^Bassilo, nothing comes close to my Ric's tone. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I would have payed TWICE as much as I payed for it than I did. It truly is THE rock bass in my opinion.

Sorry, but you're being a bit of a dick.
'Tis a bute! It will serve you well. Just take care of the neck!
Most of the time bassists cut through by either boosting the mids to PUNCH through the guitars, or by boosting to ride BELOW the guitar tone. You've got a lot of highs that are boosting ABOVE the guitars. Not to say that it's a bad thing, just a little unusual.

I'd say try and work with your low end / midrange to pull out more of the Warwick growl. Maybe try raising your action a tad?

Other then that, congrats on getting a unique tone. Sounds great! Keep it up!
Quote by anarkee
How was that recorded? My god that tone is sexy. Me wants a ric.....

Computer microphone! ahahaha. It didn't pick up lots of the bassy frequencies...
I FINALLY got a recording of the Ric up. Go check it out!!! Sorry for the many major mistakes.
That's good for you, man. But in terms of the QUALITY of the 4003 vs 4001, color doesn't matter a bit. Perhaps the TS and I don't care about our image quite as much as you.

Sorry it just PEVES me to see people refuse to use a GOOD instrument simply because they'll look the same as everyone else.... blurgh
Quote by 2112pk
but your forgeting, all the colors they offer after 2006 have been ****.
with the exeption of the color of the years that they've stoped doing last year.
i mean seriously, only black, maple and "fireglo"?
those are the worst colors.

i've always wanted a white rick, they dont **** around.

Yeah, but if it sounds good who gives a shit ?!
Before you jump on this, check the neck. Make sure it's in decent shape. A lot of people who buy **** Ricks get ****ed over when it comes to the neck profile. The neck is REALLY important on a Rick, as it is highly sensitive. Check that truss rod.
I've played both, and own a 4003.

This has been discussed over and over again. It comes down to a preference thing. But if you can snag a 4003 made AFTER 06, you'll essentially have both. They have a "vintage" push/pull knob which adds/removes a cap from the circuit they used to have in the 4001 that cut lots of the bass. The 4003's also have two truss rods, making them much more solid. Buying any old 4001 has TON of risks. People have mistreated them over the years, and their necks were very fragile. Simply playing them with roundwound strings came as a risk. They are essentially the same bass, just with an upgraded neck and slightly different electronics. The 2006+ ricks have the same electronics.

The 4003's are essentially an upgraded version. Like everything else, the Rick might not be for everyone. It's taken me a couple of months to finally get comfortable with my Rick, as it is a pretty uncomfortable hold. I recommend playing one before buying one.

As far as price is concerned, I got lucky and snagged mine for $800. Buying a new one is going to cost you about $2000 (give or take $200), and you'll probably have to wait for about a year for one. They are pretty hard to come buy, and don't seem to stay very long. Rickenbacker makes only a few of them so that the demand is high so that they can sell them for much more. Yeah, people also argue about the hefty pricetag on the Rick.

Personally, I see them as the ULTIMATE rock bass. I've gotten nothing but compliments from other rock musicians with my Rick. The jazz players haven't been to fond of it when I whip it out but the rock guys DIG it. If you need some help finding a deal / sale / etc in your area, or have ANY other questions feel free to PM me at any time. I'd be happy to help out.

Again, to wrap up, I'd go with a 2006 or later model, and buy it secondhand so that its both cheaper and there's no wait time. The old Ricks are currently almost 40 years old, and if you want them to last another 30 years thats really asking alot.
The "surprise" guitar center sale was today! Did you guys snag anything great?? I went with a friend and he snagged a Corvette $$ for $750 and a Fender Jazz Hot Rod for $800. He plans on selling the corvette.

So yeah, what good deals did you find?
Don't really see the point of the volume, man. It's at TALENT show. Meaning, a show of your talents. ANYONE can rent a big amp and play loud. Its not a talent.

But rent an Ampeg 8x10 and some sorta tube head. Practically ever metal guy today uses those. Plus, they shake stuff like nothing else.

EDIT: LOL nevermind. The Ampeg would blow your Crate out of the water.
You can definately do better things in that price range. I suggest checking out
Swap out the pickups in that bass, and add some electronics, and you'll have yourself a quality instrument. Out of the factory, they are the equivalent to a MIM Fender bass. Swap out the electronics, and get it setup properly, and you are going to get very close to a MIA Fender bass. AND they ship to Canada!

