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^I love Down By The Seaside, it's easily my number 3 favorite song off Physical Graffiti. I love Jimmy's tone in it... it's pure orgasm.

The whole atmosphere of the entire thing is amazing. You're right, Jimmy's tone definitely adds to that. The tremolo adds an unbelievably great touch to it.
I don't like Thank You though. At all.

Seriously? I think that's another great song. The vocal harmonies are pure beauty. I see it as a major stepping stone to what was to come on Zep III.
And by the way, I've never been able to hear John's squeaky pedal in Since I've Been Loving You.

Me neither, actually. Which is strange, considering it's been mentioned in here fifty thousand times before. I've just never bothered to listen for it. Is it just in a certain spot, or mainly throughout the whole song? I've heard this story so many times now I must've forced myself to forget the fine details of it...

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If you listen very carefully in the intro guitar solo when everything is quiet, you can hear it. I never noticed until I read about it on wikipedia, and actually tried to listen for it.

Ah, okay. Thanks for that. Maybe I'll listen for it next time I hear it.
And as an additional shout-out for all you other Wiki-whores out there like me, Wikipedia rules. We should in fact start a Wikipedism religion. I would, of course, be the one who devotes so much time to the teachings of Wikipedism that my faith would be the death of me.

"Local Wiki-whore found dead, collapsed upon his computer keyboard, earlier today at approximately 2:45 AM. Apparent cause of death, as the authorities say, was an overload of ridiculously well-organized and properly-cited information. About the history of pornography. But it was information, nonetheless!"

Man, that'd be such a sweet way to die!
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^ I've just recently taking a liking to Tom Waits. He is very underappreciated, not to mention is awesome-ass voice.

Yeah, he's a very interesting artist. My older brother was into him quite a bit, and I guess it sort of rubbed off on me. He's a very brilliant songwriter, and as you said, very underappreciated. I saw him perform live on the Daily Show with John Stewart and thought it was one of the greatest musical performances accessible on TV (especially on a talk show). Watching PJ Harvey perform on Letterman a few years back pretty much singlehandedly made me fall in love with her.
It's strange where you can find influence to get into a band, isn't it?
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good idea...i might actuall win something>_>

Sadly, that's the first thing that came to my mind, too.

I've seen some random awards threads in various subforums. But MT should definitely have its own awards, since the regulars in there are pretty much the most helpful people in existence. People who help out in the Instruments forums are on the whole more helpful than, say, your average people in the Bands & Artists subforums. Not that they're not awesome either, it's just that... wow, this would make a LOT of different awards, wouldn't it?
Whatever, I still think it's a pretty good idea. Either it would motivate people to generally be more helpful in hopes of getting some random award or it would make everyone complain about how many god-damned awards threads there are in every subforum. Probably both.
But like tuba said, it should really be left up to the mods of each forum/subforum. Past that, however, I think it's a capital idea. [imagines dude in monocle and tophat]
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I take it you are unaware that most TVs will automatically switch off after a given period of time of inactivity?

True. Older TVs don't, though. At least not that I know of.
Which reminds me of this old TV we had up in my brother's room. Well, it was my brother's room, but it's my room now. Blah blah blah, anyway; here's a little something that might entertain some of you.
The 2nd floor in our house is only a bedroom. You open the door, go up the stairs, and all there is is a bedroom. It was my older brother's bedroom for many years, and then when he went to college it was nobody's bedroom for a couple years.
So anyway, he had this crappy old 13 inch TV up there. A Magnavox or something old like that. I specifically remember a stretch of, like, 4 days where the TV would turn on in the middle of the night. We would (my family) hear it in the morning, shut it off, and then the next morning it would be on again. Kinda weird.
I know, my scary stories suck. But not being a believer in ghosts, it's hard to tell anything and make it sound really scary. That TV thing has always kinda weirded me out, though.
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Did anyone hear about Robert Plant collaberating with Allison Krauss?

