Bump! Just added pics to the OP. Clips are coming.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm just waiting for a decent camera. I recorded some sound clips recently, so look forward to that

And if anyone is interested, the wiring is as such: the two knobs closest to the neck are voume and tone for the neck pickup, the two back knobs are volume and tone for both the bridge and middle. The top switch simply toggles between each pickup.

I've given it some though and I just may keep the middle one. I started to pick up (no pun intended) on some of its subtleties, and it is nice in its own way. Meh, we'll see.
White-translucent. I love it, it just fits the top so well... I might get a white tip for the switch to fit the knobs, because the finish is actually quite dark and having black hardware on top makes it a little dull. I'm also considering white pickup rings, but that will depend on the look of the thing once the covers are installed. Also, I've been playing it non stop since I've posted and I can't stress enough how massive the body feels.
It's here, guys. It's finally here. After years of lusting after, it has finally come. My 2010 PRS SE Zach Myers Sig.

Awesome clear knobs

Fleur de lys inlay at 12th fret

The sisters together

Before I start to delve into the actual guitar, I just want to stress how long I've been waiting to get my hands on one of these. Five years ago, when I was shopping around for my first electric guitar, this was one that caught my attention. I was a big Shinedown fan (and still am), and the looks of this guitar always struck a chord with me. But it was waaayy over my budget, so I got something else. Couple years later, I got my first PRS, a SE Singlecut, which I absolutely loved and still do, but still wasn't that guitar that caught my eye years ago. And it only got worse when they changed the model and that particular iteration was almost impossible to find for under 800-1000 US without shipping or taxes, and my hopes to ever own it were waning. But in early December, I came across a near mint model on eBay for 425$ US. One impulse buy, 830$ CAN and a few days later, it arrived.

Now that I have it, I have to say I'm pretty damn pleased with it. Coming off of my Singlecut, I have to say that I feel the extra weight from the thicker body. Its nothing backbreaking, but its still noticeable. The neck feels identical to my other PRS (both SE Wide/Fat), and I was surprised to notice how little I missed the fret markers, as well as how much of a difference the ebony fretboard made. Being used to rosewood, it almost felt like playing on a plastic board, but I quickly got used to it. Sound wise, it is a little hotter than my Singlecut. The neck pickup has a little more character than the one on my other PRS, its great for cleans with a little distortion, and the bridge pickup sounds damn near identical to my Singlecut, so much so I think it might be the same. The middle one is actually very similar to the bridge, I can actually get the same tone from the bridge pup simply by rolling down the tone knob. Speaking of, it's great to have more options when it comes to the knobs and the switches. Overall, its a great guitar. It's very similar to my Singlecut, but the added weight and hardware give it more legit feel, if that makes any sense. As much as I love my first PRS, I have to admit it kinda feels like PRS SC Lite. But this, this is real deal. Almost.

No matter how much I enjoy it right now, there are some things I'm planning on ameliorating. First order of business, those strap buttons are worthless. OK, maybe I'm being to harsh, they're actually pretty fine, but I'm so used to Straploks that whenever I play standing up without 'em, I stand still as a statue out of fear of smashing my new guitar. Bu don't worry, Straploks are in the mail as we speak. Also in the mail are covers for the pickups. While I adore the looks of the guitar, the black on black pickup looks is kind of boring, so I'll try covering them up. I also plan on changing the middle pickup for something special, as the current one is rather bland and so far, there really is nothing I can do with it that I can't do with the others. I'm considering a Phat Cat, but I'm open to suggestions, go nuts

(I will be updating this post with some sound clips when I get around to edit my recordings.)
Hey everyone, haven't been here in a while, glad to be back. I have a Line 6 FBV2 that I don't use anymore, and my Vox Lil' Night Train could use an OD, so I though I could kill two birds with one stone and turn it into a stompbox. However, I've browsed the web for a while and I have to say that even with the various threads on this website, I'm kinda lost. I like to think that I'm quite handy with a soldering iron, so that's no problem, but I can't quite figure what parts I need to get, what schematics I should use and whatnot. If anyone could point me in the direction of a good how-to and schematics, I'd be infinitely thankful. I'd like to keep it simple, with only one pot and one LED to minimize the amount of drilling I'll have to do.

