I've been working on an acoustic cover of the Metallica classic. I changed it up a little to make it work on the acoustic but tried to keep it badass..
I'm biased because he's a friend of mine...but check out Vitne. Sounds like a cross between Billy Idol/70's Kiss/Def Leopard
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yo guys whats up. i got tickets to the nin/soundgarden show for july 30th. third time seeing soundgarden in four years man. feels good

Got my tix to see them in Aug in Dallas. First time ever seeing SG!!! Saw Chris acoustic a few times but never had the chance to see SG. A little bummed that Matt Cameron ain't playing but it's gonna be a good time!
Did a blog post about this the other day (link at the end). Here are mine..what are yours?

10) “Forgot my woman, lost my friends. Things I’d done and where I’ve been. Sleep in sweat the mirrors cold. See my face it’s growin’ old. Scared to death no reason why. Do whatever to get me by. Think about the things I said. Read the page it’s cold and dead and take me home.” Don’t Follow (Jar of Flies)

9) “Something I should say. It takes you every day. What you give is not alive, today. Your soul served on a plate. Throw it away, It’s hard to start things over. You can feel the fire around us all the time.” – What the Hell Have I? (Last Action Hero Soundrtrack)

8) “Ain’t found a way to kill me yet. Eyes burn with stinging sweat. Seems every path leads me to nowhere. Wife and kids household pet. Army green was no safe bet. The bullets scream to me from somewhere” – Rooster (Dirt)

7) “You sugar taste. Sweetness doesn’t often touch my face. Stay, if you please. You may not be here when I leave. As of now, I think you’ve got me wrong.” – Got Me Wrong (Sap)

6) “Down in a hole and I don’t know if I can be saved. See my heart I decorate it like a grave.” – Down In A Hole (Dirt)

5) “What I see is unreal. I’ve written my own part. Eat of the apple so young. I’m crawling back to start.” – Rotten Apple (Jar of Flies)

4) “Corporate prison we stay. I’m a dull boy work all day. So I’m strung out anyway” – Angry Chair (Dirt)

3) “Pictures in a box at home. Yellowing and green with mold. So I can barely see your face. Wonder how that color tastes.” – Brother (Sap)

2) “In the darkest hole, you’d be well advised, not to plan my funeral before my body dies.” – Grind (Alice In Chains)

1) “And yet I find repeating in my head. If I can’t be my own…I’d feel better dead” – Nutshell (Jar of Flies)

You can see the blog post here--> Top 10 Alice In Chains Lyrics Of All Time
Check out Airbourne "Heads Are Gonna Roll"
Don't sleep on the Steelers next year
You can't go wrong with Toontrack's EZ Drummer. Not expensive and it really is just drag and drop...real easy and quick to get a beat going for a riff idea.
Self-titled is my favorite...Hail to the King was really badass too
Darryl dies and I'm done with this show
Their drummer is a monster!
+1 to Reaper
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Used to be my favourite song on that album. Great ender.

Now my favourite has to be either Life Wasted, Unemployable or Army Reserve. What's y'allzz?

Tough call there...I gotta go with Unemployable (another Cameron tune!)
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Trailer for that Cameron Crowe PJ documentary:

The most anticipated movie for me next to The Dark Knight Rises!!
Red Mosquito, 1/2 Full, Rival
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Absolutely, except for Get Right. Although Jeff is a beast on that tune.

I just act like that song was never written. :p
I think all Matt Cameron penned songs have that unique vibe like Evacuation. Even The Fixer has that kind of 'off kilt' feel.
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Ok, so I wanted to start recording. None of that straight into computer BS, I want to mic up the instruments. Because nothing sounds as good as a tube amp. But to get that sound I need to turn up my JCM 800 very loud. I know a lot of the pros do it, but I have no idea how they place the mics.

My friends record with mics, but they don't record loud amps, so it's a little easier. My question is: how would I place the mic (or mics) to acheive the sound of the room? Currently the amp is at my Mom's house which has high ceilings, and a huge carpet over her wood floor, and it sounds absolutely beautiful in there. I want to bring my laptop over there when I get some mics and record.

I'd start out with either a SM57 or Sennheiser e609 close miked to the cabinet. Then a good condenser mic picking up the room tone. Play around with location of the room mic.

