drank a bunch of port tonight, i honestly dont mind the stuff even if it's a little on the sweet side.. Walked the dog and listened to coloured sands followed by promulgation of the fall. Not sure about the former yet but impressed by the latter, good to see DC were able to back up graves with another strong LP.
night walks around my area of Melbourne are so fucking metal as well, it's awesome, there's always heaps of bats around which make for a nice back drop
Fuck 6 years and this place is exactly the same as when i left it
Quote by Metal Matt
Just start with the melodic death metal stuff. It's easier to get into vocally and will help you work up to the more intense death metal vocals. That's the path most people have taken in my experience.

If melody doesnt move your man muscle as desired, check out
polluted inheritance - ecocided,
despite the gay concept for the album, it's a top notch musically, really an overlooked classic of the euro DM scene. and the vocals are very coherent for DM, to the point where , instead of playing thrash (or thrash influenced metal) with death metal vocals, they play death metal with what are prety much extreme thrash vocals
I seriously need to introduce you to my partner senor ! this will be a major point of contention for the two of us when the little guy comes along shortly, I have no quams about sharing the wonderful world of metal with my son, in fact I feel honored that I'm going to get to take him on this jounrey, and I plan to have him riffing at a sabbathian level by the time he can wipe his own arse !
Or should I push him towards drums, so I can have half a rythm section when I play (oh wait its metal, a whole rythm section ) . Then again knowing ****ing kids these days, he will probably grow up and listen to crunk-step and think that early slayer is gay
i see through your lies whildchild !!!, just like superman sees through your pantites!
haha, its good to be back, (i think) but enjoy the entertainment value while it lasts, im about to become a dad, hence my exteneded hiatus, soon to be extended some more.

p.s can i still listen to metal now?
You wont conquer chafing either, bacon legs for you!
Quote by The Wildchild
It's not death metal with a handful of thrash riffs, instead it is an even distribution of death and thrash, death/thrash, if you will. It's like, uhh, thrash played in a death metal manner, or whatever

thrash riffs in death metal songs

Like how truppensturm play straight death metal but in a black way?
Quote by madmax33096
People bitching about how some Thrash bands aren't original at all (Which I agree to a certain extent), but nowadays, in order to be original, you have to make a whole new genre and be innovator of it in order to interest people who crave originality over just listening to the damn music and enjoying it. Then the result being music that sounds like shit.

The problem here is that the damn music is not only un-original, it's nowhere near as good as what it imitates. Also it's that people aren't really innovating, as they want to cling to the traits and ideals of the old school to pay homage etc. , but also want to be original. That’s a ****ing oxymoron in disguise if I ever saw one, and shitty album waiting to happen to boot. They're too worried about it being thrash or death or speed, is it too much like slayer or is not enough like slayer? Etc. etc. In the early days of extreme metal , so many of the old school guard didn't know what genre they were considered or didn't even care, they just played music that they wanted too, purely for themselves (in most cases), not to pay homage to a bygone era, or to build on one and end up just creating some ****ed up piece of shit, that really just damages the high standing of the classics by being associated with them in anyway at all.

So since you don't see Thrash lasting very long, what do you think the new Metal genre will be? Whatever it may be, it will eventually die while Thrash will still be going. It happened with Grunge, It happened with Nu-metal (Which inspired Thrash to revive), and it's happening with Metalcore and Deathcore. There is a reason why it's still going and all these other subgenre's keep coming and going.

None of those genres are really metal, they're all fused abominations of metal, that we're always going to die in the arse nice n' quick. All these notions of dying and lasting etc. aren't tangible in this context anyway, thrash will always be around because there's always going to be that small percentage of the next generation who go back and discover the gems and then in turn try to replicate or build on (unsuccessfully 99% of the time) those works. I'm not saying it's out and out dead as in it will cease to exist, just that it's modern works often can't even justify their own largely meaningless existence...
I have no idea what will happen next,which concerns me greatly, as far as my tastes are concerned the last good development in modern metal has been the works of Conqeuror & Revenge(amongst others) in taking the Ross Bay sound to new boundaries, that and I have a hard on for Portal, but their music lacks the humanzing component present on the old school metal albums, and thus will always be too pretentious to have the major effect on new bands entering the scene required to get a new sub-genre forming.

But I remain pessimiticly optimistic (if that makes sense !) that metal will throw us a lovely unexpected curve ball soon enough, but I have nothing to base this on, there's not a pot full of thrash bands on a burner in a self storage complex somewhere in Tampa ,about to boil over, exploding forth with a new sound. I don't think it will happen like that, if it does happen. Sht has changed so much since then.

It happened with Nu-metal (Which inspired Thrash to revive),

perhaps that explains the underlined passage three paragraphs up?
Quote by _harris
its slowing down due to the dilution of everything good by bands who dont have any inspiration for doing something ORIGINAL...
new "amazing" bands are always springing up with either a new 'genre' or just claiming to be the new best thing when its really all just re-hashed metal riffs from the last decade or 2... what's worst it the fans (or should i say- people who've been told to be fans) of these bands they don't seem to have the cognitive capacity to realise if someone else has done it, at least 1000 other bands have also done it before, and better!!

