AcousticMirror ok. It depends on the guitar for me. I have an LTD that I can’t get as low without it being buzz city.

In my experience the string action is dependent on the fret work. Obviously you can’t have any high frets.

My Prestige allows me to pull the bar all the way up without the strings choking out at this height as well.

I’m running 9s on it in Eb.

I believe the old Carvins had a guarantee of 1/32 all up and down the board.
Nschleier I highly suggest a second opinion from a different shop. Everything you're relaying sounds like the shop doesn't know what they are doing. I wouldn't give them another free chance. Hope it all works out for you though! The whole point of and Ibanez Prestige is the fret work and the fact that you can get super low action.
lewisforlife I view the Acoustic and Electric differently.

For the Acoustic, you don't really want/need any tonal influence from the speakers. The Electric is heavily influenced by the speakers (or emulated speakers).

For the Acoustic, I'd take the DI Out Mix to the PA directly as you don't need any tone shaping from the speaker.

For the Electric, you typically want power amp (i.e. tube type) and the speakers influencing your tone. The full chain goes Guitar -> Amp Pre-Amp -> Amp Power Amp -> Speakers (you can add pedals anywhere before the power amp). That's why you see so many folks just mic'ing their cabinet. Some electric amps have an emulated Line Out which means there is some sort of speaker emulation (EQ) applied to the signal being sent out - most of these aren't very good. The Suhr Reactive Load IR runs $600 and goes in between your Power Amp and Speaker. It loads speaker impulse responses (IRs) to your signal after the power amp and sends that signal to the front of house PA so you don't have to mic the cabinet. Torpedo makes several products as well.

There are lots of solutions out there depending on how much you want to spend and how often you are going to use it.

A Shure SM57 instrument mic is $100 new and is a tried a true solution.
doomrider74 That particular Suhr product replaces your speaker on your amp in a safe way - i.e. provides a load. It loads up speaker Impulse Responses (I.R.s) just like you use playing through a computer. You can plug headphones into the box and crank away on a 100W tube amp with a virtual 412 of V30s via headphones. You can also use the AUX in to play along with music and you can plug it into a DI box or front of house PA or do all of this with a physical speaker cabinet connected as well depending on your use case - check out their site.

This sounds like an ad but I'm just your normal player. Torpedo makes some similar products though none as flexible at this price point.
doomrider74 Don't know what your amp is but this is a good universal answer for $600 new - Suhr Reactive Load I.R. Plug in any amp that can take an 8 Ohm load/speaker.

Quote by remyrw
Hard to tell in that pic, but it looks like that nut is cut really deeply and the strings are using the first fret as a zero fret. If the pic isn't just deceiving me it looks like it's "bad" enough that no truss rod adjustment will fix it. Luckily, a new nut is a fairly easy thing for a luthier to do while they're doing the rest of the setup.

To clarify that since it sounds like you aren't experienced with guitar setup stuff. The strings are already resting on the first fret so they're using that as a starting point rather than the nut.The strings should float just over the first fret.
This. Did this guitar have monster thick strings on it and now you put 9's or 10's back on it? 2/3 of the string is supposed to be above the nut in some schools of thought.
Nschleier IMO, that action is ridiculous. A little fret buzz isn't a big deal as long as it doesn't come through the amp or kill your sustain. You want to "shred" so the gain will cover up a little fret buzz anyway.

I'd find a new technician or better yet learn how to set these up yourself.

From looking at the 652 pic the neck looks like it has way too much bow in it and the truss rod needs to be tightened.

Same with the 950. Unless you have the action at the bridge set way high. With that much distance you may be pulling the notes sharp when you fret them.

For reference, my RG1570 Prestige is set to about .79mm (~1/32 inches) from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the low E string.
Williamgetzstoned Need a better picture than that. Regardless, an FRO - Floyd Rose Original should fit fine, especially if it says Floyd Rose Special on the one in your guitar.
Nolasludge You can use the HD500 and X in the 4-Cable Method. No idea on the looper but you could just put the looper at the end the loop of the HD500X going back into your amp just like you have it today.
Nolasludge The HD500 is N-2 Generations back. I'd look at the HD500X (N-1) for around $300 - $350 used all day. The Atomic AmpliFire is another option that goes for about $400 used.
selectany Download the manual from Marshall's site. . .
selectany ok, well the answer is it depends on the specific amp.

Laney IronHeart IRT-Studio - has a built in load so you don’t need a speaker cabinet and it has a purpose built headphone out and you can turn off the speaker emulation if you want.

Marshall Silver Jubilee - always needs a speaker load, no headphone out. Plugging headphones into a speaker out produces lots of smoke as the amp melts down.

Mesa Dual Rec - same as the Marshall above.

You can use headphones with any amp if you have the proper gear like the Suhr Reactive Load IR or some of the Torpedo products.
Quote by oneblackened
Sounds like a failed preamp tube if I had to guess. Easy to replace. Buy one and swap til the problem goes away.
this is my thought too. Try plugging your guitar into the FX Return jack - do you get sound? If so the issue is in the preamp.

Also see if any of your tubes turned opaque and look like frosted glass - that means the glass is cracked and it needs to be replaced.
selectany What does the manual say? Your question is amp specific - both for running without a speaker load and if you can use headphones.
emiliano.cordova3 a used MXR 10-Band EQ in the loop may be the best option to get that sound.

I don’t much experience with distortion pedals - I just use the amp. A 6505 or Mesa Dual Rec pedal from Joyo should be in budget. Just research their line up.

