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im using the Megadeth Capitol Punishment one by Hal Leonard.

Ah, I see.
So did you find the tab I linked to helpful?
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+ 9.

God damn it! I work my ass off trying to come with super-elaborate and witty responses, and all Sloop says is "Shut up Seth" and you guys worship him like he's the king of insults or something! I don't think any of your brains are working properly. Or, shall I execute a triple-e-pwn that, by your guys' logic, will stand out throughout history and time as one of the internet's most hurtful pwns? Here goes:

"Shut up SG, Kartman, and DIAH."

I'm turning bitter.
This one looks pretty accurate to me. I haven't my guitar with me so I can't test it truly, but it lookds good from what I can judge.
Which tab book are you using, by the way? Just curious.
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The only thing that needs to be fixed is some of the bends

Yeah, that's what I thought too. The bends seemed rushed, and at times almost exaggerated. You should focus more on bending your way smoothly up to the note instead of trying to get to the note immediately. A bend just naturally sounds better that way, when you strike the lower note and then bend upwards instead of pre-bending and then striking the note. In my opinion, anyway.
Other than that, though, you did a great job with it. Work on the bends and it'd be awesome. You seem to have it down really well otherwise.
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hell yeah.... Topographic Oceans is one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood albums of all time in my opinion. Yes, the first song sucks horribly. It's just a mess of random sound, but the next 60 minutes of the album (which is more than most full lenght albums are) are incredible. Just as good as anything from Close To The Edge. so take out the first song from Oceans and u have a masterpiece. Relayer has always seemed a bit disjointed and chaotic to me. Still love it though. 15 minutes into gates of delirium is the most beautiful piece of music i've ever heard.

Ah, really? I've never listened to anything from Tales from Topographic Oceans; I was wondering how it was. I'm sure you've all heard the story of the review Melody Magazine gave for the album, eh? 'Twas a one word review: "No." So I've always figured it was kind of a boring affair, but it's good to know that people here like it. I'm not HUGE into Yes (meaning I don't own any of their albums but love the music I've heard of them nonetheless), so obviously I'd probably be better off getting something like Fragile Close to the Edge first, no? For the record, Roundabout has for a long time been one of my favorite songs of all time... does the rest of Fragile measure up to that?
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What do you think is Syd's best album?

I've always thought that Madcap Laughs was in a completely different league than Piper or Barrett. Like, it's surreal how great Madcap Laughs is. In my mind it was one of the most ahead-of-its-time albums ever. I mean, there's stuff on there that foreshadows later classic rock, new wave, and even grunge. It's astounding.
Barrett's a fine album too, I guess, but it's too polished or something. It's not organic enough. Every time I listen to it I get the feeling that everyone working on that album tried to not make Barrett sound like a complete maniac, which is stupid because that's what he sounded like throughout all of Madcap Laughs and it worked brilliantly. It's like they tried to make him come off as a more "normal" sounding artist than he really was. Kinda cramped his style, if you ask me.
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^ Seriously though I think Bonzo would say 'Oh really' rather than Plant. JPJ would probably say lets have a read he seems the most bookwormy. As for Plant I dunno what he would comment on.

He'd probably say something snarky about how you just COMPLETELY overanalyzed what their reactions would be to this thread.
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Page, Jones, Plant, and Bonzo walk into thread...

Page--"So apparently, these people worship us..."
Plant--"O Rly?"
Page--"Yeah, so lets have a read at...WTF???"

Page, Jones, Plant, and Bonzo leave thread.

Funny, though I was expecting it to follow the "so-and-so walk into a bar" style format. You know, like:

The members of Led Zeppelin walk into the Zeppelin thread.
Page turns to Bonham and goes, "Hey man, what's with all this off-topic nonsense?"
Bonham responds, "What do you think I should care, cunt? I'm fucking stone DEAD!"

That's what I was expecting, anyway. Still funny, though.
Ya, we're proud about our sexuality. But I like vaginas more that penises, though. It's just rock star penises I'm attracted to. DIAH, well, that's another story. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

All in all, vaginas pwn penises. But it's not like a landslide or anything. 70/30 ratio, I'd say. (but seriously...)
And just so we can put this to rest, I would bang the members of Led Zeppelin in this order:


Interesting idea. Just interesting enough for perverted ol' me to partake in it! Nobody laugh, god damn it.


With Page & JPJ at an almost neck-and-neck tie. It's strange how much consideration I put into some posts here...
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No but he turns good at the end so a red lightsaber would hardly be useful to Anakin.

