If he ends up off the pitch, Arsenal are pretty much screwed.
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Yet people are bitching about Koscielny

Did he deserve the yellow card?
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£26 million well spent
I think he would be a good CM for them, but only if they sell Modric, which I don't think it's going to happen.

"Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti reportedly sees the 21-year-old as the ideal man to bolster the La Liga's side midfield options, and the Spanish club are ready to set aside €100million (£78m) to secure his services."

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What do you guys think?
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Hello Premier League

Touché :p
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Yes. We just haven't found them yet.

^maybe they haven't found US

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Hello bench
Ohhh i'm so pumped!!
It was well deserved, out of those 3 it was the best.
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He meant Ox.

Rapture is actually Clattenberg.

I saw what you did there.

Also, James <3
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Ramsey and Gibbs should be in the reserve team what the hell

Gibbs? What did he do?
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Is Di Maria the only PL player there?

I think so, haven't seen anyone else.
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It's all your fault!

I'm really sorry
In all seriousness, i think it was a bad move for Valdés, unless he enjoys being in the bench.
This thread dun gon full ret4rd

Was it because i joined it? :c
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wtf is he going to do there

im getting worried that de gea might actually leave soonish. otherwise this move is just super weird as United doesn't even have CL/EL to play this season anyway

It would be a stupid move to let De Gea go.
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oh snap
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looks delighted

poor guy
I think Shaqiri has potential to be a good player.
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Laughed way too hard
I think Man Utd needs to focus on defensive reinforcement first.
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£100,000,001 please


"Real Madrid tell Man Utd losing De Gea will be price of beating Chelsea and City to Bale"
It's and old rumour but it could be an explanation for Valdes.
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Even if we did, as far as I'm aware we still have Lindegaard as a back up

Exactly my point, unless Man Utd are planning to sell De Gea, but it would be a stupid move.
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if that's your opinion you have no clue

^ what, a new poster

Hello to you too aswell
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Valdes is such a weird signing

Agreed, i don't think Man Utd are dropping De Gea ( especially in his current form), to play Valdes instead.
Sounded pretty good mate
I love it, it's awesome!!
Why dont you guys play a medley of popular rock songs?
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And genre?

My favourite genre is Metal,

Right now i have a fake Stratocaster and a low power amp
Hey, what's up guys,
I need help for picking a guitar and an amplifier

My budget is 600 EUR (about 800$)

I play metal and rock, can you help me?

Black, because my computer is black.

Van Halen-Eruption

Joe Satriani-Surfing With a Alien.

Jimi Hendrix-Voodoo Chile
A scary maze game.
Royal Rumble is going to have 40 participants!!!!