. But an interesting thing has arisen from the UG Contribution thread, as a member wants to submit a lesson on Sting's bass techniques, yet is confused where to put it.
It occurred to me that we really only have one true bass lesson category, and that is, quite simply, Bass Lessons. But there are a lot of bassists with distinctive styles whom it would be great to potentially have lessons on (Flea, Geddy Lee, etc.), and since there's a Guitar Gurus category, why not also have a Bass Gurus category?
Quote by Greg Harper
Bet you thought that title was something else didn't you?

Didn't even occur to me until you mentioned it. Perv.
I'd say it should probably go under Bass Lessons, but now that you mention it, it seems like there should be a separate category for Bass Gurus or whatever. Because there are a lot of bassists out there with distinctive styles.
Maybe I'll bring that idea up in the Site Feedback forum. It's odd that UG doesn't have a separate section like that... (or maybe they do and I'm just too lazy to find it)
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I haven't seen you post in this thread very much. ^

No, strangely enough I really haven't. I used to never spend time in the CR forum simply because there was too much discussion going on; so the only CR threads I'd reply to would be the ones I've subscribed to. But lately I've been coming into the CR forum and there's a lot of cool discussion here that I've been missing. So yeah, that's why I haven't really posted in here before.
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man listen to Seth sounding like he knows Pink Floyd I never knew you were really a fan

How could I be as into classic rock as I am and not like Pink Floyd? They're amazing, Matt; simply amazing. I'm still convinced that the Wish You Were Here album is one of mankind's greatest achievements.
Sheesh... didn't know I was a fan... [grumble grumble]
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Well, when you get "Baby Come On Home" (outtake of Zeppelin I), "Travelling Riverside Blues" (live), "White Summer/Black Mountainside" (live), and "Hey Hey What Can I Do" included at the end of the Coda disc, then there is quite some fun in it!

Damn it, you beat me to it!
Yes, that's one perk to the boxed set. The downside, however, would be the million dollar price tag. But I personally think it's worth it, considering all the previously unreleased material.
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^I don't own Coda, so I wouldn't know. I know it's Zeppelin, but is it worth buying?

Yeah, pretty much. It's just a bunch of random songs taken from different Zep eras, so you get some tracks that date back to the late '60s and a couple that they wrote for ITTOD. You get a super diverse sound, which is why it sort of reminds me of PG. Only it's nowhere near as good, as you can probably imagine. It's still got some awesome Zep tunes on it, though, I think. Worth it if you're a Zep fan.
Quote by darkstar2466

Liberation didn't explicitly say that they sucked; just that they're Maiden's worst albums. Even though I like some stuff from, I'd probably also have to agree. In the wide scope of everything that is Iron Maiden, No Prayer and Fear of the Dark probably are their worst albums.
Albeit they're still alright, I think. They just don't have the high concentration of incredible songs like some of their other albums; they're very hit-and-miss.

EDIT: On another matter, today (August 7th) is Bruce's birthday! Yayyyyy!!!
You will now all bow down to my superior MS Paint skills :

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Has anybody really listened to John Paul's bass part in "Ozone Baby"? I was just listening to it, and it sounds amazing!

The part where everything briefly stops, then Page comes in with that guitar riff, and then Jones's bass backing that comes in shortly after... that's just an amazing bass part.
See, it's stuff like that that make me really love Coda. I have a Zeppelin-obsessed friend who's convinced that Coda stinks. I've never understood that. Ozone Baby and Poor Tom easily stand equal with any of their previous album work. I think Bonzo's Montreaux is gobs better than Moby Dick, also, in terms of drum solos. Although live Moby Dicks can also be quite awesome.
Quote by Kartman
although Phaser and flangers do sound similar.

Yes, I know! Now I know I'm not not crazy for thinking that!
What's the freaking difference between flange and phase, anyway? They sound so unbelievably similar that I can never tell the difference.
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now ive got no idea who does most of the writing for songs and all that sorta thing but purely based on the solos and more specifically the tone, IMO adrian is a hack and dave sounds incredible. in the studio theres only a very subtle difference but i believe its significant on the death on the road dvd.

Adrian? A... a hack?! I must now bury my head in the dirt and flail my arms and legs about furiously.

