Green day Awesome as F**k coming soon YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
i am insane at CALL OF DUTY
Why so serious
ok im done writing stuff
heres a little boulavard of broken dreams bass part

Green Day Best Band like all songs Best song all of them best album tie between dookie and american idiot
who do u thinf makes the best of punk or alternative
If you go to my green day thread it has the people who said that
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post modern classic new age wave rock
im joking, i just wanted to add something stupid
i dont think that makes sense

you people know green day a bunch of people earlier said green day was heavy metal what idiots
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Early stuff was punk. New stuff is pseudo-punk influenced pop.

a bunch of people erlier did
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no wonder he asks questions that are beyond stupid but he also posted an adam lambert tab :O cheers to your life dude XD

No i didnt ask people are saying they are metal but i dont think so
Green day punk or metal in threads answer
no they are not metal look at the genre of dookie Nimrod american idiot 21st century breakdown
I only Like 2 of their songs Circle Before I forget
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this thread:

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this thread:

They Are NOT Metal they only have 2 songs with a scream in it Horseshoes and Handgrenades and Take Back
Green day Dookie Album
It does not belong in metal
Talk Bands, songs, whatever just come to my thread plz
If you like GREEN DAY put whats ur favorite song album anything that has to do with Green day