I wont say anything other than browse around a learn ALL of your options before you decide on buying. You never know what else may be out there or how much you'll like it
Eat healthy. Drink a SHIT TON of water to flush your system. Sleep well. Dont drink or take any intoxicants at all, even mildly. When you feel like you have enough energy stretch and excersise the muscles in your arms and fingers. I've found that what really works for me is CLOSE-FISTED push ups. They build strength really well in the arms and hands and its also a good way to battle oncoming carpel tunnel, arthritis, and any sort of finger stiffness. Do a number of push ups and then practice for a little while, and then do more push ups. Alternate them. Experiment for what works for you. Ive been using these exercise techniques for a couple of years now and it honestly has improved my focus, grip, strength, and overall musicianship. I dont know how much it will work for others but it works for me
Balance it out, find your own practice methods. For the past ten years I've always incorporated practicing the same stuff as always with learning something new everyday. Doesn't necessarily mean you have to learn a whole new piece everyday, just find your own personal way to make your musical practice expansive.
I knew a guy a while back. He was a family friend. He was a Vietnam vet and he was actually in the battle that the movie "We Were Soldiers" is based off of. He was actually in the second American attack on Ia Drang (not the one the film depicts) and the entire American regiment was chopped to pieces. He was one of the very few that survived.
If you don't trust your therapist, you should definitely quit. That is rule number one. Normally id say something like what the hell is this doing on a guitar site, but ive had some similar issues. Just take some time, think about your options, relax. Most of this stuff is stuff youll have to answer yourself
Well, it is definitely not the best acoustic that money can buy, but I am sure it will work for you. You'll want to get yourself a state of the art guitar after you've had several good years of practice under your belt. I myself have had good experiences with Ibanez acoustics, they are pretty easy on the fingers, they sound good. I'd say go for it, but i would also say that it is worth a trip to your local guitar shop. While you are there, play as many guitars as you can. See what works the best for you, and then make your final decision based upon that.
its alrite dude, musicians help other musicians out
try the new snap jack cables they are neat
You certainly cant go wrong with a Jackson. But its all a matter of your budget, what kind of music you play, what you want from a guitar...its simply something to spend time thinking about, perhaps making a few trips to some music stores