I promise you'll regret buying that ESP. It is not a step up from the Epi SG.
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SR505's aren't a shorter scale. Why do you need a shorter scale?
That tuning is correct. You are essentially playing in "drop D" only down a step and a half. So, you are tuning your bass down a step and a half and then dropping the E string to a B.

Other bassists drop ALL of their strings down three steps. Its just a matter of preference. With your method, your upper strings are going to sound much more defined and less clanky.
I'd love to add some bigger cabs to my rig.
Quote by froggyman
Well i love how about it incubus..i'll trade you my ibanez for your rick??

Sorry. I love my Ibby too much for it to have a sister!
Excuse the cell phone quality, but i thought the colors looked sweet.

My drummer rocking out on my Ric biamped through a newly acquired Trace Elliot A500-7, a GK 1001RB-II, a Mesa 2x10 and Avatar 2x12 (not pictured).

^Finale Notepad isn't free anymore

You COULD export a GIF or JPEG of the image for him, though!
Quote by fleajr_1412
Why Roland? I find that all the Rolands I've tried work well in a jazz situation, don't know about gigs though.

Rolands were under my "STAY AWAY FROM" column lol.
hahaha I was typing this as you put in a pricerange. Obviously, you're going to need a combo. If you can find anything I mentioned used for under $300, go for it. Check TalkBass, Craigslist, and Ebay. You'd be surprised what you can find.

IF you can't go for any of that, pick up either an SWR LA15 or an Acoustic B100. Both will do a great job for the smaller gigs, but might have some trouble on the medium sized ones. Or if you can fork over the dough for an Eden Nemesis combo, that would do well too.

STAY AWAY FROM: (remember UGers, this is JAZZ)
Fender Bassman combos
Ampeg non-portabass combos
Line 6
Hey buddy!

I'm a jazz musician myself, and play in a whole load of trios. Generally, you are going to want an amplifier that is not powerful, but tonally precise. Every little bit of tone is going to help your sound. As far as amps are concerned, it depends on what you're playing like. Also, you want something nice and small that is easy to fit into tight spaces in restaurants. Getting a big amp is going to make your drummer mad at you since he's not going to be able to bring in that extra tom.

Are you playing your fretless more like jaco would (with lots of bite and growl) or more like an upright (dull and bassy?) If you are playing like jaco, buy a 2x10. If you play more like an upright, get a 1x15. If you play somewhere inbetween, grab a 1x12.

Any high end cabinet / head combination will do you well. A lot of the jazz guys these days are using a Gallien Krueger MB150 and 12" cabinets. They are essentially "the" jazz rig. You can't play much rock with them, but are incredibly clear, clean, and lightweight.

If you're looking at a combo, the Ampeg Portabass series is used buy a bunch of cats. They discontinued them a little while back. Don't buy any other Ampeg then that.

And of course, anything Thunderfunk, Mark Bass, Epifani, Schroeder, Bergantino, Yorkville, Dr. Bass, Eden, or EA. The high end stuff.
Quote by watchingmefall
More pictures please, beautiful instrument and we are not seeing enough of it. And I have that same keyboard

I have more pics in my UG profile for your viewing pleasure! =]]
I'll have clips up in the next couple of weeks. SQUIRE ANYONE?
What about his amp??? If he's planning on playing shows in the next couple of years, his amp is going to need an upgrade. Don't spend big buck on a bass, because soon, you're going to be spending big buck on an amp. And a nice bass isn't truly a nice bass until you have the amp to compliment.

As far as the two are concerned, the Stingray has a very limited sound tonally. There's not much versatility. The Warwick isn't much better, but at least you can do a tiny bit more.

They are both high end basses, and you couldn't go wrong with either of them. It's just a matter of personal opinion, which will change between 17 and 25. I don't know if you're a musician as well, but we all get "Gear Acquisition Syndrome" at one point in time. Your son will most likely end up buying another bass within the next 10 years. Especially if he's got a Warwick or a Stingray. Maybe he'll want a fretless, or a Fender. He'll expand his music interests and explore more styles and want a new tone or a new amp.

Seriously consider buying a $500-$1000 bass and a new amp, instead of forking over $1500+ for a new bass. He's not going to be able to play with a drummer, for instance, without a big enough amplifier.
lol... "doom metal" = loud. GK, Avatar, and SWR are not doom rigs. They aren't tubes and they don't fuzz up quite like the Sunn's and old Peaveys do... The bigger the rig, the better the sound. 80% of the volume will be coming off the stage back line, rather than from the house. Need to save headroom for vocals.