Yeah, I just read about it earlier today, actually. Sounds pretty interesting. One of the artists credited to have written material on there is Tom Waits... Tom Waits is awesome. Alas, so is Plant.
"Raising Sand" is a cool-sounding title, too. Makes me think of Kashmir. Hopefully it has some of that awesome Middle-Eastern sounding influence in it.
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Piper for me is so so. It has some good songs on it, but others are just wierd.

I know, that's exactly what I like about it. Syd wrote such quirky stuff, and it worked. It's amazing how stuff like Astronomy Domine can contain such dissonance and discord, and by the end it still feels solid and complete. Take Up Thy Stethescope has some unbelievably weird interlude stuff, but it still wraps up wonderfully. I don't know, it's always been one of my favorite Floyd records. Everything after that got progressively more serious, and I think it could've benefited from more playful stuff like on Piper.
On an unrelated topic, today (August 5th, 2007) is the 40th anniversary of the release of Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Which is, I think, one of Floyd's best albums ever. What does everyone else think of this amazing album? (Since it's its anniversary and all)
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I don't think the music is anything mind blowing, but it just has such a nice sound. It's like you're hearing these legends just sit around with a few guitars and mess around. That's what makes it so good for me, anyway.

Yeah, I suppose. But I wanted to hear some crazy-ass Bob Dylan lyrics, manic Jeff Lynne vocal harmonies (and perhaps even orchestral backings... an ELO fan can dream, can't he?), and 10-minute guitar battles between all band members. I wasn't really expecting a "sit back and relax" sound from this sonic force of awesomeness all contained within one band. I guess I just mistook what their sound would be.
But the Volume 1 inlay booklet is hilarious, I must say. It talks about the history of the Wilburys, and how they eventually started traveling more often, leaving late Friday evenings and returning on Sunday mornings. The humor in the booklet was an unexpected surprise, I thought.
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What the hell kind of a parallel universe do you live in?!

Is it really Seth talking to you now, or... BIZARRO SETH?!
Fun fact: John Williams has composed more music for sequels then anyone else has for regular movies.

I never actually knew that, but it certainly makes sense. The guy has composed the score for practically half of all movies out since 1975. Funny how he never really repeats himself, either. Like, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and Star Wars all have distinctive differences between them. That'd be tough to do.

By the way, ledhead, great comic! Just that zoom in on Beck in the crowd is awesome. Reminds me of some crazy Bruce Lee shit. GUITAR DUEL!!!
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fair point, however if you put all your best tracks up and someone buys the album and thinks its rubbish apart from he few songs you've put up they wont buy another album.

Yeah, that's true. But hey... I don't have any rubbish songs! 'Tis my trademark.
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No i dont mean make them pay to download your'e stuff, just let people listen on myspace, i admit no1 would pay to download music, but if you could download it for free would you really pay x amount of £'s for a bit of art added to the songs. I think not.

I would. Especially because (and I forgot to clarify this earlier) I don't put every song I have up for download. Just a few of the "greatest hits," if you will. That way if people like what they've heard and downloaded, they'll most likely pay to hear the remainder of the album's tracks that they wouldn't otherwise be able to. Y'know?
You seem pretty comfortable with soloing for 10 months of playing. You obviously practice a lot, and it shows. I still have a hard time hitting that 6th fret harmonic and whammying the hell out of it, but you did it fine. I'd personally like to see you cover the whole thing. You can pull it off very smoothly, which is hard to do with this song. Great solo, man. That was sweet.
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Dude why you letting people download your music for free?

That's all I do. I don't wanna make people pay just to download and hear my stuff. Especially when they could just do the ol' headphone jack to mic jack trick on their computer, "listen" to the music and end up putting it on a sound recorder anyway. I can see making people pay for a full album, with packaging and a booklet and everything, but never for downloads. I don't make people pay to download my stuff, anyway.
And threadstarter: T-shirts should probably sell really well. Like debator said, fans like shirts. I love band shirts. There's not much I can do with a band sticker (except maybe put it on my amp or something), but if someone wears a band shirt around people see it. They're a great marketing technique, and I personally think band shirts are awesome, so they should probably be a hot seller. I say go for it. You'll definitely have much better luck with that than stickers.
I think they're one of the only supergroups that genuinely worked. Although how great they worked is something I'm still trying to figure out myself.
From what I've heard of them, they're good, but it almost comes out sounding slightly generic. I've heard Volume 1 and it's enjoyable, no doubt, but it never really hit me hard as a kickass album in any way. I'm a huge fan of all the individual members, though, and I think the Wilburys turned out better than anyone could've expected. That being said, I still don't think they're anything special. Maybe there's more on Volume 3 to be loved?