But Vader can still handle the saber, is what I'm saying. You made it sound like Page was the only person in existence who could handle Vader's red saber, which is ridiculous because obviously Vader could handle it too.
Unless, of course, you meant that Page was the only person in this GALAXY and TIME PERIOD who could handle Vader's saber. In that case then you may in fact be right.
Hey, what's up Admiral? Ackbar rocks.

No examples really come to mind... metric modulation's a very odd concept. The example Wikipedia lists (I know, I'm a Wiki-whore) is Elliott Carter's Eight Etudes and a Fantasy for woodwind quartet (1950), Fantasy, mm. 16-17. So, erm... if that helps, then there's ONE example. Cripes, I don't know if I know of any more, though. Hope that helps out at least a tiny bit, though.
^ Don't put words in my mouth! Er... typing fingers! WHATEVER!

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Look how desperate I am for attention. I make up quotes to make me look cooler. Because I'm compensating for an appalingly small penis!

Okay, that may have been a little uncalled for.

It wasn't.

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^ I saw "DIAH", but I can't read anything else. Damn you size 1 font!!!!!

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I've only made 61 posts outside the Pit in a little over the year I have been here. I really can't help out with much in the other forums. I do go outside the Pit more lately. I have made probably 500 posts or so in the pit, if not more.

And to the threadstarter: it's in no way necessary. Post count is an arbitrary tacked-on stat added to forums to give insecure members something to be pointlessly proud of. It's like penis envy, only... internet-based. Although penis envy can certainly be internet-based as well; but I don't want to go into that right now.
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Of course only a man such as Page can handle the power that is Vader's lightsaber.

Except for, perhaps, like, you know, VADER.
And yes my return was to be secret Seth.

NO!!! Aw damn it, you've typed it in a regular size! Now everyone will see it and your secret is ruined! You should've kept it in size 1 font, which no one except you or I can read.

Okay, ZP, now that I've diminished the font size, I can privately talk to you with no one else able to read what we say to each other. Now, about our well-developed plan to overthrow DIAH...
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At least I don't watch Star Wars.


Chyeah, pwned YOU by YOUR OWN SELF!!! Yes! Boo ya! He shoot, he scores!
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I love Seinfeld, but my nerdy place is with Zelda. I love Zelda games, what can I say.


And here you guys all thought I was such a huge nerd. Now look at all of you coming out of the nerd closet! Nerdiness is the new pink, bitches; admit it.
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......God I hate Star Wars.....

*awaits Seth, ZP, and Sloopy flaming*

Why do you have to turn this into a hate-fest? Why can't Zep fans and Star Wars fans be as one? Sounds like you're just trying to spark anger. Well guess what, mister? I'm not even going to acknowledge that you dissed Star Wars. Because clearly I'm the bigger man in this argument.

[resists temptation to kill DIAH in the most cruel, slow way imaginable]
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BTW ZP has returned...and Seth thank you for enlightening me on this "radio" concept...who knew eh?

Why did you feel this had to be typed in such a small font? When I read it in my mind I imagined it being whispered. Do you want to keep your return... secretive?

You know that's one of the most blasphemous bodies you can place Page's head atop! You KNOW that!
Ah, what the hell, it's still good to have you back. Star Wars nerdiness for all!
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^ I could so see Seth at his computer screaming (pleasurably) whilst typing. He's such a nerd.

When am I NOT doing that at my computer? Sheesh, you must not know me very well. It's different for us normal human beings who NEED to masturbate for survival. My god you're a robot!
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^^haha, No Limits is a coaster designer, you can buy it/see screenshots on their website, which will come up if you google it (I don't remember exactly what it is). It's 3496347528 times more realistic then RCT, you get to play with all kinds of fun loops, manually bank turns and's cool.

I'm having orgasms just thinking about it.
if you like fiddling around with small technicalities

Just stop right there, because I do. Sounds incredible.
EDIT: I'm pretty sure I've got accurate recreations of a ton of popular rollercoasters from different theme parks across the country on here. I didn't make a single one of them, but it's still fun to watch from rider point of views (which I might add you can sit in any seat in any row, if you've got any favorites. On actual rides, I do [/nerd])

I'm as excited hearing about it as you probably are talking about it. I think we very well may be on the same page about this coaster thing! You had orgasms typing it, right? Good, then we are.
I'm sure I could find POV vids of it on Youtube, couldn't I?
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Also let him know that Elvis never wrote a song in his life, thus him saying Elvis wrote it was wrong from the get-go.


Those are the worst kind. May the gods have mercy on your soul, poor UGer...
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Wow, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 looks to be a pretty big improvement over the previous ones. The only thing that bothers me about it those games is that the tracks don't look smooth at all, so it's not really a realistic recreation. No Limits Coaster Recreations is where it's at (yeah, I'm a rollercoaster nerd ).