I think Adrian's easily the most inventive of the group. He has such a diverse style, which worked out beautifully; especially on the Somewhere in Time album, where all the songs were freakishly different from each other. The guitar work in that album is amazing, mostly due to Adrian's varying style.
Dave's still awesome, I think, but if you listen to him for extended periods of time you'll find that he does a lot of the same stuff. Legato here, open string as pedal tone for a minor run there, etc. The thing I love about Adrian is that he always manages to reinvent himself for every solo.
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^I actually reading somewhere that for Hats Off to (Roy) Harper, Robert plugged his mic into one of Jimmy's Vox (I think) amps and turned on the built-in tremolo effect on the amp and sang through that.

Weird. Those guys were so freakin' inventive when it came to studio recordings! It's unbelievable.

On the subject of PG, does anyone else think the Wanton Song has some of the most kickass riffage of all time? Like, the main riff is just two Gs, both an octave apart. Yet it's still an awesome riff (kind of reminiscent of the Immigrant Song).
Speaking of the Wanton Song, what effect's Jimmy using in the guitar solo, as well as a couple other spots? I've never known what effect that is. It's used in the "Let it Be" solo as well, by the Beatles (obviously). Is it some sort of extreme chorus or what?
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Honestly, the post Syd albums don't remind me much at all of Piper. There's a bit of that influence, but it's clearly not Syd's writing.

That's kind of what I'm saying. But kind of not. Everything post-Syd up through Dark Side still tries to retain more of that odd psychedelic feel to it, only Waters wasn't as good at writing in that style as Syd was. I think the direction he went on Dark Side was a much better direction that the oddness that was in between it and Piper, because clearly after Syd left psychedelic was no longer an option for sound.
Some albums have parts that are a bit remniscent in style, but most of the songs aren't. You pointed out Atom Heart Mother... what about If, Summer '68 and Fat Old Sun? Those sound nothing like Syd's writing.

On the contrary, you mention the weirdness of "Interstellar Overdrive," but what about "Lucifer Sam" or "Chapter 24"? Those are comparably normal as well, yet you seem to only focus on the goofing around aspects of Piper. There were straightforward, sanely-written pieces on that album as well.
And if by "failing" you mean failing to make good music, then I certainly disagree. If you mean failing to write like Syd then I think you just contradicted your point.

I meant failing to sound like Syd albeit still being obvious that they're trying to sound like Syd. As a healthy human being I can certainly tell the difference between Syd's writing and Waters's. Everything post-Piper and through Dark Side just makes me think that Waters hadn't yet found what style suited him, and therefore tried to "copy," in a way, Syd's style. And it was a poor choice, I think, because everything from Saucerful to Obscured I find to be worse than Piper.

We clearly have differing opinions, and I can certainly respect that. Hopefully you as well can see my side here? (<--Smiley face added for friendly effect)
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They named every episode in season 5 after a Led Zeppelin song.

Did anyone here ever watch News Radio? I thought it was a brilliant show. We have 4 seasons of it on DVD, and one of the seasons has a bunch of episodes titled after Zep albums. And generally the episode titles have no relevancy whatsoever to the content of the episodes. Seems kinda tacked on, but it's still cool I guess.
Quote by TheHeartbreaker
I laughed at my father when he told me King Crimson was the heaviest band ever.

Note that is not taking anything away from King Crimson (I adore them), but with how many Metal bands there are now it's hard for a Classic Rock band to claim that title.

Still, King Crimson is better than 99% of the Metal bands I have listened to.

I don't know, I consider Black Sabbath to be one of the heaviest bands ever, albeit coming out of the late '60s. Many of the riffs in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are heavier than any other metal songs that come to mind.
King Crimson, eh... not so much. I see your point; most classic rock can't really claim to be metal. But I think Black Sabbath is the exception, because even by today's standards I consider them to be monumentally heavy.
I'm not sure what is used on Plant's voice on Hats of to (Roy) Harper; it might just be some fade-in fade-out effect created by the engineer, but I'm not an expert on such matters.

Yeah, could be. I always just thought it was some sort of tremolo, though. I'm not sure either.
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Eh, Judas aren't Heavy Metal IMO. But then I also have a pretty lopsided opinion since I started with pre-black album Metallica Heavy would be "... And Justice For All" type stuff. Like the song Blackened, or the title track. But Priest? No way in hell...