And ever since their 2 albums were repackaged and re-released a few months ago, I've been hearing "End of the Line" on the radio pretty much every other day. I'd previously never heard them on the radio. But it's definitely a good thing, because they have a very radio-friendly sound. Plus they have Jeff Lynne. 'Nuff said.
Nights In White Satin is the most beautiful song ever created.

That's what got me into them initially. And I feared that that would be their only good song, but was surprised to hear how varied they are while still keeping a signature style. They incorporate orchestral sections very well into their music, without drowning out themselves. That's a tough thing to do, and they do it flawlessly in stuff like "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Nights in White Satin."
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Does anyone else like to improvise over the keyboard solo in Trampled underfoot?

With some wah going on? Chyeah, you bet I do!
Wow, I'm surprised there's not more widespread discussion on these guys.
I just burnt a greatest hits Moody Blues CD off of my friend, and I have to say, they really impressed me! They have a very innovative sound, and were no doubt important for their time. I agree with psych, "Ride My See-Saw" is an awesome song, and it's gotten me curious to get their "Search for the Lost Chord" album. Does anyone own it (or any Moody Blues album, for that matter)? Over the past couple of days I've really started to love these guys!
Couldn't find a thread on these dudes, so yeah... I made one...

I just got a sort of greatest hits compilation of Edgar Winter tunes yesterday. Obviously "Free Ride" and "Frankenstein" were awesome ones that I knew. From what I understand, they're more of a bluesy band? Or is that just the mistaken impression I get from a greatest hits compilation? (I didn't know it was a greatest hits until I bought it and checked the inlay booklet; I generally hate compilations)
So basically, does anyone else here know/like this band? And if so, does anyone own any of his other albums and can tell me what there is to like? I'm kind of just getting into him, and am curious how good he is. Any other fans around?
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Does anyone here who plays Whole Lotta Love do anything on their guitar in the Theremin part? If so, what?

Put reverb and delay on (there's a setting for that right on my amp) and basically do pick and palm slides up and down the guitar. And some random high squealie notes, of course.
Quote by DownInAHole.

How so? John Williams composed the score for Star Wars. 'Nuff said. He also did Jaws and Indiana Jones, which we played as well. John Williams=anything BUT fail. You got that?!
Minnesota sounds like a strange state if you'd ask me. The guys on my basketball team are always picking on the band dudes. It's hilarious. The girls in chorus, however, are hot. My girlfriend's in chorus.

Our choir is just really femmy and chick-ish... like, anyone who's in it is either a chick or a chick-ish dude (mostly, anyway). Our band is just more fun than I can imagine choir being... and less chick-ish. Plus choir does really boring crap that's more often than not in a language other than English. I mean, who the hell wants to sing shit in Latin that you can't even understand?
BTW, Hawaii Five-O band-style would pwn epicly.

It did. I'm a drummer in the band, so I got to do the intro solo on snare when we did it at our spring concert. Plus a majority of the band members brought sunglasses, which we were allowed to take out and wear for that tune.
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^^ I agree on what you say but I don't like Janick's style at all... I really think Maiden would be a lot better without him, he just seems to make the sound dirtier and his solos sound all the same. I'm a huge maiden fan but he's the only thing I hate about the band.

