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Lol knew I shouldn't have posted this in the pit. Nothing but haters here lol
So, I didn't know exactly where to post this. So I figured I'd post it in the pit.
My band Blacken The Skyline is trying to book a 2-3 week tour this summer (either June or July) and would like to know if there's any bands out there that would be willin to help us out with booking some shows on our path we're looking to take.
We're from Michigan, and looking to go down to Florida and back up. So any bands between there that would be willing to help get us on a show would be awesome! I can set you up with a show with us in Michigan with a good sized crowd in return for the help! Looking for bands that draws a decent crowd at there hometown venue to help us out.
If anyone is in a band and willing to help, or know of a band in your area that I could contact PLEASE let me know! We are a progressive metalcore band, so other heavy bands would be nice to play with but we'll take anything!
Message me on here, respond to this thread, or message us on facebook, and let's set something up!
There has to be some other musicians on here that are interested in helping! Even if it's just a venue you know of that I can get ahold of.
Thank you!
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My guy always pulls out, despite using both condoms and the pill. Does he just need reassurance or am I missing something?

Reassurance. He wants to limit his chances of knocking you up as much as he possibly can.
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I wanna hear some bands: if you guys have any local bands you deem to be good, can you post a link or something? It would be appreciated.

Check out myths and legends (metal? They have a unique sound imo), you'll have to look them up on facebook. Or if you click my bands link in my sig we posted a link to terr page on our wall. They are one of the better bands in the area I think. Well, they were before they got a new singer.
Also look up forever in fate (post hardcore), I'm not a fan of there style but they're good for what they play. From Huron Out is good (pop punk/hardcore), Cold For June (pop punk), hokori (death metal).
Just go to the link in my sig, basically all the local bands from our area have been tagged on our wall in the past few days.
There's even a video on YouTube of us on our wall if you wanna check that out too
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I posted this a few days ago. It's the end of the 40th day, and still nothing. If it doesn't by next Wednesday, she said she will go to the doctor. I accepted what you guys said and stopped worrying about pregnancy, but now its been even longer and im getting worried again. Is there ANY ****ing way this could have gotten her pregnant, or am I crazy?

Dude, don't worry. It can be pretty hard to get a girl pregnant. And I'd say itd be pretty damn near impossible to get her pregnant the way you stated. If he is pregnant, it's not your kid. Me and my ex never used a rubber having sex, and she wasn't on birth control and we had one scare in 3 years of having sex a LOT. And another girl I was with the rubber broke twice and everything was fine. Just don't worry about it.
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who besides your friends are gonna pay to see a band they've never heard of?
I would. Just to hear music, to hear what else is out there. Local shows use to be packed to see bands no one had heard of for 5 dollars. Now no one goes to shows, and venues make you sell tickets to play with other local bands, and if you don't sell your 20 tickets for 10 dollars to play with 4 other local bands you don't play. Unless you pay out of pocket, just to play a bigger venue that still no one shows up to hear music (other than the other bands). But then most bands don't even show up untill there set, then leave as soon as they finish. I think were the only band that shows up at the start and stays untill the end.
It's just sad to see the music scene coming to this.
Quote by fassw8614
Right on TS, I'm from Michigan too

Well if you go to Detroit you can get a taste of pretty much anything & everything, so no complaints there.

Out here in the 'burbs though it's all about Indie Rock & Dubstep , that's where I have a few complaints.

Where in Michigan are you from? In a band? I've noticed that with dubstep..that's all everyone in Michigan seems to have interest in right now.
Quote by Xiaoxi
Boston. It's great.

