Bluesy shred. I never play the same thing twice...

I just remembered a buddies Dads' old Les Paul Goldtop I used to play, routed for P90s and replaced with Mini humbuckers, going through a modern AC 30. I think that's the tone I'm hearing in my head, so I'm gonna start chasing it.

I hate the sound of P90s. So they are automatically out. I'm going to listen to some different bytes of mini buckers throughout the day. Listened to the Lollar and I don't think I'll be going that way.
It's a tone I hear in my head. Problem is my imagination of Glassy is different than everyone elses, it seems. When I hear a compressor on a clean channel, that's a "glassy" sound to me. So when I'm running OD on the neck pup, I first want thick and harmonically rich, but I want the upper end to be reflective, but tame.

I think I just want too much. LOL.
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But I want a super glassy, thick, harmonically rich tone to come out of the neck bucker.

Im looking for a new neck pickup, not a $3000 amp???
I'm looking to get a nice tone from my guitar for my playing style. My rig setup is in the siggy. But I want a super glassy, thick, harmonically rich tone to come out of the neck bucker. The Ibanez ARX 350 is a Mahogany body with a quilted maple top, quite certain a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. All stock pups which I'm not sure of Ibanez's INF series (IIRC). But they just aren't enough...
Budget I'm not too concerned about, because I'm also thinking about adding the Route 66 to my board (which is an OD/Compressor). Which also apparently has a noise gate... if anyone can pitch in on moderate/high area gain would be much appreciated on my end. I think I want something relatively low output because I want to roll back the volume and clean up.

I'm not too sure about what I want from my bridge pup yet... I have a very bluesy shred style. I think probably your typical PAF would do, but I'm not too worried about that yet.

The DiMarzio pup selector gave me some ideas but I dont buy into advertising very well.

Any help is well appreciated!!!
As far as practice and home go, you can't go wrong with the Snarks... Live? Well just tune that sh*t before you go onstage...
If there is tremolo, it's very subtle. Just remember Chorus is a harmonizing/detuner effect, and tremolo is a volume swelling effect. Compressor will give you a very tight, almost glassy feel, but feel free to second guess. With my opinions on the cleans, I would definitely look into the effects used on the Message in a Bottle song. The tones aren't exact, but I definitely feel like in this song, there was a strong imitation (or just sh*t luck) of the tone.

There are effects based on octavers that allow only the octave to play using the wet/dry settings. However, I feel like the tone is just to tasty to be your ordinary Whammy pedal. Very digital IMHO, though. Seems like it's more of a 3/4 to 7/8th wet octave (and maybe a tinge of an octave above) with the rest being the normal notes. As far as MIDI/Synth goes.... I couldn't tell you. Never messed with the stuff. I don;t doubt it would be easier to digitalize the tone than to invest in the pedals necessary for the tone this guy is getting there.
But if you had to play this live, like tomorrow, I think you could get your basic octaver pedal and run your neck pup toned to 4ish and get a close enough sound.
I'd say the first one is an octaver/midi/synth type.

I'd say the second might be a compressor, set to very glassy sounding with possibly a tinge of tremolo. That clean tone reminds me exactly of Message in a Bottle (The Police?). Definitely gotta be a single coil sound.
It doesn't work like that. The file is x seconds and even if I delete each separate component of the track, the file still holds that amount of time hostage in the hard drive. The entire file must be deleted with the "Clear all" selection, which is what the amp isn't letting me do.

Honestly my only hope is probably to buy an SD card and transfer what I want to the card and reset to factory, but I prefer not to do that since I'm moving twice in the next 4 months.
Hey guys I'm looking around to see if anyone else has this same problem. I'm trying to delete some old useless tracks off my Line 6 Spider Jam.... I'm running through the process of deleting them but not a single one will actually delete from the amps memory. Press song/Drums, scroll all the way to the right, slect a track with the roller and hold UNDO, and then select the right arrow at "CLEAR ALL"

I've tried clearing every option, guitar track, mic/aux, and song/drum track. It will delete it's respective option but to get rid of the track at this point is just seeming impossible. If I select "CLEAR ALL" the undo button will just flash at me and go back to the song/drums menu.

The amp has been pretty steady with me throughout the years and AFAIK this is just a recent problem I'm having. Any insight or help would be great... I tried looking through the spider jam forums but they've been dead for years.

I said this before about the 2015 and I'll say it here.... I looks like a Hyundai Tiburon.
Bluetooth adapters?
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Just remember that you're putting universally inapplicable logic to problems that are not your problems. I know where you're at.

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You may be better off going to a junkyard and trying to find a decent tire. I managed to grab a pretty decent spare for 40 bucks, although I did core my donut.
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Because idiots push radom buttons on computers and think it's music, and get praised as musicians. Idiots push random buttons an instrument and get made fun of and make life easier for the rest of us.
I did roofing this one summer. This literally lost me my job, my coworkers job, and put the company in the down under.

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There's also a

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Test drive the Olds, ask about service records, look for any recurring parts that are replaced. Also look online at Cutlass forums, those guys can tell you everything there is to know about them, problems they have, etc.
Toyotas ARE some hard SOBs to kick the bucket, though... could drive that thing another 10 years if you wanted to.
Don't buy a car for the look though, that's just silly.
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^What if the internet runs out of battery and forgets what time it is?

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Do you also get mad when people can't read Morris code? Sorry gramps

Don't you mean Morse code? And you don't read Morse code anyway.
If I look at the corner of my laptop, yes.
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Well yeah, of course you can get ridiculous, needless shit like this, but it doesn't 'exist' in any practical sense.

You just described every polyrhythm djent band ever. Including the ones that use 7/12
everything I heard in that video was 3/4 or 4/2. I think I heard a 7/12 at the 6.10 mark. regardleess, all this polyrhythm crap is based off a 4/4, my mind can manipulate a tempo to come around to 4/4. Its nothing special to me.
Most guitarists I cant stand.

"Oh Im playing this polyrythmic djent in 5/9 while the drummer plays in 6/2" No. Your playing in 5/4 over a 4/4. I dont like these medicore tapping polyrhythm fad dudes.
Moved to Ohio, met the girl of my dreams, started a job as a temp and secured full time position in a workforce of 7, drinking Heinken and posting on UG, dilligaf'ing

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