Finally someone who agrees with me on this subject! I've argued about this before. I seemed to be the only one here previously who didn't like Janick either. He was better/more listenable on later Maiden material, but he pissed all over No Prayer for the Dying and Fear of the Dark, if you ask me. I've just never found his style very pleasing... it's like Malmsteen minus the cool Middle-Eastern modes, so basically just plain wankage.
I realize a lot of people here think differently than I do about this, but that's just my opinion.
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Nah. I may like Harry Potter, but that's as far as my nerdiness goes. I was never nerdy enough to join the school band

The whole system like that is completely the opposite in our school. I'm in the school band, and that's where the majority of the "cool" kids are. Besides, when selections from our repertoire include themes from James Bond, Hawaii Five-O, Jaws, Star Wars, as well as songs like Smoke on the Water, Crazy Train, Iron Man, and Sunshine of Your Love... well, you can see why our school band kicks ass. The coolest thing our choir ever did was Bohemian Rhapsody, which members of my band had to help out on for that concert (I totally had the guitar part!). I can see you just have a backwards reputation system from our school.
You know, I genuinely think this Zep comic idea really is the best thing to happen to this thread. You've now got me addicted to it!

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Thank GOD! I thought I was the only person here who hates Metallica.

I've been trying to come up with something angry enough to say to you for the past 10 minutes now, but nothing has come to me. So I think I'll just storm off and punch a hole in a wall instead.
Buddhism has always seemed like the most interesting religion to me, even though I wouldn't consider myself religious by any stretch. It just seems like... I don't know, the "smartest" of the religions out there. Didn't Einstein brag up Buddhism a shitload?
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^ How many people died or have any died?

According to what I've heard on the news, 4 have been confirmed dead. But like 30 are still presumed missing. This family was interviewed where the mother was allegedly on the bridge during the collapse. She didn't normally take 35W because she hated traffic but she called her home at 5:45 or something and said she'd be home from work soon, and then after the bridge collapsed the family couldn't get ahold of her at all. They don't know which hospital she's in or even if she was rescued. That'd be an odd feeling, eh? Not even being sure if one of your family members is still alive? Ugh, crazy stuff.
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Nah, it's way different. There was this black lady and she allegedly could not find a babysitter, so she went to work and in the process, left her 4 and 1 year old in a 130 degree car, not to mention it was in a parking garage. Left them there 15 hours. Came back, panicked, put their bodies in trash bags, stuffed them under her sink in her bathroom, then hepled herself to a meal at Arby's. I'm sure THB's probably heard about it now seeing as he is from NC too.

You're right, that is slightly different than the other stories about the hot car deaths. But still, negligence is negligence, no matter to what degree. I don't think I'd have my mind on any sort of meal after an ordeal like that, though.
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Woah just saw that bridge story on CNN, just saw a video of the bridge collapsing.

Crazy shit, isn't it? And now that incident alone has suddenly sparked this huge movement to try and repair all the nation's broken/old bridges. Apparently the 35W bridge was inspected like a year ago and the inspectors noticed structural fractures in the steel girders (which is basically the MAIN thing that keeps the bridge up), but they didn't do anything to fix it because it would've cost too much money at the time. Now that's a sick world, right there.
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Haven't heard about it at all. That's not cool. I keep hearing about that damn Duke lacrosse case and that bitch in SC that left her kids in the car and killed them. We have alot of random news here too.

Cripes, it seems like there are more kids getting killed in cars stories this summer than ever before! There have been what, like 16 deaths so far this year from idiot parents leaving their kids in cars? Within 10 minutes the car can heat up 10-20 degrees, and up to 40 degrees within half an hour.
And some of the parents now have the balls to say that they just "forgot" their children instead of admitting that it was intentional negligence, which (believe it or not) lessens the charges against the parents. Like that's being any better of a parent!
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I'll trade you my alt. station for your Zep station.

Fine by me! I've got 2 stations that do the weekday Zep playing, so I'd gladly part with one. I'd kill for an alt station around here! The only music people in my town listen to is either classic rock or country. And, like, that's it.
Holy shit, now that the 35W Mississippi River bridge collapsed, Minnesota's the center of the nation's attention! You dudes hear about that or see it on TV? God damn, the whole section over the Mississippi River went right down! Crazy stuff.
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^ I doubt it. You usually don't hear that one on the radio.

