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Danny, I literally cracked up out load reading this

forsaknazrael That's awesome dude. Many of my friends tell me I MUST see Steel Panther live. Bucket list shit!

Dude, do it. They were super fun. Height of rock parody combined with skill.
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Another from the "Order of the Golden Horseshoe"
How lucky is THAT!

LaidBack Yeah, puppies can consume your life like a baby can. That's why we usually rescue dogs over 5-6 yrs old!

 That's nothing, I willed myself tickets to see Steel Panther last year. I found out they were coming to San Diego and instead of buying tickets I entered a contest.  

Quote by LaidBack Dang John, that's awesome. I want to get my hands on a Jet City someday.

 They're pretty cheap, I was considering one of their 20W heads.
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 How's it going? Have seen you around in a while! 

Nothing too different, still doing guitar things. Same old, haha.

I do want to say that Jet City Amps has excellent customer service. I needed a new power transformer for my PicoValve and I couldn't find a drop in replacement. The one on Mercury was 180, and that's almost 50% more than I paid for the amp! But I emailed them, and even thought it's discontinued, they found one in their storage and sent it to me for 39 bucks shipped!
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Well, Colin claimed it a little while ago....I swear, he must have a golden horseshoe up his ass, because the f#@king thing is WORKING right now. I haven't even messed with it in 3 + years. I don't trust it though, & since I have the new one, this one's his.
I honestly don't remember exactly what the issue was, but it had a weak signal & a LOT of hiss.

isn't that always the way with these things?

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I get my post 2013's gutted before they even hit my door.

well, i dropped the PCB and the plastic pot shattered so I'm replacing it now lol. I was gonna work with it and change the way the tune coil tap filter works. but no more
have you guys opened up the wiring on modern Gibsons lately? I'm working on a 2016 one with the PCB inside. I'm not too fussed about the PCB, but the "tuned coil tap" that Gibson is using now is a bit odd. It's a strange idea, basically adds a midscoop to one coil to attempt to make a single coil ish sound but with more low end.

i need to start practicing again. doing too much tech work these days and not enough playing
Looks nice. As I mentioned earlier, a cloth with acetone can smooth out the edge chemically. Be careful in how you apply it, it melts the plastic, so do it in a well ventilated area and don't spill it or else it will mar the pickguard.
haha i was drunk and looking at guitars. Definitely was looking at some late 70s and 80s models. Not sure I'll pull the trigger just yet, but I will check both those sites. thankyew sir.

The Yamaha SG is one of the few things I still wanna buy.
Oh interesting. I didn't remember that. It's been a while lol. I just new Greg had one number below 1000 that had nice inlays for some reason. The dot inlays are nonsense.
Either way, considering it. A Yamaha SG is one of the few things on my buy list. I don't have much GAS anymore lol

hey greg, is a Yamaha SG-700 worth it? What models are the good ones? There's one for sale on Reverb with block inlays. Thinking about it...
Ippon Yup, i love it. I don't play it enough, TBH. I got a sweet deal on it. Guy sold it to me for 80 bucks, including the hard case. He was aware of what they were worth, but just wanted it to go to a good home, so he charged me what he paid for it.
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I believe forsaknazrael did this successfully a few years back.

Indeed I did!

I used a wood engraving tool that was basically a soldering iron with a blade attachment. Worked great. Smooth out the edges with a bit of sand paper to get them even, then a bit of acetone on a cloth to chemically smooth the look. 
I remember how ape shit we all went over Valve Juniors.
Lol, I spoofed almost every amiibo. I'm not paying for scalper's prices haha.

I never really liked Blackstar, don't understand why they've gotten popular.
What's the new hotness for affordable British style amps, anyway?
Oh man, I've kicked into full on RPG hoarder mode. I have way too much resources lol. Need to start farming rare stuff like star fragments and dragon parts soon though. Gotta upgrade my Fierce Deity and Ocarina of Time armors hehe.
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Honestly I wouldn't say its worth it just for Zelda (unless you're a big Zelda fan AKA like yours truly that read Hyrule Historia more than once) since you can get it on the Wii U as well BUT, if you like Zelda, like some of the other titles available now and don't mind the early adopters fees you pay for buying a console this close to launch, you won't regret it. 

I think the console is really intuitive and they really nailed what I thought to be a gimmicky concept and made it work. Honestly I hope more consoles go the portable route cause what a solid plan.

Haha, yea, that's fair. I've played every single Zelda, and for me, it's amazing, and really is great for the modern player. I love that I can pick it up, play for an hour, and then go about my normal day. Nintendo has always valued innovative game design over hardware, and it really shows here. 
I got a Joyo California Sound for Christmas a while back and it's pretty good.
It's a clone of the MESA Sansamp pedal. Does a decent MKII lead tone.
Switch is worth it just for Zelda. It's pretty awesome.

EDIT: I hastily put together a small board for my first band practice in ages on Tuesday. Worked pretty well.
Polytune > AMT Girl Wah > Joyo California Sound > Neunaber WET (Shimmer) > Malekko 616
I recently used a JJ 5751 in a Marshall DSL100's V1. It was really good for taming a bit of the shrill high end, and was similar enough to the old JAN 5751s I used (without the price tag) in how it changed the distortion character.