Have you not heard Painkiller? That song alone demonstrates why Priest are indeed heavy metal. Apparently the album they did in, like, '96 with Owens on vocals (can't think of the name, but I think it's about the Apocalypse) is supposed to be a LOT like death and doom metal. Which sounds awesome, even to a Priest fan. Because Priest's metal stuff (Sad Wings of Destiny, dude! Have you not heard that album? It'll blow your human mind!) is WAY better than their poppy garbage, a la most of their middle '80s stuff.
Although Metallica easily dominates Priest. No question about that.

Seriously, though; Painkiller will make you rethink Judas Priest. It knocked me on my ass the first time I heard it; and it still does. Honestly.
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He's not one of those "I hate them because they're popular" people is he? God those people piss me off. Who gives a **** if its popular, if you like it, listen to it.

I wouldn't think he is, considering he's big into Foreigner and Def Leppard (which appalls me that someone with otherwise good taste would be into them). He says it's mostly Plant's voice... I guess it irritates him, especially after extended listening. Which, again, surprises me as he's a huge Judas Priest fan (although I love Priest too).
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I'm not sure how many of you will disagree with that statement, but look at all of LZ's work. They've covered next to every genre of music imaginable to me.

Which is exactly the reason I give my dad when he says he's not too into Zeppelin. Everyone in my family likes (loves) Zeppelin except my dad. He partially acts like he doesn't like 'em just to piss me off, I'm sure, but he says too much of them annoys him. But then I ask him how that can possibly be when everything they do is different. That's, in my mind, precisely why they're considered one of the greatest bands ever.
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yea thats a good one, what about south Bound Suarez off ITTOD

What about the entirety of ITTOD?

I know what you're all thinking right now: "Oh crap, now we got Seth talkin' about ITTOD".

South Bound Saurez is awesome, though. Incredibly catchy. And even though Page is drugged up like crazy on that album, some of my favorite guitar work of his can be found on it, especially that song.
ITTOD's just such a great combination of everything great Page-driven and everything great Jones-driven. Rarely are they both centers of attention, but for most of ITTOD, they are. And that's what really makes ITTOD great, for me.

And yes, this thread is getting fast!
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Janick: Jinkies! Dave, I only have one Eddie snack left. (Dave solos to get Eddie snack).

Nice! Janick as Velma... classic...

Is Bruce gonna have to be Fred, then? It seems like the next logical step.

Don't worry about sucking. Few people in the known universe can top my suckiness.
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Time period, yes. Ever, likely not.

Well, okay, so Piper wasn't monumentally great, but I still loved it.
Syd's Madcap Laughs album, however, holds true to my claim. One of the best albums ever. In my opinion, anyway. It shockingly has traces of many genres that didn't evolve until well after it was released, I think.
I was never really a big fan of Syd's songwriting. To psychadellic and weird for me. Kind of bland too, IMO.

Bahhh, what do you guys know anyway? I thought Syd-era Floyd and Syd's solo stuff was some of the most brilliant stuff to come out of that time period, and perhaps ever. Piper's one of my favorite Floyd albums, and I don't care what any of you say!
Quote by darkstar2466
^ No waiiii. Shaggy = bumbling idiot. Adrian = Guitar god.

Adrian: Like, Dave! We totally need to harmonize with our gui-gui-gui-GUITARS!!!

Dave: Ruh-roh! I rink you're right, radrian!

Ohh, I'm delightful when I'm tired, aren't I?
What the hell, Beck a Sith Lord?! Completely nuts, dude! But funny. And you knew I'd be a sucker for the Return of the Jedi quotes.
Quote by curtis loew
has anyone else noticed that there is a slight similarity between adrian smith and shaggy from the old school scooby doo episodes?

No, not really. Wait, let's see...

...okay, I can kinda see where you're coming from.
But mostly, no.
Quote by Thefallofman
I like the first couple minutes, but when it turns into complete noise I just can't stand it, and that lasts way too long.

Isn't that, in a nutshell, what the entirety of Atom Heart Mother or Echoes are too? Complete noise for an unnecessary amount of time? And those are great songs as well. As far as psychedelic rock goes, I think Piper was Floyd's greatest work of it. After that it's like they got too self-conscious and tried way too hard to be psychedelic, whereas Syd would just naturally write stuff that way. Most of late '60s/early '70s Floyd just sounds to me like Waters trying way too hard to write like Syd. And failing. Up until Dark Side, obviously.