Explain. What makes it great? I'm looking to book shows for my band out of state, and possibly move out of state. But I want to go somewhere where there's going to be some type of music scene better than here in Michigan seeing as music is what I like to do with my life.
Where are you from? Is it worse than the 15ish people we have going to shows?
What is the local music scene like where your from? How are the bands? How many people go out to the shows? I live in Michigan, and it seems the local music scene has died compared to what it was 4-5 year ago. I remember when I was in highschool playing local shows or going to them, they'd be packed! I took a break from playing or going to shows for a few years (just started again this year) and it's nothing like what it use to be. There's not as many talented bands, and you're lucky if theres 15 people at a show excluding the members of other bands!
Is it like that everywhere? Or just my part of Michigan? were a progressive metalcore band from Michigan! We have no music posted, but here's a link to a good quality YouTube video like us and we'll like you back!
Looking to buy another amp so my bands other guitar player can use it instead of my old b52 at100. Interested in Mesa's, peavey 6505+/5150II, ENGL, Soldano, etc. Would like an orange 4x12 cab too if anyone has one. I'll pay cash for something, or I have gear I can trade, or trade plus cash from me. I look on craigslist everyday and haven't found anything yet so thought I'd post here. I'm from Michigan, would meet up to buy or pay for shipping if it's out of state. Let me know what you have!
Check out my band, Blacken The Skyline. Were a progressive metalcore band from the thumb of Michigan. Our influences include between the buried and me, august burns red, parkway drive, misery signals, etc.. We've been together for about 5 months now and have have been doing quite well so far! We are very original sounding from what everyone tells us, and from our own opinions on our music. Help us out and give us a like on facebook! I'll return the favor if you post your band up! we don't have any music up other than a few videos on our wall. Will be recording in the next few weeks though! here's a link to one of our newest songs on YouTube, it good quality! Song was the first time we played it live, and only practiced it a couple times before this but other than one transition it was real solid! We also added another 2 minutes onto the end of it since this was taken! Check it out and give me some feedback please!
Beautiful guitar! Be willing to trade for my black cherry h1001 plus cash from me? I'll even pay shipping, etc. My guitar is like brand new. Haven't played it since I found a white ec1000.
Looking to get a band together, I live in Davison. I'm willing to travel if anyone within a reasonable distance is interested. Ive played guitar 9 years, looking for a drummer, another guitar player, bassist, screamer/singer, possibly a keyboard player too. My influences include august burns red, parkway drive, motionless in white, we came as romans, the devil wears prada, etc. Id like to start something up in a similar style to what I listed. My number is 810-488-3622, if interested send me a text. Id like to get something going asap.
Looking to get a band together, I live in Davison. I'm willing to travel if anyone within a reasonable distance is interested. Ive played guitar 9 years, looking for a drummer, another guitar player, bassist, screamer/singer, possibly a keyboard player too. My influences include august burns red, parkway drive, motionless in white, we came as romans, the devil wears prada, etc. Id like to start something up in a similar style to what I listed. My number is 810-488-3622, if interested send me a text. Id like to get something going asap.
Quote by Scoff
So DT, I applied to this job, talked to the manager, and he gave me this number to call that's an automated voice application thing. He said it would ask me basic questions, and one of which would be if I could do a drug test. Haven't called the number yet, but plan on doing so Sunday. It sounds like I have a pretty good chance of getting a job at the place because he said he'd tried to get me in after calling sometime in the next few days for employment. I really need the job. The last day I smoked was Wednesday, so a few of my questions are;

Will I be safe if I take the test relatively soon?
If a drug test is sprung up on me, in the future, what should I do exactly?
I have a little bowl of bud left, so tempting, what should I do with it?