A little known secret for recording guitar is that a lot of those big guitar sounds that you've come to know and love weren't recorded with high watt 4x12 stacks but on small, low watt, 1x12 combos that were pushed to tonal heaven.
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Anyone listening to 4th Of July today?

I did!!!!
I, personally, love Evacuation. I remember when I saw them play it in 2000, Ed said something like, "One of my favorite songs off the record, but an absolute bitch to sing."

"Drive All Night" was the Bruce song they did.
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Love Hurts is awesome though.

Hell yes, it is!!
Pearl Jam "Live at Benaroya Hall" and "Drop in the Park"
Alice In Chains - "MTV Unplugged"
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You lucky bastard, Jon! Did they play that one song together?

They played quite a few songs together, a few of his (which I didnt know) and they did a great version of "Society"

What was real cool was Clarence Clemons' nephew coming out and playing sax on a Springsteen cover and on "Hard Sun"
If you have Guitar Pro, you could export the midi from the tabs. Granted, some tabs dont include drums and some are incorrect, but its quick and easy!
Never heard of it. Post a link, please.
I saw Ed VEd in Philly on Saturday. Best sounding acoustic show I've ever been too. The room and system sounded AMAZING.

Also, check out Glen Hansard, his opening act. Blew me away!
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Has anyone noticed that this sounds an awful lot like Given To Fly. Does anybody know anything about this? I know PJ would never steal stuff, but still...explanations?

I remember the uproar when GTF came out in 97/98. It's just a similarity. My guess is McCready has listened to a lot of Led Zep in his years and he subconsciously wrote something that sounded similar to it. It happens all the time. I know I've wrote stuff and then months later, I'll hear the song I "ripped it off" from.
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I was actually pretty shocked when I found myself liking that song the most. It's not something that I would imagine myself liking, but for some reason I have a soft spot for that one. I didn't like the rest of the album much though.

If you like that song, this is an amazing piano cover of it...I get chills every time i listen to it. is quite good
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ok so with the interface I can set each input as a different track?

Would this one work? Its the closest thing I found to the us-2000


Yes it will.
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Beyond The Mat is such a damn good documentary, even if it is 12 years old.

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I've always been a Vs and Ten guy. I can't pick one over the other, but those two are my favorites.

Also, I like No Code more than any of the rest. I'm not sure why, I've just always liked the recklessness in the music on that album, Habit is one of my favorite PJ songs too (I first listened to it on the Who You Are single as the B-Side and loved it).

Then Vitalogy, then self titled, then Yield. I haven't really listened to Backspacer yet, but I've heard one or two songs and wasn't impressed. I didn't like Riot Act or Binaural, found both of those albums boring.

Check out "Amongst the Waves" off of Backspacer, if you haven't already. It's my vote for best song off that album.
Either Shure Sm57 or a Sennhieser e609
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I don't see why everyone says a drummer HAS to be able to play to a click. A lot of great bands have recorded albums without clicks, including modern ones; it gives it a more realistic feel.

I understand what you are saying, but I think the issue really is that most musicians who don't like to play to a click, don't like to do it because they have trouble doing it. If you master playing with great timing (which is achieved through practice with a metronome), than you can deviate.
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Yield has a few good songs, but all of the albums before it are better (and I might contend their self-titled is as well).

I disagree, but thats because Yield is my favorite album. I'd make a case for Ten being better, but Yield is just my personal favorite.
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Download the reaper trial

search for EQ VST

open 1 track and put all songs on same track

EQ to liking and render as 1 whole song

open up MP3 or Wav (preferably wav) then cut up and re-render each song as a new track

this will take some time but at least you get the same result on all tracks!

Best advice.
Record a scratch guitar track thats in time with the click and have him record to that.
I must've been living under a rock. I had no idea John left the band!
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Dinosaur Pile-Up - My Rock n Roll

REALLY good band. I was completely blown away by them, partially 'cos I was for some reason under the impression they were a kind of indie/pop-rock band . I've never been great at classifying bands, but when I listened to them, I instantly thought of Feeder and Nirvana... No idea if that's just me, but yeah, check them out!

Very Cool. Excellent band name, too!