I'll just leave this here:

But "band x" worship type bands are necessary evil to a degree, well for me at least. the problem is that we need a solid cull to take place,(like beadhangingOne was saying Quality > Quantity) im certainly glad exhumed are around to rip of early carcass and that bands like father befouled re-cycle incantation demos. I mean nether are as good as what they imitate, but what else am I going to listen when I want Carcass, but have been listenting to too much carcass?

(madmax) Well it's pretty much the only Subgenre that has lasted for more than 30 years while all the other FAD's went away into oblivion. That you have to admit is pretty impressive. Not to mention that bands that were apart of the scene back in the 80's are still kicking along with a lot of new bands at their sides. Granted, some new Thrash bands are really good, and then some are pretty bad but other than that, I'd say it's far from dead and it will continue to keep going as long as we have people like me who still support it when everyone else has given up on it.

But do you concede it will never be what it was ? Pretty much all sub-genre's of metal are still "going" in some capacity. The thrash revival is a FAD anyway, in ten years I'll be suprised if there's a lot of people listening to Vektor, but you know what? There'll always be people listening to the 80s Slayer gems (lets face it's widely accepted that the big 80s thrash bands quickly descended into realising commercial rubbish through-out the 90s and beyond, oft so bad it ceased to be worthy of being labelled thrash at all, let along good thash !Hell, I wont be spinning world painted blood or diabolous in musica in 20 years). So trying to say that the fact these bands are still meaningfully contributing to or propagating the genre is simply not true.
I agree thrash wont "die" ,but given the sentimental tendencies of the metal fan, coupled with the reality that it's the old school gems that allow the genre "stay alive" is your first point really impressive, relevant or suprising? Thrash might not be dead, but the mindless nervous twitches of the now long expired "vital appendiges" are the only worthwile signs of life.
That said I'll be chuffely suprised if im wrong
yeah, about as strong as kerry kings dick will be in another 30years.....

Thrash is still going. that's all ill agree with.
Quote by MoogleRancha
There is some good death and black metal coming out recently too...

but is enough of it really as good as the works of the old school guard ??? i mean really ?? After what revenge have done in the past decade i find it hard to forsee the next frontier for metal, well at least the next frontier worth pursuing.
well, it seems nothings changed in six months:

Pestilence - The Process of Suffocation
Anyone seeing these guys with Absu in melbourne in a week or so?
I caught them in Brisbane at the 11/11/11 ritual and they we're unbelivable.
sub par tech death.

Burning Witch - Tower Place


Edgy59 is a god, despite choosing the pseudonym of a chatroom pedo.
Burning Witch = Drop G# on 6 ?????

confirm / deny
Your mother is on an album cover?
Anyway gents, I'd like some more death metal in the vein of Funebrarum, if anyone could be so kind

Disciples of Mockery
Grave Miasma
Father Befouled
Cemetery Urn

Should be up your alley and to be honest I'd say they're all better than Funebrarum whilst similar in various ways. Not ALL those artists employ "doomy" sections though.
I haven't been round this thread in ages, but I've been spinning incantation'
s disco amongst the a/m artists all week.
Surely incantation are the greatest DM band of all time. Such consistency across their discography, I can't generate the required superlatives at this moment, but unholy **** I hope these guys head my way in the near future.
No one gives a shit, it's just a reaffirmation of the stupidity of so called music experts. and I don't watch that show usually, so it was new for me.
Smart move Riff, I got ID'd at a Cypress Hill gig back in 2005. It was a shameful experience, only improved by the fact that it was a free ticket anyway. But I still missed out on seeing them grab a guy out of the crowd and making him smoke a 6' bong known as "king arthur" on stage...
DnB is a bit meh for me. They keep playing that Skrillex guy (most likely mispelled) on triple J (which is on all day at my work) and every song is the same, awesome fat stuttering bass lines juxtaposed amongst gay trance styled chipmunk vocals, I just don't get it...
Hey pendulum are all right far as DnB goes. My girlfriend was obsessed with that song " Tarantula " when it came out, so damn corny
what a joke of a station, it's hipster fm. with late night false techno, metal and hip-hop.
Well Hills at least knew there was a slayer album called Diabolous in Musica, but I imagine Myf would be the atypical triple J Hipster and Alan is clearly not fond of metal, as to have the knowledge of obscure acts from decades ago he has, and to still think soilwork are black metal says it all.
Like most people, he obviously doesn't get metal, therefore it's a invalid art, open to ridicule and dismissal in his mind.
Quote by Butt Rayge
Yeah I've seen that episode. Pretty good. Steve's a legend.

The Burzum joke is pretty good, but I didn't really like how they all kind of viewed Steve as an outsider and metal as a kind of 'fringe' movement or something.