You will be fine if you don't smoke until your test. I smoked smoke every weekend and have never failed a test. Passed the test to get the job I have now 2 days after smoking, passed another test when I got hurt at work 2 days after smoking, and passed a random test in the past at an old job a day after. No cleansing at all. Just pissed once before I left for the test, an drank a can of arizona green tea because they make me have to piss lol. Depending on how often and the amounts you smoke in a session and the quality of the bud you should be fine. Good luck!
Picked up some bubba kush, and some blueberry skunk the ther day on my way to see what else I can get right now. Should be a great night of smoking lol
Prob around that same price. Ive seen a few on craigslist for 4-450. I'd like's the same condition as it was when I bought it
Looking to trade my schecter c/sh1, red, gold hardware. For an ESP ltd ec1000. The guitar is mint, not a scratch or flaw on it. I'm willing to throw in cash on top of a trade. Will also sell the guitar forth right price. Message me for pictures.
Name: Kyle LaFleur
City/Town: Peck (it's in the thumb)
Instrument: Guitar, Bass, Piano/keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals
Preferred Music Style: Everything. Metal, rock, acoustic, and everything in between.
Looking for a Band: Yes
Previous Experience: Been playing guitar since I was 13, I'm 21 now. Piano since I was 7. Started playing harmonica within the last year, but I'm a fast learner. Been singing for awhile now.
Additional Information: Played bass for a metal band, we use to play Harpos, The Machine Shop, Irock nightclub, The Ritz, etc..quite often. Won a battle of the bands at Harpos and played Milwaukee Metalfest is 2007. Opened for All That Remains, God Forbid, Skinlab, GWAR, Hatebreed, RED, Cinder Road, and a ton of other bands. Played guitar in a few other bands that did quite well aswell. Have been doing my own solo thing the last year, played all the way from michigan down to florida and back, plan on recording a CD sometime in the next few months. Right now all I have is my schecter acoustic and a music man 65' reverb head with the matching cab. Plan on getting an electric again and a different amp within the next month.
Are you still looking for a vocalist and a bassist? I'd be interested in doing vocals for you, and i have a friend that plays bass. He lives in marlette (about 40 mins away from lapeer), and I live in peck (about an hour away). Let me know. I also have played guitar for 8 years so i can always help with writing guitar parts too.
So i have an ecstasy pill..would like to know what the name of it is.
I looked on pillreports and a few different sites and have found nothing. The friend i got it from called it a red benjamin, but i can't find anything anywhere about them. He had those and blue glocks, i decided i'd take the red one. It's a round pill, has a face on it that's outpressed, and the edge of the pill is beveled. Anyone seen these? Or know anything about them?
Thank you both for the comments!
Listen to the rain drop
as we sit and watch the clock.
and as it ticks,
and as it tocks,
I really don't want for it to stop.

And I'm sure you don't want to stay,
sometimes it can rain for days.

So rain, rain, don't go away
please just stay another day
So we can sit and watch the clock.

And hope the rain,
never stops.
I have a Boss NS-2 Noise Surpressor, I've used it under 5 times. Sold my electric because my amp was stolen so i have no use for this pedal anymore, sold the rest of them and this is the only one I have left to get rid of now.
Looks brand new. Have bills to pay so trying to get rid of it ASAP. Sells new for around 90 dollars, and this is one is basically brand new.
email me at
Haven't posted on here in a real long time.
You all should check out Godspeed You Black Emperor if you've never heard/listened to them. Amazing band to listen to when you're high. It's all insturmental. My favorite thing to listen to when I'm ****ed up haha.
Trying to sell my fender strat MIM. It's dark red, don't remember exactly what the color is called.
Bought it last year and have played it under 10 times.
I'll include the gig bag which was $70, and a Boss NS-2 Noise Surpressor, which is pretty much brand new aswell all for $425.
It's a $500 guitar new..and there's no scratches, or any other marks on it.
It's always stayed in the case..always just played my acousic so I never really had a use for it.
Like I said $425 for it all.
or make an offer if you want seperate things.
my email is
I don't get on here much so it'd probably be best to email me.
Did a cover of beautiful girls by sean kingston.
just acoustic guitar, vocals, and drums.
Check it out..
let me know what you think
No..I didn't mean for the parts in parenthesis to be sarcastic.
You're gonna choke tonight
I thought I'd let you know..
(Not like I'd choke you or anything..)
I mean..
Figured you'd appreciate it
(You mean so much to me..)
Me letting you know I mean..
Before I run my hands up your body
(You do have a very nice body..)
to your neck
to kiss you
and choke you
and watch you gasp for breath
knowing that you really ****ed up this time
It hurts doesn't it?
( too)
But it's love baby!
It's love..
(**** love..)
To me when you mix gin and squirt, it tastes like red pop.
Can't even taste the gin at all..
Simply amazing.
That's the only thing I've ever mixed it with...not a big liquor drinker.
I stick to my beer.
Let me lick your asshole!!!!!!!

crotchduster kicks some major ass.
Where I'm at in michigan, I'm paying 3.95 a gallon.
It doesn't bother me a bit.
I don't drive a large truck.
I drive a car that gets 45 MPG..
It doesn't seem to bother anyone else around here either, they're still driving they're big trucks that get crappy gas mileage.
Grindcore band names:

Karate X-Mas Party


Vaginal Crust

my favorite.....

Cum Guzzling But Slutt
I thought I was the only one who has heard of CrotchDuster.
Check out let me into starfish land.
"let me lick your asshole, let me lick it clean, I'll take you into starfish land!"
Brilliant song haha....