my internet sucks right now and I'm really high i'll come back on some other time by that i mean when im not working again or maybe tomorrow ... but ill probably still be high '___'
what the **** has my bf (stratkat) been saying about me on here?

Also Hi bronies^^
I'm on episode 4 of Girls Bravo and its really funny with lots of tits ^^ also i finished Baccano after Kyle told me about it it was really good I liked Ladd (the homicidal murderer) and the wrench guy the most ^^ hehe
Lol dunno why, I just have them sometiems, and it's been really common/bad this time.

Also see my edit, this is strat.
I just had like, the 4th worse panic attack ever.

Two shots of whiskey adn I'm okay though, but I feel like I've been drinking all night.

Weird, my heart was pounding hard from teh panicness, maybe that made it hit harder.

edit: this is stratkat, I'm on my gf's comp cuz I had the panic attack while driving to her house, and spend the night cuz there's no way I can drive home, panicy or drunk.
Who strat?XD
Cat's more important >>

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So you didnt get Neptunia?

He said he didn't find it while shopping, but he got me Dead Island and Eternal Sonata.
Merry Christmas!
... Meanwhile in strats room...

We have cats and Christmas themed liquor
Hay I'm watching Mirai Nikki right now
this is the picture that made me want to watch it

The top one is kinda, middle one's adorable, bottom one's just cute.
has anyone on here seen Chaos;Head ? I love it and i want kyle to watch it
Found something I'm downloading called The Maiden Rape Assault – Violent Semen Inferno. ^^
I've been playing Wankuri but I've ran out of stuff to do on it and also one where a blue neko girl gives you a blow job but I'm bord w/ that to
that's all I've got
need. more.
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Most of the squares in here cannot INTO rape.

Why not?
Does anyone know any good h-games I could find for free in english? Rape and yuri are a plus.
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Did you get to the part where you find out that they lose the animal features when they lose their virginity?

I knew about it already, I'm on ch 3.
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Oh look it's Xero's girlfriend

If I were my avatar, yeah kinda

lol I'm strats girlfriend =P
My title should give away who I am>>
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>random person out of nowhere
>mistakes AT for myspace


see edit

no one remembers me ='(

On topic with the thread (sorta) I just ordered a bunch of visual Kei cloths for school.
Haven't posted in forever
New hair

lol and anyone wanna talk about yaoi? XD
just got done re-reading madness for the 3rd time and now reading Loveless =3
Hey brah this is stratkat, I snatched my gf comp to tell you happy birthday, I'll give you a present when she passes out.

google says if they do a certain type of procedure to remove it, I'll have to refrain from sex for 4-6 weeksD: the ****, I can't even use a tampon during the time, i dont' think i'd be able to masturbate. T_T

So help me if they say I can't do that for 6 weeks, and if they say no anal to I'm cutting someone.

(strat likes anal lol)
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haha probably =3

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>hmm googlin-
>u-hghyargh, argh jesus ****


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cyst, huh?

I've had some of those. They are not fun.

Imagine one being inside you...


It is inside of meXD
I only feel it during sex, it's the most horrible pain.
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yep got surgery 2 morrow it's only minor surgery though just gotta get a cyst removed from my left ovary... yay (hopefully it wont stop me from having "fun" )
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sup, strat's whore.

HAY! not nice T_T
i'm his slut not ***** there IS a difference

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Oh crap, strat's drunk.

this is not strat... he's sitting next to me though.

Hes on adderall and xanex though, which he didn't shard because I have surgery tomorrow.
This is why learning scales is useful, applying the correct scale for the right emotion will help alot.

edit: nvm read the rest of it. Idk, I don't write much music, but my bf has like, 96 songs uploaded to UG alone
All composed and created by himself.
Happy b-day from me and strat
he/she has a vid (i believe it's mr crowley) where it shows her hair andn body with the face blared out. If it's a dude it's a really good trap.

either way i'd **** it.

Heather's mom's taking us to anime st louis if she has that weekend off, so far the only person there I'd recognize is lanipator, still looks hella fun.
went to TC, no one's there

I'll wait for like 10 minutes.

TC's crashing, we're gonnna go eat bacon.
mfw reading this >:[

Kyle's gonna get punished =3

we'll be in tc in about 15 minutes.

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What was she doing?

this was before she'd admit that she was bi.
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Nope, I'm a boring hetero.


Twisted said the same, till I caught her looking at my lesbian mags drunk