I always like a Shugang 9th Gen 12AX7 in V2, for amps that I'm using the overdrive channel on. Sounds great.
I have it modded to pretty thick hard rock tones. Something close to Randy Rhoads tones. I never got the VVR (something like power scaling) to work quite right. I read about it and since the time I built it, it appears some 18Ws have noise problems with this style of VVR. If i open I can't solve the crackle I'll probably gut the VVR. Don't really need to crank it for low bedroom stuff anymore.

Even though I generally play hard rock, I think I might be using whatever low watt head for clean stuff

The JCA Custom 5 interests me, but it's so new. Maybe I'll end up getting one for funsies once the schematic is released and more people have messed with it.
The JCA20H is around the same price used right now anyway hahah.
Hmmm...a JCA20H is now on my radar. At the same time I think I may resurrect my 18W.

Min, you modded a JCA20H quite a bit right?
A combo would be cool, but by no means a deal breaker. There's one on Reverb, so I guess it's for sale now?

I'll look at the rocker 15, though it seems a bit pricey for what it is. Plus, EL84 drive hasn't been my favorite. Gonna check out some clips nao
Anyone know anything about the JCA Custom 5? Looking for a baby amp to use at small dealies, maybe solo sets, open mic type things.

Headstock is what kept me from buying a couple of different Aria Pro IIs :p
Just looked up the OX4. Looks cool, sounds unique because the A4, I would guess. You have a set of these?
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I have a set of Marshallheads in my Les Paul. Lots of clarity and punch, super versatile. I got the alnico II in the neck which mellows it out nicely for jazzy stuff. They're hot, I usually run the volume around 7-8. The MkII Marshallheads didn't exist when I bought my set so if I were choosing now I might think about them instead, just because I don't usually need that much output. With the volume full up they're aggressive and crunchy compared to a standard PAF set. I have not played a guitar with Godwoods.

If you're looking to really highlight the woolly or sludgy SG neck tone, they might be too clear, and if you tend to park the volume control and use channel switching or pedals for OD, they may be on the hot side for a squeaky clean sound. Otherwise, if you just want a bigger, clearer, hotter set than the usual PAF, they're excellent. If you're ordering new, just email Wolfe and tell him what you want. He'll get you the right set.

You're around LA, right? PM me if you want to try my LP with the Marshallheads.

Actually, crisis averted, Cord is still winding, jist only locally. So he said he would Fix it if I covered shipping. Awesome.

Still very enamored by the idea of a new set. I hit up
Matt on FB since I know he has tried both but no reply yet.
Thanks for the offer btw, if I wire up this set and end up thinking of getting new ones I may have to take a drive up.

Quick question, I'd probably get A5 for both but to me some of the clips sounded like there was too much top end sizzle. Like close to fizzy. Thoughts on that?

Otherwise what you're saying lines up with what I'd be looking for

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What you need are a set of OX4s

On another note im up too early. I think im gonna clean the ES and maybe take some pics
Could you elaborate good sir? What are those?
Welp I'm a nub and borked my PAF style pickup I was gonna drop into the Greco SG.

Anyone here have any experience with the Wolfetone Marshallhead or WCR Godwood? Thats what I'm looking at now.

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Sweet! Love a Jag
ive never been a single coil guy, but I do like the feel of a Jag. I think my friend will like this though.
Hai guise.
I converted an HH Jag to SS recently. 3D printed some pickup direct mounts.

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I was just looking for a mini wah. I considered a cry baby mini but as I don't like the big ones, I decided to try one of these:

Still waiting for it to arrive.
Ooh, nice I was looking at one of those. Let us know how it is. I was waiting for a cheap used one to be out, but chances of that seem slim right now.
Damn that sucks.

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Dude, Ibby PF300? Those along with the 2405 are probably one of my favorite Ibbys ever

Also, nice mastercaster

I bought it from Bassam, forget what his name is on UH, several years ago. Love it!
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I mean, they are absolutely different bands. But, it seemed that they really tried to put out a lot of energy, but just couldn't. Modest Mouse just oozed it. And it wasn't even my inherent bias. Friends and people around me/going back on the train all agreed that MM killed it. Not (totally) bashing BN, but was disappointing.
interesting. I should check out some recent live videos. Jesse always puts 110% when I saw them.
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^ lol you wouldn't say that if you weren't almost 300 points below me


Too lazy to make a topic. Here's some thing for those not on FB seeing me post stupid things.

Kahler Equipped Fame Mastercaster, with Zex Coil humbuckers.

3D printed face plate for the Randall RM100

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I've literally been trying to see them since I was 17. Now I'm 27, soon to be 28, and finally managed to see them. I'm a huge fan and love the shit out of them. Just a shame it wasn't a show that they were headlining. Talk about a fucking momentum killer...fucking Brand New.
Really? It's been maybe a year or so since I saw them, but I always enjoyed Brand New's love shows. Definitely a different feel than MM though hahah.
Good. I like their PCB designs, it's good stuff.
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MF's SDotD, seen it twice.

I'll have to watch for the next time. Could be a fun amp to have.
This has been on my CL for ages. I almost feel tempted, just for the principle of it.