Right, well learn sets of chords in either positions or harmonies. E.g learn all the chords in the 3rd position at a time or something. Or learn all the variations of 7th chords. There's many a way you can do it but if one of these people were using power chords, then really you won't have big shoes to fill. Ha.

As far as solos, learn the modes for each. And learn to read key signatures of course.
Get practicing sight reading, chord constructions, learning inversions of chords, knowing all notes on the fretboard, inversions, chords in different positions, modes, scales, arpeggios. Theory is very important, but don't neglect practicing complex chord changes. It depends though what sort of jazz band it is and how dominant a role you will be playing!
Thanks Cosmo, anything you want crit for?
I use a Line 6 mixer thing... UX2 I think. Runs into Garageband on my Mac. That's about it really. Everything else changes all the time! And thanks!
Man that is cool. A bit necrophagist. But it's just banging man. Especially for a quick demo!

Plus gotta have that same guitar love going on

If you could check my stuff out man it'd be great!
Hey man. Some really solid development there. A very good flow of ideas and all super-tight. Excellent, keep it going!

If you can, do check out my stuff?
Hey man, cool stuff so far. Very cool. And going somewhere. Serious cliffhanger

On a crit level I'd say maybe play with some dynamic stuff and nail that build up... big dramatic style! You could even maybe try the piano right hand in a higher octave?

But excellent concept man!
Ah, interesting. I wondered about that. Fortunately the effects were added on my computer so I can change that all without re-recording! So I may have a play... but thanks man, I've added you on MySpace and will proceed to checking out your tunes!
Hey guys, my track two is up! Not sure what I make of it myself but I'd appreciate some listens/feedbacks/adds if you are MySpacers of the music or normal kind yourselves!

The track is called Time Machine and it's the first you'll hear on there!

Thanks! And naturally I'll return the favour!

I'm an idiot and forgot the link first time...
Thanks so far guys, I've done all your stuff!
Cool man, a few Dream Theaterish elements here! Have to crit this song quick but it's awesome, liked the big finish!
Very cool man. Quality change of feel at the start from that dissonant metal sort of thing to the clean acoustic. I can see the Nothing Else Matters thing being noted about the clean section. Once again sounding very tight man and the breakdown is headbangalicious - maybe worth banging the drums up on that somehow? Really get that sort of... vibe, you know what I mean? but yeah, lead work is definitely cool! Keep going man
Hey guys, I wrote an instrumental rock song for the first time, recorded it, and wondered if any of you would check it out?

It's on the tracks on there!

Hey guys, I've just got into the home recording routine, so it's nothing perfect, but I'd really appreciate if you'd check out my first track (and preview of the second) and perhaps add me if you can. There shall be more to come!

Teach people what they want to learn. Or famous tunes... like the Simpsons. Go back to thinking what you did when you were a beginner!
The point is quite simply the seventh string. Larger range...
Well, if you get the 7321, think pickups! Chris Broderick has one of those actually. And he's in Megadeth now.
I know you just slated Schecter, but if you go a little higher up, what about the Jeff Loomis signature? Or a Hellraiser C7? Not sure about the model names exactly, but they're fine playing guitars, just maybe get it set up how you want, and hey presto, you have a guitar with EMGs in it already and pretty sweet hardware.

Check ... and his other items...
Look through the Paul Gilbert lesson/exercise tabs. There's got to be at least 24986320756134076525 on there.
Basically, the backing track I've been using by Dxjaymz i think or something along those lines, has a bar error in the second chorus of the song. I have an epically slow internet connection and thus can't afford to download this countless amounts of time. Therefore I was just wondering if any one knew of a backing track for Master of Puppets that was definitely correct? Still working my way through the versions atm... taking forever!
My friend is performing some BFMV songs as part of his A level recital but is lacking backing tracks. He's already tried Guitar BT so I thought I'd try here.

Anybody have any ideas where else you can get them from?
So where do you want it recorded?
You can get books with various different approaches to it. I suggest find one you like, and stick to it. I use the Berklee books. They're pretty straight up. Sometimes playing around on different instruments help. My rhythmic reading has improved significantly by playing drums, and my general ability to sight read has gone up by doing music theory, playing classical guitar and jazz.

Just force yourself to do it. Hide all tabs. Submerge yourself!
You can simply extend the arpeggio with your tapped note.
Nah I wasn't stating that a Mac's better than a PC... just a PC is seemingly more highly targeted for viruses... and the viruses that do affect Macs, are hard to come across... just know your sources.
Quote by austinplatt
seriously? lol nice one, as if they are in the same year as me . how did they get big? just like through myspace and stuff?

save it for the bedroom is pretty cool, hopefully we will get some more good tunes from them

Yeah they are of the MySpace generation... but he never stopped gigging as well. The more you put your name out there, the more it stays around I suppose! But he was a legend, and he worked hard for it, not some ego inflated prick. And as regards for the same year as you... if you're in the 17-18 year... then yes they are!
I used to sit next to Josh in AS Level business last year... my claim to fame.
How strange, I literally just started watching South Park again today for the first time in years.

Love not Warcraft for the win atm. Just getting Night of the Homeless...
Could this price tag not be avoided by learning to tune a guitar? A robotic tuning system equals one more thing to go wrong in my opinion. Besides, my guitars stay in tune without needing R2D2 shoved up their arse. Another theory, what happens when you want to leave standard tuning? I presume that must have been thought of... I'm sorry but this is something I really don't care about. This guitar stops a problem that is only a problem if you have no sense of pitch or a really bad guitar. I could go on. A lot. But it's just a gimmic for fools really.
Quote by demonofthenight

And chrisbeevor, what you said in your last post sounded dangerously like you were saying modes are the same as their parent scale but starting from a different note. This isn't the right way to look at modes, most people will agree with me on this one. Think of modes as groups of intervals and think of scales as groups of notes.

sorry if I confuse anyone

Hah, nah do not worry. I know that, I just was failing to find ways of putting the construction of them across that the original threader understood...
Quote by Imafrog
Ok, here I go...........

The band is playing in c major......ok

I start playing of the C major scale..... and want to use one of the modal scales started from within that scale.... I choose the Lydian .....

Does it start from F and go F-G-A-b#-C-D-E-f??? it in key with the band ....\

Im sorry for this chaos and confusion,,,, if I don't get it after this answer Ill just wait till friday and ask my teacher...LOL thanks for the help tho..

No, just starting from that F makes it in Lydian. And you don't just choose a mode and use it randomly. It will be the same set of notes beginning from a different one so there's no point for a start. But look at what chords you're playing over.
It depends what chords your bands are playing. If you were playing a G mixolydian over a C major, it wouldn't sound absolutely correct unless your route note was the C, in which case you'd be in C major not G mixolydian. G mixolydian is more what you'd use if someone played chord V7, so in C major, thats a G7. G mixolydian has the b7 and so does the chord...
Each mode begins on a different note of the major scale.

Easiest way to think of it is,

In C major, the notes are C D E F G A B

But if you began that on the D (D E F G A B C)

Then you're in D Dorian.

Does that make any more sense?
Phrygian: 1 b2 b3 4 5 b6 b7
These do not guarantee that the scale is going to have flats in them. It's just the accidentals you apply to a normal major scale to get the phrygian mode.
What about if you have a Bbb already? To move stepwise you'd have to move to Cb.
No it's not, you can flat a C for theoretical purposes. It will sound the same as a B but it can still technically be a Cb.

Oh and regarding the modes, basically for the relative phrygian of G Major as you say, just start on the B and the notes are the same.
No, it's called Cb ^