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You can try doing a curved neck heel but still having a bolt-on neck, such as on some Ibanez guitars. I imagine you'd need different length screws but it will probably be easier to do properly than converting the thing to a set-neck, plus you can replace the neck easier if you ever have to.

I'll look into this man. Thanks a lot.
That's what I was thinking. I do know that it'll effect the sound, but I can work around that. I just want the thing outta the way so I could actually decently solo.
I have a B.C. Rich Kerry King V. (Not the shitty $300 Metal Masters one, it's like an in between with the Metal Masters and the more higher end models. Pics are on my profile page.) And the way the bolt on neck is shaped really effects the playability on the higher frets (12th and beyond), and I was just wondering if there's a way to just glue the neck into the body and sand down the block to where it conforms with the body?

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I'm a huge Pantera fan, and something I noticed very quickly was how much Dime did his famous harmonic pullbacks. (Ex. Cemetery Gates outro.) And I really wanna know how he does it. His setup? Model of Floyd Rose? I figured someone could help me on here.
I'm in search of a vocalist who can sing heavy/thrash metal (Metallica, Pantera, ect), and if anyone's interested, message me on here. I live in the middle TN/ Murfreesboro area. Thanks.
Like I said. It's for someone on a budget. Sure the distortion on the amp isn't too good, but it's an excellent amp to run a pedal through.
Around x-mas last year, I was looking for a good budget amp. Not outrageously high in price, but could still pack a punch. I stumbled upon Raven amps on Musician's Friend, and I definetly got what I was looking for. I looked at the prices for each one, and I was amazed. My current amp (RG100, 2x12) was only $120. A Raven 60 watt, around $95. These amps don't fall under the whole, "You get what you pay for." thing. These are good barebone amps, that run pedals amazingly. Now, it comes with your basic setup. Gain and Vol. for lead channel, then Bass, Mid, Treb, and Vol. for the rhythm (clean) channel. It comes with an all around 'verb too. A basic set up that makes running a pedal through it a breeze. And not to mention the looks are absolutley killer. One thing that I'd planning on doing though is replacing the speakers with Celestions. But, If you're on a budget, and need a good, reliable amp. Go for Raven. You won't be let down.
Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help.
Trolling? Really? I just want to improve my sound. That's it. I came here, since I was confused on what I should do, thinking I'd find help. What are your suggestions, then?
Yeah, I had that thought in the back of my mind.. But I disregarded it. Thanks guys. I think I'll start investing in a Line 6 Spider. A 75 watt, preferably.
What's up guys? I'm about to rig up my ESP/LTD KH-202 and well..I came across a problem. What pickup(s) should I choose? I play Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, a little blues, classic rock, a little grunge and alternative, but mainly, Heavy Metal. I mostly play Metallica. I run my KH-202 through a Marshall MG15fx (a lil' 15 watt practice amp), and I'm looking to improve my sound. Now, I'm ruling out EMGs. They're way too sterile and mainstream. I've narrowed it down to, The Dimarzio Evolution (both neck, and bridge postion) or the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker (bridge) and well..I havent decided on the neck position yet. That's why I'm coming to you guys. I reaaaaally appreciate the help guys. Keep headbangin'.
My first concert was Ozzy, with Slash feat. Myles Kennedy on vocals for the opening act. It was pure amazingness. I had decent seats too. I wanna see Avenged Sevenfold on the Uproar Festival.
Teutonic Terror - Accept (off the Blood Of The Nation album)
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1 waited so long for metallicas follow up to the black album (wasnt going to say i was waiting for Load) and i was so disappointed, Also st anger has some good tunes, good vibe and a lot of passion in places. i think it is better than the last album actually. just my opinion.

At least someone understands. If you sit down, and actually get into St. Anger, you'll find out it's not that bad. Same with Load and ReLoad. Just sit down, and jam to it.
Just more empty promises.. I bet Sarah Palin could've done a better job than him.
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now, I might be completely wrong, so this might not be right.
But I would say if you have a pretty thick gauge of string they'll be pulled tighter which would make them able to pull up higher.

So you're saying to buy heavier gauge strings? I use 10's normally.
What's up guys? I've started to see that guitars with Floyd Rose tremolos tend to be able to be risen up to at lest a full step up. Sometimes more. Well, I own an ESP/LTD KH-202 and well..the most I can pull up to is barely 1/2 a step up. The divebombs are spectacular, it's just pulling up is my problem. Any possible solutions, ideas? Thanks guys. Keep headbangin'.
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Are we including falsetto?

Of course man.
I know this. I'm not putting anyone down, just merely asking for opinions.
This occured to me the other day..There are few people in metal who can hit the screaming high notes vocally. Now, I've narrowed it down to a few. And I wanna know from you guys, who's is better, higher, you name it. I just want opinions.

Rob Halford - Judas Priest, Halford.

King Diamond - Mercyful Fate, King Diamond.

Myles Kennedy - Alterbridge, Work with Slash.

Geoff Tate - Queensryche.

It's a short-brained list, I know. But outta these 4, who's better?
God..Cops always pull that "I smell marijuana" stunt. It's complete horseshit.
D'addario 10s are fantastic. I used to use Ernie Ball 10s, and had the same problem. Then I happened to try D'addarios and just fell in love. They arent too expensive, either.
Oh wow man, thanks bunches. I had a feeling that's how The Abyss riff went. Again, thanks a lot bro.
I own an ESP/LTD Kh-202, which features a Floyd Rose Licensed tremolo bridge. Now when I heard it had the locking nut, I knew the tuning would maintain nicely, not perfect, but nicely. But the thing is.. If I were to play it for 3 hours or so, it'd end up in E flat. I dont wanna tighten the screws too bad, 'cause it'll strip 'em. It's becoming a really bad problem, and I figured someone out there knows a solution. My inotation is fine, the bridge is level with the body, everything checks out fine. I just dont know what the hell is wrong with it. Please help. Thanks people. Keep headbangin'.
Accept's new album, "Blood Of The Nation", is an amazing comeback for Accept since Udo's departure. Now here on this site, there's only 2 songs tabbed. If not one. I just wanted to throw it out there that the rest of the album should be tabbed. It's a great album with a bunch of songs I'd like to learn. Please and Thanks. Keep headbangin'.
Alright guys. I have an ESP LTD Kh-202, with stock ESP p.u. right now. (Lh-150s) And I'm looking to replace the bridge with an EMG H4 passive p.u. Would I have to replace the pots? If I used the pickup selector and put it on both p.u., would the sound be ****ed up? I need some help. Please and thanks.
To tell you the truth, an ESP LTD Kh-202 is a really good guitar. The neck feels amazing, the pickups arent too bad. Good for stock ESP's. It's around $400, and I think it'd be a good addition to your collection man.
Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, John Bonamossa. Need I say more? Derek Sherinian joins them on bass. Do yourself a favor, check them out. They're songs have a old timey feel to it, and I'd love to see their songs on here. - One Last Soul (Great song.) -Black Country (Amazing Song.)

Thank you, and Long Live Metal.