Don't be ashamed; roller coasters rock.
The coolest thing about Tycoon 3 is the point-of-view ride experiences. That was what made it look awesome for me. But yeah, it's not entirely smooth. On the first point-of-view drop on the Zep coaster, you can see bits of track ahead getting lighter as they get closer; that's annoying. It's still, like you said, a huge improvement over the first 2 Tycoon games, though.
Never heard of No Limits Coaster Recreations, by the way. You're obviously a bigger coaster nerd than I. Whatever, doesn't bother me...

[cuts wrists]
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As for No Quarter, I like it, not crazy about it. Although, it would've been interesting if Zep released an entire album that was as dark and moody as No Quarter.

Yes, that most definitely would be awesome. But, like with ITTOD, I'm sure Bonham and Page wouldn't have liked it. Bonham had that weird all-rock attitude, and I find it odd that he hated ITTOD. I would've loved an album with stuff all like No Quarter on it, though.
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no one ever calls me Matthew. Except my parents.

I thought that sounded suspiciously mother/grandmother-like when he called you Matthew. But I didn't wanna say anything...
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Myrtle Beach became our second go-to beach after we moved to North Carolina, but I haven't been there for a couple of years, now.

I live in southern Minnesota. The only beaches I go to are on the frayed, decapitated edges of algae-infested lakes. Traumatic swimming memories, my friends; traumatic indeed...
Anybody seen this Youtube video of the Zep coaster that someone made on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3? It's set to Whole Lotta Love and everything. It even gives a point-of-view run-through of the ride. Awwwwweeeeeessssssoooooommmmmmeeeee.....
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And which Mario 64 cover are you talking about, the main theme or Inside the Castle Walls? The ending on the main theme is class.

Well, both of them were great, but my favorite was the main theme one. It fit those instruments just perfectly.
And good luck on the guitar. Rock out!
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I'm going to be joining this band when I get back to college:

It's a bit iffy in those videos, but it was their first rehearsal as a band.

Wow, that Mario 64 cover was awesome. What instrument are you gonna be playing with them?
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Do bands which are just nintendocore count?

Sure. Any music related to video games counts. And I've heard Crystal Castles; they're pretty cool.
Awesome pic, ledhead.
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Hey, what about Houses of the Holy? Seems like the "least talked about" album... (from what I've read here so far)

As I've said before, it's got a lot of great songs on it, but it's almost a little too whacky for my tastes. To me, it doesn't have the "flow" of other Zep albums; it's like the songs are better to listen to individually than all in a row, which is abnormal for Zep. Plus "D'yer Mak'er" is easily my least-favorite Zep song.
All in all it's still a ridiculously awesome album (The Ocean! Dancing Days!), but it's a weird departure from what I think they normally do. As THB once said, though, it was an important stepping stone to Physical Graffiti.
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BBC sessions is more like a live compilation, because a plain live album would be songs from one show or a few shows from one tour, not from a 5 year span or whatever BBC is

Yeah, you do raise a good point. We'll strike a compromise and call it a live compilation, as you say.
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Honestly I don't really like that song. I dunno... whenever I hear that song I can't help but dislike Page's playing. It just sounds annoying to me.

That song's actually one of my favorites off of Zep III, to be honest. It's so organic and raw and awesome. I've never seen any reason to dislike it. I mean, come on; it's Zeppelin!
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since when are live albums not considered true albums?

Well, to me, "true" albums are albums with all (or at least mostly) original material. Live albums I consider to be "live albums," whereas studio albums I consider to be just plain "albums." When I talk about a live album, like BBC for instance, I always refer to it as a "live album" as opposed to just an "album." But it's a subjective matter and it's different for everyone.
I think live albums are a good representation of what a band is all about.

Sometimes. In Zep's case, yes; live albums are still awesome. But some bands like Kiss are excellent in the studio (early Kiss; bear with me here people) and you just wanna stay away from their live stuff as much as possible. So it kinda depends on what band you're talking about.
With Zep, though, live albums are still awesome.
And sorry to disagree with ya Sloop, but BBC Sessions would most definitely be considered a live album, not a compilation. Why, if it's live, would you think anything else of it?
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I used to do pinch harmonics all the time, but I got so sick of them that I stopped for about a year. Now I can't play them at all anymore.

