probably dexter and underbelly (australian show).
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Pics or it didn't happen

Sorry, I had to

you just said that.
that is the funniest thing ever.
sorry about your problems dude but wow.
i think this dude is just socially retarded.
good, just drop the cliche's. i.e ''corporate america's greed" and **** about mtv.
it's been done.
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Although anarchists share a rejection of the state, they differ about economic arrangements and possible rules that would prevail in a stateless society, ranging from complete common ownership and distribution according to need, to supporters of private property and free market competition. For example, most forms of anarchism, such as that of anarcho-collectivism, anarcho-communism or anarcho-syndicalism not only seek rejection of the state, but also other systems which they perceive as authoritarian, which includes capitalism,


wikipedia; fail.
the umbrella police?
the first one would have been funny if it were only one line long. so pretty much like the one above. could have been a coincidence.

the third one was brilliant. nothing else to say.
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while this question is unquestionable flawed. The problem is that A) the situations are ddiffrent and thus any precednet cannot be set against the US. for example having the roman empire fall meant that most of the population lost any interest in politics, a large force of invaders amassed in the area, the army was spread out, there was large casualties form the numerous wars, tyrants had misused power. WHile some of these may be analogous it would be ridiculous to thin that the analogys hold up. FOr example lets say someone drops nukes in the biggest cities of America tommorow, will this end America? or will it just change America? B) even if it could be figured out, which it can't, every thing changes over time and thus what we consider America may change while the an America lasts

your attempt to sound intelligent has failed.
i think they look ****.
that's some freudian ****.
you suck.
i have a friend with sleeping problems, said he took a bunch of pills once and his guitar started changing shapes, then he went to his lounge room and he saw a bunch of people he didnt know sitting on his lounges.

his mum told him that there was no-one at the house at the time.
pretty ****ed up.
look like foldbacks except in a box shape.
also, my friend chipped off half of his front tooth when he fell of a swing at a park whilst drinking beer.
one night i was really drunk, met this girl, threw up on her fancy shoes, threw up on the ground next to me, let my friend sit in that vomit, got taken home by the kid whos party it was' dad, got on the computer and started talking on msn, told my friend that i was vomiting everywhere and exactly how drunk i was, went upstairs to get a jumper, saw the bed and just thought "i'm tired" so i went to sleep.

then i woke up in the middle of the night and went to the toilet... on the pedestal fan in the corner of my room (it was white, as is my toilet). i figured it was the dog in the morning. although i couldnt figure out how it peed like 3 times the diameter of itself and how it got it all over the door.

then i woke up, not remembering that i had been on the computer and left it on (with msn conversations still up) as well as leaving all of the doors open and the dog inside.

needless to say mother wasnt happy.

it wasnt all bad that. the girl who i didnt remember meeting and threw up all over is now my girlfriend of 6 months.
whip it out n00b.

two birds with one stone
a small hollow pipe is shoved up your pee hole, barbed wire is inserted into the pipe, the pipe is removed.
hmm, some of them would go good. anyone got any good jazz-funk tracks?
haha, this exact thing happened to a friend of mine. he got up of a morning and fell over. he could get up but he said it felt like his balls were being kicked, lined up and kicked again.

before you went to play guitar were you sitting in any awkward positions and were you wearing boxers or briefs?

all major factors.

so he went to the hospital straight away and it turned out his balls had twisted. they operated and ended up stitching his nut to his sack.

anyway they told him that if you dont get it checked within a few hours they can turn blue and the testical/testicals becomes useless.

so basically you will never need to use a condom!
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and I killed the prom queen, carpathian, john butler trio, pete murray.............

you work at go-karts-go? me and a few mates were going to go up there some time in the holidays.

never got around to it hahaha.

anyway, as far as countries go australia sits somewhere in the middle.

nothing like mediocrety right?
we cant honestly claim flea. its like when we claim mel gibson. sure they were born/grew up in australia but they are not australians.

but hey, we've still got midnight oil and silverchair...


australia is a nice place though. good beer.
find a song called amazing. no-matter how **** it is you will be laid.

she wont be able to deny the loophole and she will applaud your cunning
sounds like a good idea but being realistic, only a monthly audio podcast would ever come into fruition.

video is way too much effort
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I would go for it. If worst comes to worst, at least you only wasted $40. I still don't really get what those things are, though.

just a type of bass, different timbre got it?
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience building and or playing a washtub bass, i was looking at building one to mess around with one, just for funsies.

just wondering, since i am really bad at woodwork and stuff, would it be possible to do and is it worth doing?

Washtub bass
ah not a centimeter thats for sure
ill give him 20 bucks
not that i know anything about paining guitars but with the spray can chances are it will come out looking seedy, unless thats what your going for
i always understood it to be the I-IV-V. the whole box formation thing is in a thousand rock songs
play with whatever you feel like at the time, if you can play acoustic you can play electric and vice versa so if you practise on one you will be good at the other
if you want emotion, play her portrait of tracy by jaco pastorius.

i seriously **** my pants whenever i get into that really tense bit before the reprise
school days by stanley clarke
yeah pretty good. better than i could do
i prefer a good breakdown. aaaah dminor.... beautiful
can anyone recommend some excersises? i normally just practise by learning new songs. whats the hopscotch method?
isnt it funny how jsut about the whole world hates america? in australia most i know people hate americans (or at least the stereotype of americans) and the rest dont particularly like them.