Remember, we only have a 1st from San Jose. We get nothing from tanking
The Ottawa Senators have a good start, and that's an absolute disaster.

They will finish in the not playoffs zone but also not in the shit tier zone and you'll hear Melnyk and co whine "hurr durr we made the right decision hurrr durr"
Morning lines:
Dzingel Duchene White
Boedker Smith Stone
Formenton Tierney Ryan
Pyatt Carey Paajarvi

Chabot DeMelo
Borowiecki Wideman
Lajoie Ceci

Anderson starts.
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You ready for the Leafs tonight? Anderson vs Andersen and the Leafs offensive juggernaut vs the corpse of Dany Heatley's former team

Rip Karlsson
Sens went to OT that means they got a point. At an average of 1 point a game the sens are projecting a 82 points season.

Edit: messed everything up
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the 2019 toronto maple leafs stanley cup parade will be for ALL the jason blakes, alexei ponikarovskys, lee stempniaks, kyle wellwoods, jeff fingers, mike zigomanuses, niklas hagmans,& tim brents out there
Solid post, all beautiful 3rd liners
The sens have only ever done two good trades really.

They traded Yashin for Spezza and Chara way back and they traded legwand for Turris. I think that's it
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i dunno im just going to assume you made fun of the leafs when bozak was our #1 center and our other winger was so bad i can't even remember their name
I remember saying Phaneuf sucked and then we traded for him
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u laughed at us when we had lebda look at u now bitch

Bro I don't even remember that, what was I chirping about?
Doesn't matter though right, sens are going to get a sick ass pick in 2019

They traded their first overall to Colorado
the exact moment when the Ottawa 67s have a better NHL club than the senators
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how does marc bergevin still have a job?

Trust me there is worse
Stone is walking, Karlsson is walking, Ceci makes 4million.

Rip Ottawa Senators
Before, the send were dead. Now someone just shat all over the grave
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That Hoffman return is outrageously bad, wow lol

And this is coming from a guy whose team traded their best trade asset Galchenyuk for yet another winger

When ur gf is rotten and no one likes you anymor
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Habs are a joke

Now imagine being a joke plus having an owner that has lost all his marbles.

Rasmus Dahlin Andrei Svechnikov plz
Dunno if it's on par with other outdoor games but the ice looks absolutely brutal