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Looks we've found UG's Axl Rose!

Seriously though, its ok but not brilliant. You really need to sort out your timing, mainly the drummer. The guitar tone is also horrible but I've been there with recording and hopefully you will improve on it over time.

In all honesty, if you post this in The Pit and expect meaningful answers, you obviously haven't been here that much. Don't get all angsty because people didnt like your music. Thats the music business for you. Critics are harsh and blunt and you need to learn that.

thanks a lot
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>Asks for opinions.
>Yells when doesn't like said opinions.

Seriously, man...grow up.

Also, you have 18 forum posts. Even if it doesn't account for posts in the Pit, you're still a rather inactive user who hoped we'd all find his video great.

I repeat, grow up.

suck my wiener, fat, old man with no hair lololol.
for hells sakes guys, nicely say you don't enjoy it, no reason to be dickheads about it, yeesh.
Well, people have their opinions... EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE ****ING WRONG.
It's not perfect, but no reason to be assholes about it.
Lol basketball is boring!
If you have just started out, then I suppose it's alright. But if you plan on gettin' serious, learn notes.

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When you sprout scales as you play a solo. It's a man-to-fish transformation. If you play well enough, you can even sprout gills, in which case you would be playing not just a scaled solo, but also a gilled solo. Being a gilled soloist also implies that you can solo scalely.

Well played.
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Still got it

Oh yes, you do.
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Playing a solo while standing on one of these:

I've heard they're in a lot of 80's rock songs...


Click here! ----->
Bit emo for me, and the other dude is right, it's a bit off rhythm; other than that, put some chords in it and give it a go!
Check some out please. I know some of them suck so you don't need to troll.

Thanks in advance.
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Band music? More liek Bland music.

lol, jk, I didn't listen.

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Finally! This is from the last thread.

This picture is should become our new album cover.
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I have an opinion so I'm a troll? You're so cool dude.

You had no reason to dislike me, man.
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^Courtesy of the gif thread

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shucks, if we all posted our band's tabs in the pit, I don't think it would really be the pit. Please keep your stuff where it belongs

Ok, I understand now. Sorry mate.
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I dislike you.

Why? You troll.
Heh. I love Christmas
Ok, calm down.
I know i've asked this question like a ton of times, but new people may want to see.

I know this is the wrong forum.. but this one gets most attention

Please rate our tabs! You can rate it a 1 star if you'd like! I know some of them suck, so you don't need to troll.

Thanks in advance

I know some of them suck, so you don't need to troll.
Hey, so if you could just check out some of our bands' tabs, we would like it very much. Thanks.

(Link goes straight to tabs)
Hey there, here's some links to our bands music. No hateful comments, if you hate them then keep your opinion to yourself

Some of them do suck, yes I know this, but cut me some slack, i'm just another guitar player, trying to make my way.
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And a bigger price tag :/

Despite my strat costing double what my LP did

Haha I do have to agree, my gibson was 900$. It was worth it though!
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Oh. I see how it is.

^.^ have a good one, kiddo.
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Choosing between Fender and Gibson is like choosing between a penis and testicles, I'd rather have both.

Hahaha that's awesome. Thanks for all the answers!

I'm in a band and the leader is way to controlling. He commands us to do things we don't want to do. He makes us play stuff we don't want to. He is sometimes nice but when it comes to music he is way mean. I love being in a band and everything about it but the

Jackson is pretty good dude.
Which one do you think is better? I have both but I personally like my fender more.
I want a bass too man.