Radio stations vary in different parts of the world. I've talked to people that get screwed over as far as Zeppelin goes on the radio, whereas around here 2 out of the 3 classic rock stations have a scheduled Zep-playing time every weekday. I'll bet if you listened to a couple of months' worth of classic rock radio here, you'll have heard basically the entire Zep catalogue. Including live stuff.
I love the radio here. Still can't get ahold of an indie/alternative station, though.
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Anyway, yeah, Alexander the Great is one very good tune. Pity about the historical inaccuracies on the song......not many people notice anyway, lol.

Does anyone else think the ending line to that song is hilariously lame? "He died of fever in Babylon." And Bruce holds the note like it's supposed to be so epic, and it's just such a dorky, anti-climactic final line. It's hilarious.
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^ Yeah. To be honest, I never found George that funny. I just like to laugh at his receding hairline.

Seriously? I've always thought George was the greatest character in perhaps all of TV history. All of his ridiculous antics, his paranoia, his failed attempts at coolness... he's hilarious. He's one of the main reasons that show is so damn funny, if you ask me. Costanza's awesome.

And ledhead, that comic's great too. "2-3 daily servings... of DEATH!" Great. And Jonesy going "I'm here guys!" got me laughing too. You and zp have a perfect comic-ish sense of humor.
I should try making one. It'd probably suck compared to your guys', though.
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Anyone else been diggin' the last solo (I think it's Adrian) from Alexander the Great? That and the last solo from Rime of the Ancient Mariner are uber-killer. I think those solos have the best backing riffs out of most Maiden solos.

Alexander the Great has always amazed me with its whacky riffage. It's so cool and it fits well with the theme. Plus I always thought the weird time signatures were a nice touch. That's an awesome tune.
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^ I dunno I always liked Frank the most on Seinfeld. Of all the second-string characters he was my favourite. His role as Arthur on the King Of Queens is genius.

I know, Jerry Stiller's one of the funniest actors on TV. On Seinfeld and King of Queens he's just a shouting maniac, and he pulls it off so well. "SERENITY NOW!" I was gonna pick Frank originally instead of Jackie Chiles in the avatar club, but he was taken. I agree, though, he's a great character.

Quote by Kartman
^I still like you Seth.

Yes, yes, I know. And I you. Besides, how could I possibly dislike a fellow member of the Seinfeld Avatar Club? And George Costanza, no less! "Cohhhhhh-STANZA!"
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Be as crude as you wish. At least you're right.

What's with all the Seth-hate all of a sudden?

By the way zp, I think you hit an all-time high with this line: "How much longer can Led Zeppelin hold off this nutritious but violent army?" Brilliant sir, just brilliant!
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I'm sorry man, I'm just cooler than you are.I don't like to brag BUT I did tour with Rush, what have you done with your life.

I could make a very nasty old joke as a rebuttle to that, but being the nice guy I am I'll be the better man and back out of this argument gracefully.
All in good fun though Seth.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

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^^*sigh* Seth you just don't learn do you?

Check your email soon

Holy god! I forgot how much of a deity you are, Matt. Truly, you're my hero. I... um... oh damn, this is harder than I thought... I l-l-love... you. There. I said it. Now let's move on.
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You guys are out of control.

I know. It's like we all have BrainDamage or something!

I always pull through as a master of punnery/bad jokes.
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Yeah, the rest of Fragile is excellent, imo. Get the one with bonus material like "America" if you can. Good for a starter.

Okay, sweet. That'd probably be the one I'd want to get first, so thanks.
As for the review, I just generally don't take music critics too seriously.

Nah, I tend not to either, unless an album is getting, like, widespread terrible reviews. I read that a bunch of different mags had reviews similar to Melody Magazine's "No" one, so my confidence in it was rather shaken. I trust you dudes here on UG better than some random music critics, though.
^Whoa, what the hell is it? What's gone astray?

You've got me hooked, zp. I don't think you could've found a better pic for the frame where Plant's desiring fruit.