I use them occasionally in solos, but I try to keep my pinch-harmonic output level at a safe minimum. Too many of them gets insanely annoying (*cough* Zakk Wylde *cough*).
Unless of course I'm playing "Painkiller" by Judas Priest. Then by all means I pinch-harmonic like there'll be no tomorrow. Doesn't fit too well with most Zep songs, though. Maybe pinch-harmonics on the opening riff to Whole Lotta Love? Huh, I'll have to try that sometime.
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^ Alright Seth enough with the sarcasm already, my brain can't handle it.

What do you mean? I was being serious.

Honestly, man! These "radios," they truly do exist!
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Whats that meant to mean? Like I said, its about hoolaganism, i.e. the fans of the teams fighting each other. It was a seriously bad problem here in the 70s and its still around. You can see it in other countries, especially in south america. Seriously, people can get killed because of it.
If you think its talking about the actual games of football, you are very wrong.

For example, say one side gets given a penalty for some reason and the opposition's fans dont like it. They get all huffed up about it and decide to take out their anger at the referee's decision on the other teams' fans. Thus, "maybe someone will die".

It's a very odd song concept, if you ask me. Not that it's not a serious problem, just a weird one to write a song about. I still like that song; I'm not saying I don't. It's just that Maiden sort of have a knack for writing about ridiculous things. That's just my opinion. I didn't mean to offend you or anything. I just find a song about sports fans beating each other up very stupid, be it an actual problem or not.
Wow zp, it's awesome to have you back (although only temporarily). Get your ass back here permanently as soon as you can! It sucks having you away!
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Not like I got a wii or a life or something

I'm more ready to believe that you got a Wii than a life.
Edit: And someone stole my Ipod before I left so i've been going without Zep or any real CL for about a month.

Have you ever heard of... [closes curtains, locks doors] THE RADIO?!?!
Pretty farfetched stuff. It's a device that allows broadcast material (music, news) to reach you via an antenna. Apparently it's even commonplace in most new vehicles nowadays. This may be the real conundrum here, but I'm pretty sure I heard it through the grapevine that Led Zeppelin music (as well as other classic rock material) can be transmitted through these huge towers over certain radio frequencies, nick-named among the scientific community as "radio stations."
Anyway, if you're interested in these "radios," you may want to read up a bit on them here. Although they're a pretty hot item on the market right now, so until the radio-buying craze cools down you might want to wait. I hear you'll have to shell out some pretty big bucks to get your hands on one. May be years before they drop down into your price range.
Quote by Ardius
Its about football (and thats PROPER football, not American football!) hoolaganism. As you must know, Steve Harris is an avid West Ham supporter.
Its quite metal, just needs some thought, eh? I love that song, its like a hidden treasure on that album that no-one talks about.

Neither of those songs have rediculous lyrics.

Musically, Weekend Warrior's pretty cool. I've always thought it was a neat Maiden song. But I'm gonna have to agree with Instrumetal that it has ridiculous lyrics. But after all, most Maiden does. But it's the good kind of ridiculous. I mean, you really can't take a line like this seriously:

And the game begins, the adrenalin's high
Feel the tension maybe someone will die...

Especially given that it's about (non-American) football.
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i think bossanova's the only weak album personally (not that it's bad, just not as consistently outstanding as the others). trompe le monde takes some getting used to, it's obviously not as memorable as the first two albums, but it's very good.

Aw, really? I was hoping Bossanova was better than Trompe Le Monde (just so I could get really excited about getting it). Trompe Le Monde, like you said, needs some time to grow on you. I've had it for about a month now, and I listened to it today for maybe the 5th time and I'm really starting to love it.
I've heard Bossanova holds a more surf-rock influence in it than the other Pixies albums. Is this true/good?
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Now the middle section in SSOASS... that's brilliance!

Yes, indeed it is. And it's kind of the same idea as in Mariner. Really eerie, tying in two faster parts. "Today is born the seventh one; born of woman, the seventh son." Wow... just thinking about it gives me shivers; that's such a great album altogether. The delay on the distorted guitar that comes in... the ambient, droning bassline... the creepy synth... it's all brilliant.
Damn it, thanks a lot! Now I have to go and listen to that whole album!
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No idea what you are talking about.

Smooth, very smooth...
Quote by JDawg
What? Na uh. liar. I did not.

Did you change it? Because it's still wrong! Unless I'm mistaken, you previously had it "apolligies." But now it's "apoligies," which is also wrong. That's hilarious.
^You spelled "apologies" wrong in your sig. Just thought I'd let you know.
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Look up time slips on the internet, see what you find.

Holy crap, I feel a bit queasy now. That's weird stuff. I'm not sure if I completely believe it, but it's still odd how those two people were convinced they saw people of Marie Antoinette's court, and stood by their stories until their deaths. Very creepy stuff.