You don't have to do much. Just be sure you have thick enough strings for drop c.
While I agree with Alex Jones on gun control, I can kind of understand why nobody listens to him. Instead of debating Piers Morgan, he just went on ranting. And even though what he was saying may have been legitimate, it wasn't presented very well. Regardless, this guy's pretty funny to listen to.
We have them, but they are extremely uncommon.
A wall of distortion.
Ghs strings are what I use. I used to use ernie ball strings, but they would rust away too quickly. Ghs strings last a lot longer for me.
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Thanks for the replies. I've gotten good at doing harmonics. I just can't sustain them when I'm pulling the tremolo.

If you're pulling up on the tremolo, it's natural harmonics you want. those are totally different than Pinch harmonics.
For 3 string sweeps, don't take your finger off the string on which this is happening. Just un-fret it. For 5-6 string sweeps, you can mute the strings you just played with the palm of your picking hand.
The top one would be best for punk music, being that it has humbuckers instead of single coils.
'I hate' by Overkill. It's a love song.
9's are just too flimsy for me. It's just impossible to control the bend.
Switching from a 6 string from a 7 string isn't too big of a change, but and 8 string is a totally different beast. If you're going to be getting an 8 string, be aware that playing leads on it is going to be much harder, and that it's primarily a rhythm instrument. If you're aware of this, and you really need an 8 string for whatever reason, get it.

If you just want the extra string(s) to experiment and screw around with, then an 8 string would be your best bet. If you want to have a larger range without too much of a difference in playabity compared to a 6 string, then go with a 7 string.
I'd have to go with 'Kill 'em All' by Metallica
16th notes at 200+bpm, however thick Fender heavy picks are, about 2 years.
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Just so everyone knows, Drop A in this case actually just means standard with the Low E tuned downed to A (which is technically what Drop A actually is). Also to the TS, I play this song all the time and I'm using standard 10 gauge on my tele and I don't get any problems at all, mind you the string will be a bit floppy.

That changes everything. As long as you don't mind the string being a bit floppy, tuning it that way for 1 song won't affect anything.
how about Immortal? Any suggestions for where to start?
I would stay hetrosexual. I find homosexuality to be majorly disturbing.
How about NONE OF THEM? There's already too many bands 'modernizing' classics.
I personally don't care, as long as they don't think they're special or important because of it. But I certainly don't support it.
That's why Distortion/Overdrive pedals were invented.
Supposedly, that trem is easier to set up, but I've never used it so I can't verify that.
I think it's all legato. It'd be pretty inconvenient to pick any of those notes.
Misleading title is misleading.
Depends on whether you know what you're doing.
My thoughts are that you should take this to the official Dream Theater Thread.
NO. You'd be fine if you were doing it one or 2 isolated times. But regularly using a bass through a guitar amp is a bad idea.
Since when did we have freedom?
To me, strats are the best comfort wise. They're probably both decent for thrash metal, although I couldn't find any information on the Jackson JS335 RR. Are you sure you spelled it right?

EDIT: I think you are referring to the Jackson JS35RR.
I'm sure this is in the wrong section.
Fender Heavy.
Wasn't there a very similar thread about this not too long ago?
Buckethead. I've always been turned off by bands (in this case a person) with the word 'head' in them. Don't know why.
Every year would be ideal, but 2 years is pretty reasonable.
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I have a question. In your personal life, are you guys terribly void of empathy -- seriously basic human compassion -- much like you are in this thread? Do you denounce emotions in favor of more traditional, manly behavior? Have you guys ever read a single of piece of social psychology that wasn't on Cracked? Does it make you feel warm inside to dismiss decades of scientific research in favor of "common sense" a.k.a. intuition? Are you only so anti-intellectual when the knowledge at hands threatens your gender role, or are you generally philistines?

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I have a unique experience on bullying I think I should share.

I was the kid in school that was the powerlifting team.

I had a 52" chest and 22" biceps.

My biceps were bigger around than my girlfriend's waist, and my thighs bigger around than her chest.

For some reason, the littlest scrawniest shit in school decided that he needed to constantly harass me.

This is the equivalent of a chihuahua deliberately provoking a Kodiak Bear on a daily basis. By all rights it should have ended badly for the runt.

I took his endless shit for a month, then one day I grabbed him, tucked him under my arm, and carried him up three flights of stairs.

The first flight he tried to fight.

I ignored him.

The second flight he tried screaming for help.

I ignored him.

The third flight he was crying like a little baby.

I ignored him and put him down unharmed and went about my business.

Naturally he did not get the point.

The next day the harassment continued. I complained to the teachers and staff, I was not considered to be in any danger, and on the face of it, the shear difference in scale was absurd, so they laughed about it and told me to get back to class.

After another week, I was in the locker room for football practice. He laid into me, I don;'t even remember what he said, I don't care. It was 25 years ago.

I picked him up and stuffed him in a locker full of dirty clothes.

I then put a combination lock on it and the janitor was called in to get him out.

Upon being asked why I did this, I explained what was happening and that he is lucky that I had the patience with him I did, because if he kept at it he was going to get himself hurt.

This got worse and eventually led to him cutting me off on the road, I might have taken it as bad driving, but then he was bragging that he made me shit myself.

Funny, I didn't, but he didn't stick around to find out.

So the next time he decided to start shit with me I picked him up by the arms, pinned him against the wall, and held him there and talked with him for about 10 minutes.

I explained to him that that this was his last chance.

I told him that if he ever started shit with me again I was going to show him just what kind of damage I could do to him.

Somewhere during this period it dawned on him that I was holding him 6 inches off the ground and not straining.

The teachers strangely stayed out of the room during this.

I was later called into the office and asked to explain why I made the little runt piss his pants.

His parents were accusing me of being a bully in an era where there were no bullying policies.

Now, I know that bullying happens, but ya know what?

I was the one being bullied, and I was the one that caught shit because I defended myself so **** your bullying Bull Shit and the horse it rode in on.

This is why I hate all this anti-bullying Bulls**t. If he's asking for it, I'll give it to him.

And to all you anti-bullying [insert your favorite profanity here], It's not like I don't give him more than enough of a fair warning.
This is why stupidity should be a crime.

And how on earth is it the movie's fault?!!! Nobody told those kids to re-enact the movie. If kids aren't smart enough to know that doing things just because you saw it in a movie is a bad idea, then they shouldn't be watching movies.
Never used it before:') What does it mean:') What is your problem with it:') I'll just use it as a punctuation mark until I figure it out:')