The Joyo Vintage Overdrive is a OD808 clone that will do a great job boosting the Randall but still for ‘classic’ Slayer tones. It’s $30 new. Maybe up the gain on the pedal for newer tones?
rockstar256 Have you tightened the screws? Or is the pick guard warped?
Domzfi Well EMG has an entire line of pickups that will drop right in. I’d look into a 57/66 set to start and go from there.

But folks swap out actives for passives and vice versa all the time.
Of those, for Slayer up thru Divine Intervention I'd take the Randall with the Jet City 12+. That tone is really just a boosted Marshall. The Silver Jubilee nails it and Gary Holt uses it. Slipknot and newer Slayer you would have to use an extra boost to get all of that saturation.
andr3y_skate Make sure your knife edges are lubed- chapstick works well and that the trem is parallel to the body so that the knife edges are square on the posts.
Quote by Cajundaddy
Dude,  send Truetone an email with your power needs as you laid out here.  They are pretty good about creating solutions for musicians.  Worst case scenario, use the CS12 for everything except the 12v 300mA and use a separate PS for that one odd pedal.  That is probably what I would do before cashing-in Strymon for that crazy beast.
This. Run a power strip to under your board. Plug in the CS12 and the wall wart for the funky pedal(s).
arrebarre77 I can't help you with anything Bugera specific but assuming they copied what's in the Mesa Triple Rec, the FX loop is driven by a Tube - V4. You could try swapping V4 into V1-V3 and see what happens to troubleshoot.

Also make sure the Send Level Knob is in the middle of its range.

Also to troubleshoot, what happens when you disable the Loop completely - is the volume back?

Also try cleaning the FX Loop input and output jacks with DeOxit. Try different cables too if you have any.

I recall there being a similar post on here a while back about the loop bypass switch being faulty on these Bugeras too. Hopefully it's not that for your sake.

My theories as to what's wrong?
- Dirty Jacks
- Bad Tube
- Bad Bypass Switch (or something else in that circuitry)
- Improper setting of the Level Send knob
- Bad cable(s) in the loop
arrebarre77 What amp is this? You have a volume drop if there is nothing plugged into the loop at all? Then you have a volume boost when anything is plugged into the loop, even if all the pedals in the loop are off?
EPlCA Yeah, a good one on the cheap is the Joyo Vintage Overdrive - $30 new.
doomrider74 Buy a used TC Electronic Flashback and if you don’t use it sell it for what you paid.

The TonePrints are an easy way to play with all sorts of sounds.
NostraHistoria Dr. Z puts a V30 in their combo version so that’s a safe choice.

I’d look into a Greenback as well. Partially open back cabinet.

$329 -
Veddy Yes. I highly suggest you research how to do this or take it to a qualified tech. The truss rod is one of parts of a guitar than can do permanent damage if you don't use it properly. It is perfectly safe to use if done so properly.

If you decide to adjust your truss rod, please use the correct tool of the proper size and quality.
If "nothing" changed I'd start by checking the neck relief and for high frets. The neck is made of wood - it moves.
sergiocarrilloh the boost is decent. I have a few pedals and use them most of the time.

It’s not abnormally noisy. I have a Sentry up front and a Decimator in the loop but normally don’t use them. The Sentry can make things very tight.
sergiocarrilloh Check out the Laney IronHeart IRT-STUDIO. Silent options, built in load, headphones out, USB, DI and you can turn OFF the built in speaker emulation to apply your I.R. of choice.

3 channels with nice cleans and it delivers on the high gain channels.

They go for $400 USD used - should be similar for your market.
allanrobichaud1 Look into the Laney IronHeart IRT-STUDIO. 3 channel tube amp with built in load, headphone out, USB out, DI out, etc. Good cleans, and 2 good dirt channels. Built in boost and reverb.

I prefer a different speaker emulation than the built in and this is one of the only amps where you can turn the built in emulation OFF. I use the USB into my computer and apply a V30 IR and issue solved.

They go for about $400 USD used.

If you have $600 look into the Suhr Reactive Load I.R. and play any tube amp you want.
EPlCA I use a Budda Zenman (tubescreamer variant and a clean boost) and an OD808 clone for boosting the the dirty channels on my Studio. I also have an OCD that I use on the clean channel for a low gain option - classic Priest thru some 80’s hair metal.
amit.wifi If it's only the 1 string then in order of probability I'd say - nut, saddle, loose tuner, string tree.

My guess is that the string is getting hung up somewhere.
Nai150 If you want a budget option, check out the Jet City 24SVe - Vertical Slant 212 that has V30-ish speakers that are supposed to sound good.
jakubjamesboote When you sell the Laney cab, pick up a 212 with Greenbacks or Lynchbacks and see what you think of those in the rig.
If you had the cash I'd say this one:

I like an OCD on Lo on top a clean amp just to breakup. Get a great classic rock tone and can easily push into 80's hair metal. Keep a little of the guitar Volume knob on reserve.
arrebarre77 Did you have the Flashback set to Loop? That sucks the life out of the loop when it's on.

Other than that make sure you didn't change a Level knob on one of the pedals or change the Line Level knob on your amp if it has one.

Could also be corrosion/dirt on one of the jacks or cables. You can spray everything with some DeOxit.

Also, if the setup changed, you can change in the internal dip switches on the Flashback to enable a buffer (at least you can on most of the TonePrint pedals).
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So this. Buy once.
maplefins For the amp, pick up a used Marshall 2525c - Silver Jubilee Mini Combo - 5W/25W with a Greenback. They go for under $1,000 shipped some times.

Your Les Paul and RG can both pull of the tones with a good amp. If not, swap out the bridge pickup.