Thanks in advance and I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as production begins!
Yeah, so my friend recently bought a Catewalk UA-G1. He doesn't have a decent laptop right now, so we tried it on my laptop, and i tried it with both the stock software and my POD Farm 2.5, but with none of these it worked. Both received no input from the device. The device lighted up, and the phone outr from it sent sound to my speakers, but my computer didn't received anything. I tried reinstalling the driver, but it just made it worse. Any ideas of how I can fix it?
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Bugeras are a diecent first amp, I have a 333 I bought 3 yrs ago. You'll end up wanting a better amp in the next 1-2yrs. Hopefuly you dont have any issues with it.

The only amp I've ever owned was a Spider IV. I think it will sound wonderful.

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No if you want 8ohms and pull 2 tubes, you need to select 4ohms

You sure? I've been told the opposite.
So they are about back flipping onstage, jumping from cabs, throwing guitars, smashing guitars, so son. They also used to set the drumkit on fire live. And the bass dude jumped from the balcony once. I just like those guys.
Just bidded on a 120w. I checked with the company and they said that reducing the power by half by pulling out half the tubes would work. Can it do any harm to the amp? And I just divide the impendance by two? Say I want 8 ohm, I select 16ohm?
Congratulations, thats awesome. The figure looks nothing but wonderful.

Basically using lighter fluid and, well, a lighter. What do you guys think about that? How risky? Would you do it?
A triple bucker PRS Singlecut trough a 4 channel Dual Rec. All the tones I want.

But more specifically think Ben Kasica.
I just spend my spare time stabing my fingertips with nails.

I'm always impressed by amp builder, I don't get how its done witout black magic! Congrats.
They do look unusual, but rolling saddle will definately help with string breaking,
Looks incredible. Congrats!
Either use headphones, or buy a Dual Rec full stack and play ****ing loud to avenge yourself from the karaoke.
Doublecut LP Jr... The only Gibson I like.
Acid sweat eat trough finish faster. The finish on my Schecters neck is definately thiner now then when I bought it. And it also rust your strings faster. TS, my advice is: Bend a lot. Should help.
This is amazing. Kinda what a zombie-parasite infected explorer would look like.
I wouldn't call it a 'soul', but differents models have differents vibes.

I think thats a remarkable model, and I think its a shame its released in the UK only. Whatya think?
So I can convert a 120w or 100w to half the power just by pulling out half the power tubes? Interesting. How do I commpensate with impedance?
I'm looking for a tube head. I'm playing stuff mostly in the style of Skillet, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack, you get the idea. Personnally, my favorite tone is a Mesa Dual Rec, but I can't afford it. I've been recomended alternatives, like B-52 ATX100, Bugera 333, used Peavey XXX. The thing is I recently built myself a cab, and its a 60watter. So i need some different alternatives, whose watts will match my cab. I'm open to used, but theres not much around here, except a Marshall Haze 15. And I live near Montreal, so Guitar Center used isn't an option. Budget is between 300 and 500. I noticed the Randall RT50H, Marshall Haze, and a JCA22H., bt I dodn't really liked it after trying it. Any other ideas.
Nice. Vs and Strats aren't much my thing, but I like the wood on these. Also, glad your back!
If you liked th Tremonti check out the Zach Myers. Intonable bridge, ebony fingerboard, maple cap.
IMO, both necks are similars.Go fot it if you like it better.
I would say focus on right habded, the choice in guitars will be much larger.

Now you know what I think of jack plates.
Yep. Second hand, but I assure you coudln't tell unless you looked very close. The only downside is that the gigbag is drenched in a very perfumed scent. But for 325$, I can shut up. Stay tuned, a more extensive review should be posted sometime soon
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Great color! The SE series are such great guitars for the money.

Yeah, i don't know why PRS discontued these finishes. And why they changed the pup ring, because the black ones look pretty plain.
Thats kinda what I expected. Thanks for the replies, i'll give line6 a call.
One thing that kinda bums me out is that the pictures aren't making justice to the avgual finish. On the pictures, it looks almost plain red but in real life, its a much more subtle shade and se can see the wood a little more.

And I installed straplocks, stock strap buttons aren't doing the trick, really.
I know, Spiders aren't any good, but I was about to sell it so I want this thread to be constructive. So my IV Spider15 died.I recently restored the originals settings, and when I tried it a day later it stopped working. I tried both my guitars trough both my cables, and I always get the same result: the tuners work, so there is a signal that goes to the amp, and the MP/ in works, so the speaker is ok as well. Anyone has an Idea of how I can fix this?