Wow I recognize a lot of names here from years ago... can't believe this thread is still alive and kicking.
#2 I think
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how about white with white?

I clicked on you sig and went on an adventure!
Idiocracy was freaking awesome!
I really regret watching Human Centipede and the very little bit of Hobo With a Shotgun that I actually watched.
As much as I can't stand slayer (basically because Kerry King is a dick and not a great guitar player) this sucks a huge amount. RIP.
I've definitely felt this, the best thing to do is not give a shit about anyone and wait for it to go away.
I really like my digitech distortion factory.
Ok thanks. Good looks is actually a big part of this guitar so if it doesn't make that much difference comfortwise and soundwise then i may as well go TOM
Well it's a guitar that's being build currently so fitting won't be a problem, thanks though.
Hey guys, So my brother is building me a V and I'm trying to decide on a bridge, I've been thinking about putting a roller bridge on it. I know that roller bridges are normally used on bigsbys but I thought I'd try it.
My first question is would there be any problem with putting a roller bridge on a guitar that is string through?

My second question is about the brand.
I was looking at this one

But I was wondering if there were any companies that make these at a higher quality or if there are any better ones.
Try something new, and wait and buy the guitar, always buy the guitar, don't think, just buy, all these commas are giving me a coma. snap.
I didn't hate it. Surprising.
Hey man I really like it. Which is surprising considering that I never listen to that sort of thing but it's cool i think you could go somewhere cool with it if you added onto it. Really cool

here's a pretty badly recorded idea of mine.
Silent Night

Joshua Garcia Night
Yes this is incredibly unfortunate!
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Check out these:
Squier Tele Custom II - P90's if you dig

Epiphone Studio Les Paul (I like the white)

This and also the agile suggestion.
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I voted How We Survive.

Honestly I did too a couple times... Also you can vote once a day if you're persistent!
Hey guys, A few of my really good friends are in a band. They signed up for a best teen band competition. They started off in first but were bumped to second this past week. So I'd appreciate it if you guys would do me and my friends a solid by voting for The Racket. I really believe they are the best band in this competition. You do have to sign up, which sucks, but it makes it that much more sincere? I don't really know but it would be awesome if you did this!
You guys are awesome! Really cool drum intro to sweet sensation. title track is pretty sick too. Your drummer is really awesome, reminds me a little of The Rural Alberta Advantage drummer if you've heard of them. really great, keep it up!
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It's simply fim.

What's the password to the chat?
If anyone remembers I was on there back when it was the banthread chat... Why did you password it?

EDIT: sorry for my off-topic rude interruption
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I'm not so sure, if the back is rounded/'meloned' it would be a lute... but if it's not it's probably a mandolin.
mandolin? No idea who could've made it.
If someone asks me I'll say rise against, because they impress me every time I listen to them, but seriously I listen to so many bands and so many different genres that there isn't really 1 favorite.
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aww dood that chorus into teh breakdown was teh most br00tz thing evr. \m/
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Didn't know there was such a thing.

Totally going to say this very statement.
A guitarist must learn to play guitar before he plays "music"...
Change of plans, the ash may end up being flamed maple.
The thing about #3 is that I think that just having the ash might take away from the color of the purple heart a little, the wenge complements the purple heart alot more I think, and with #2 I think the ash and wenge provide a really sweet contrast.
Ok thanks guys, the one thing that you may already know is that the wenge is really heavy, so with the wenge on the back there will still be another piece of ash on the back.
Hey guys, My brother is building me a rhoadsish style V and I'm trying to decide what wood pattern I want for the body. The 3 woods are Ash, Wenge and Flamed Purple Heart. I'm leaning toward option #2 (wenge back/ash strip/purple heart top) but it will probably be the biggest pain in the butt. I'd just like to know your opinion on which will look best.

Dude you are my guitar building hero. That's gorgeous. I love the fretboard and that blue. I'm not a huge fan of the head stock, but seriously amazing guitars.
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This idea is pointless.
If you want a guitar with that tuning, just have a normal 6 string made at a baritone scale and tune it to that, AND still have a full guitar to play with.

All these "innovative" ideas people get are ridiculous. There is a reason they havnt been made, its pointless.

If people thought like that the stratocaster wouldn't be in existence hell the electric guitar that you know and love wouldn't even be here if people thought like that.

On topic, this sounds really weird. I wouldn't know what to do with it but if you could do something cool with it go for it.
Your first down fall: rap
second down fall: LG pic.
I like ernie ball... I tried dean markleys and I didn't really like them much.