If the seats are fixed to the ground then just set 'em on fire. Fun times for all who don't own the building!
I declare punx to be a word if it wasn't already.

Problem solved.
Quote by handbanana
this is the band threatening this dude from Let Down)one of the biggest bands to ever come out of doyelstown). Now tak ein account that these kids are lik 17 and the dude their threatening is 24 and the bassist of Let Down

Maybe they're planning to have the drummer fall on him or something. I could see that messing someone up.

What a ****ing stupid question.
I'm not too big a fan of smoothies...You were expecting me to say something about hot women, eh!? Well **** you all!

But seriously, whatever streetlight. It's neutral on my p0nx scale. You do lose 1500 p0nx points for having to ask though.
NOFX is really awful.

I have a friend who confused Sigmund Freud and Siegfried and Roy.
Like any other look, it depends on what you look like already how you wear it. It can look great on some people and ****ing hideous on others.

Personally I like it and I choose to look like a punk. Any judgmental **** who would tell me that I only do so to fit in and be more p0nx is more than welcome to take a long walk off a short cliff. Especially since, in my experience, most of the people in the scene dress normally and have normal hair.
Open casket funerals suck pretty hard. Actually, I'm willing to extend that to funerals in general.
I'm getting hammered in your honor!
gopher: If you google images "guido" you should get a pic.

Quote by MisspentYouth
So far that stupid doctor in Chicago has done nothing for me. She made me stop half of the medicines I was taking (that were actually helping), so now I feel like crap, but she won't let me restart them. And, she replaced one of the medications with another one that has made me feel even worse. She's supposed to be this famous, amazing doctor but so far she sucks.

Miss: Did your new doctor make you stop the meds that were helping you all the sudden or gradually? You CANNOT just stop a med, you have to be eased off of it. Also, if you were eased off of the old meds and the new meds are making you feel worse it means that they aren't the right meds for you. I'm only a junior in psychology but I can remember basic facts. If she's not helping you than you need to change doctors, I don't care what her credentials are, that is clinical psychology 101.
Quote by Swap-Meet
My friends think my p0nx pants = gay

Speaking of things being gay, the other night I saw a girl with a blow out. I ****ing HATE blow outs but she was very attractive otherwise. I mean, I try not to stereotype but that really came out of left field. Am I wrong to assume/hope that she was probably gay?
She can talk in, say, 35 years. Until then, that statement means nothing.

And axe, it's your own fault for having a Y chromosome!!
Creatures - The Adolescents
I Hate People - The Anti-Nowhere League
I Wanna Destroy You - Circle Jerks
Forward To Death - Dead Kennedys
Brat In The Frat - The Dead Milkmen
Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In - The Rezillos (Not really about hate but it's very catchy and you might like it.)
I Don't Like You - Stiff Little Fingers

Have fun.
I really like them. They're durable, water-proof and comfortable. They've definitely saved me from a broken foot more than once.
Somewhere In The Between by Streetlight Manifesto.
The asinine ranting of the threadstarter as explain by science:

Out-group Homogeneity Bias
Cognitive Bias
Ultimate Attribution Error

There's a few others but I'm lazy. Stop being so judgmental.
Keeping up with the theme of internet weirdies:

This 20-year-old chick I had sex with over the summer (TOTAL bitch, completely insane, daddy issues from here til next Tuesday) is now dating a 50-year-old married man she met on facebook through playing the Knighthood application. Craigslist material? I think so.

I don't know why crazy girls love me. I really don't.

Rizzo: I've heard almost nothing but bad things about LOC live. As far as on cd, probably better to give them a listen and make up your own mind.
Catch-22 disappointed and bored me after all the hype I'd heard about them over the years, Streetlight's much better IMO.
Quote by 7uk3

And if you like bad pop rock crap, I suggest some pop rock bands like:
Sum 41, Goodnight Nurse, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Bowling For Soup, Feeder and yeh maybe Paramore.


If you want to look into some punk bands:

The World/Inferno Friendship Society
Mischief Brew
The Queers
The Adolescents
Sham 69
The Rezillos
The Cramps
Circle Jerks
Argy Bargy
The Adverts

Have fun.
^ And put a **** ton of hot sauce on it.
They were really the first punk band to bring it to the mainstream so successfully but missed out on being the first by a good 15 years or more.
I honestly can't see this turning out well. Huzzah for them if it does but I'm just not too hopeful about it. Not really a fan anyways.
Thanksgiving thus far:

Woke up
Talked with sisters
Had huge fight with family
Home alone with our dog and my sister's dog
Bought hot sauce
Drinking Sparks

Analysis: Not a bad Thanksgiving.
Quote by FuzzyBear
if he can't navigate a map he probably doesnt have enough brain cells to afford killing them with alchohol anyways though

Good point.
Excuse me do you know if there's a vet nearby? Because my pythons are SICK! *flex*
Jesus, you remind me of me.

Now I'm a psychology major.

First study I would like to do after college: A Comprehensive Study On Why Everyone Other Than Myself Is A Jackass.
Quote by JesusOfSbrbia
When I can't scream anymore, what will I do? I'm having trouble finding any purpose in any of the shit I do.

May I suggest whittling? You could "carve" yourself a new niche in life.
Fag p0nx all the way.
Quote by lavazza
What do you expect to get over the internet? A self taped video in which those people build street barricades and burn down cars?
I´ve never heard any American saying really tough things against that

Over the internet? No no no. I meant in real life. The number ran so high already that I gave up.
I plan on keeping a running tally of how many angst ridden speeches I hear about politics from aging hippies, college students and anarcho punks which tell me nothing new and are a big, fat waste of my time. I'll probably order a pizza at some point as well.
If babies want hot water then they can go off and fight in Vietnam for it like the rest of us!
Two thumbs down.

Anyone wanna get some white fitted caps and play hackey sack?
I get to see The Toasters tonight!

I have missed teh UG p0nx rawkerz. Everyone has continued to be drunk and spikey haired I trust?

I've been busy getting drunk and yelling at endangered species for being pussies. It's a dehydrating job but someone has to do it.
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I bought Saints Row 2 today.

My guy looks suspiciously like Karl Marx.

Also I've decided that if I ever get a dog it will be a black Russian terrier named one of the following:

Karl Barx
Barkus Aurelius
or Mikhail Barkunin

which one do you guys like best?

Karl Barx

My dog is a corgi, west highland terrier, american bulldog mix named Montague Toothworth Woofington the 3rd. We call him Monty. So, unfortunately for you, Monty will always pwn any other dog.

EDIT: If you throw him a frisbee he'll try to catch it with his front paws instead of his mouth. Seriously, you can't beat that.
Quote by l3p4rd

And you could piss off cops

Calling a cop "sister girl" works pretty good too apparently.
I like my mohawk. Screw all of you haters.