Yeah, they seemed to dismiss him as a " ignorant metalhead ", in that pious way that pop music pundits always do, without realizing that he has had a far greater impact musically than any of the twats on that show, who don't even know what a ****ing tritone is!
Holy ****, Steve from Slaughterlord was just on spicks & specks !!!! (this will make sense to Australians).
During the show one of the other guests, a comedian, called Soilwork a black metal band. Steve instantly interrupted to correct him citing Burzum and Darkthrone as real black metal, to witch the ignorant comedian responded "I think I take Burzum when I am constipated..... "

He was runnin` a Nifelheim tee just to top it of.
^ Try a shotgun.

Revenge - Attack the Enslaved
you know if you switch the D & F in your username, it sum you up just as well champ. Run along now and entertain yourself some other way. I haven't even been around here for a while before this weekend, so I don't really know (or care) what the **** your problem is.
hahaha. Thanks for the introduction Ziggy! That's ok I think I know things too, I just try to keep them to myself most of the time, you should give it a try ultraussie
Sorry fellas, I just asked him. He had the same problem and gave up on finding a reliable PS1 emulator, he tried a few but they always **** up. He said that FF7 had a PC release anyway so you can just Download it, but that doesn't really help Deplors.
Quote by fumb duck
You are trying WAY to hard to fit in around here.

Yes, Because my ego is that sensitive that I spend all my time desperately seeking the approval of a bunch of" people" on the internet, most of which are probably full of shit and I suspect maybe 10 yrs my junior , so I can validate my measly existence. And because UG is the only place in the whole of the internet that you'll see the word false, a photobucket image in a post, the highly original and not at all cliche` expression "my two cents" or meaningless tripe posted due to a lack of activity coupled with sheer bordem. Jesus ****ing christ man, are you bored too or something?
^ WC, That is the best kitler I've seen to date, it even has Führer side fringe

^ Deplorable, I think my little brother uses a decent PS-1 emulator to play final fantasy VII as the original discs are scratched to shit, I'll ask when he gets home, should be any minute. apparently most of the PS emulators are shit.
I can't think of an adjective fitting enough to do that justice....

Profanatica - A Fallen God, Dethroned in Heaven
Quote by Scourge441
This is one of the stupidest things I've ever read. I'm a poser because I have shirts for bands I don't physically own albums for? Riiiiiight.

Take a band like Kerasphorus. The only copies I can find of either of their releases are vinyl only. I don't have a turntable. Am I poser because I spent my money on a shirt, instead of a physical copy I can't listen to?

They can listen to your album without buying the CD, though. They can download, either legally or illegally, or they can stream it from Spotify or Grooveshark or something.

If I were in a band, I wouldn't complain if people were buying shirts instead of CDs. If they're enjoying my music and supporting me, I'm happy.

The first point is my own opinion, and you have exaggerated what I was trying to imply a fair bit. I didn't say " if you own a band's t-shirt without owning a release your a poser" period, end of story. Of course if the release isn't available on a viable medium for you there's nothing you can do, sometimes a tee is the best you can get. I mean there's BM out of Russia at the moment that's cassette only release still, and I'm not going to buy a new deck just for a few EP's and demos (That bit goes without saying really, ) I shouldn't have spoken so generally in my first post.
But in my view if you go out and download say darkthrone's (for eg) whole discography and then buy a darkthrone shirt, when you should have just bought a copy of "A Blaze...", your a wanker and possibly a poser, as I can't help question whether you like the music, or the image and the scene more, if the T-shirt is your priority. But then again when I was a teenager, physical release was the only way to get music, so it's a collector / nostalgia thing for me and I'll always get a physical copy if I can.
Plus my stereo > your stereo, so I always want CD audio quality.

The second point is hypothetical personal preference too, so it's kind of defunct to argue it. I wouldn't be angry if people bought shirts instead of CD's, but if a fan asked me what I preferred they bought if they couldn't afford both, the answer would (and should) be CD's first (actually see us live would be first, but again that kind of goes without saying).
I need to go on a pawn shop crawl and find some of these kvlt old school games. They look amazing.
^^ Is the Ballad of Gay Tony any good? I think that might be the only GTA out there I haven't played. I still think GTA III is the shit. The character was just so much "harder" and imtimidating, when he didn't partake in any dilogue throughout the entire game
And the original liberty city was just such a cess pool too.
That or a bitch slap.

The doors are awesome.

D666 - The Calling


**** how i need alcohol and pub full of types who are partial to a gang chant right now.

D666 - Raped

Singing the bridge to your misses will always get you bonus brownie points..
Quote by Riffmast
How old are you?

24 in November
I've never really been into PC games though, only the occasional binge on various consoles over the years, so I always dish out shit when this thread looks like it belongs on IGN or something so I don't feel so excluded

^ Haven't played those two, they look super kvlt though.

My best mate still has a working NES, 8 bit madness ! I play double dragon with him all the time. The characters legs don't even move when they walk and it's so 2D it's hilarious, it's just great, far too much nostalgia for me to resist:

^ lol, Thergothon, did you fall asleep between chord changes yet??? it will happen,
^ and that is really really saying something by rolling stone's poll and list standards.