Thankee kind sir! Or if I really like the Sunn, I could just grab a cheap-o power amp to power the other cab. the 8x10 doesn't like the 2 ohm load so I've heard. Its better to AB it.
I don't have any pedals in the rig though LOLWUT?

I might add my Big Muff to the rig if the distortion on the Sunn / Peavey doesn't make a big enough wall of sound....
SOOO, I'm in the amp market. Right now, it looks as though my setup as of next year will be:

Rickenbacker 4003 >>>>
>>Sunn 300T / Ampeg 2x15
>>Peavey Mark III / Ampeg 8x10

I will be AB'ing the Rick into the two amps and/or using the stereo output to send...
NECK PUP >> Sunn 300T

Anything I should change? This rig has to last me the next four years and I'd rather not be forced to make any changes if possible. I'm going on a used gear hunt sometime this week, starting with the Peavey.

The rig will be used for my doom metal project. Basically, my only requirement is VOLUME. LOTS of VOLUME. I need a rig that will be painfully loud and low end heavy. I will be focusing on the sub-bass frequencies, and need the gear to replicate that.

Input appreciated!
Quote by skater dan0
damn you to hell inky coming in here and putting everyone to shame with your beautiful sunburst ric and your jeans and you pink shirt clad sax player

nicw ric, never had you pegged as a ric player myself, i always pictured you with more slap oriented basses

LOL the sax player IS actually gay. So it's justified.

The Ric actually has a decent slap tone. It's very Marcus Miller like. I'll post some clips when I get the time. I'd never had expected it.

Besides, I play too much prog and doom for there to be room for slap. I havn't practiced it in AGES
Gigging with the Rick!

I think I've found the perfect bass for me. I don't have any more bass gas. Now I'm only gassing for more Rics ahhahaha. Such a beautiful instrument. Although they may not be for everyone, I know this bass is perfectly fit for me.

Take notice of the kickass Earth tshirt

Get the fuzz. I use mine CONSTANTLY for my doom metal project. I don't have the Bass muff since I play the roll of guitarist and bassist in the band, the regular one cuts through fine.

Although, the bass muff is a MONSTER. Pick one up if you get the chance. You will seriously not regret it.

You guys bring tears to my eyes.
Ricks certainly aren't for everyone.

I'm way into classic Prog (Rush, Yes, Genesis), the Beatles, and lots of stoner / doom bands, so I've always wanted a Rickenbacker. It was just one of those things I thought I'd be able to buy when I was 35.

I got lucky, and one came to me! Now I'm like the happiest person ever.

Ricks are slightly overpriced. The company builds them with low supply for a very high demand, and therefore is able to sell them for some ridiculous prices. And people pay for them.

Other than that, Ricks are probably the best crafted instruments I've played. The tone is to DIE for. Really thick low end with plenty of midrange growl from the famous bridge "treble" pickup. They really bite and hold the low end at the same time. I have not played a bass that growls like my Rick.

As far as tonal versatility is concerned, I've found LOTS of sounds in mine. The stereo output (that allows you to send each pickup to a different amplifier) really adds limitless variety. As far as rock is concerned, there isn't a sound the rick CAN'T make. Just look at who uses them!!! Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Paul McCartney, Al Cisneros, Cliff Burton, Lou Barlow, Lemmy, Roger Glover. Even Entwistle, JPJ, Claypool, and Geezer Butler have used them.

Buying a Rickenbacker is going to ensure you a great tone no matter who the player is. Yes, they may not be some people's cup of tea. But if you like the tone and feel, then by all means grab one. I love my Rick to death. I wouldn't ever give it up for any other bass in the world.

Plus they look god damn sexy.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, and to help you locate a bass for a slightly lower price. Stay away from anything before 1980. When people are selling '70 Ricks for under $2000, something is undeniably wrong with the bass.

Good luck and happy hunting!
1. Name one bassist who’s influenced your playing. Which bassist is closest to your personality

Les Claypool. When I first got my bass, I learned how to play it by watching the Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People dvd over and over again. I played along to all of his stuff, and copied his technique as closely as I could. I thought he was god and the best there was. He has a great technique, but once I got into jazz, I was lost on theory. I still play most like him. Even my stage presence resembles his. I've got the bobs, the spins, and the foot bounces.

2. Which musician (not a bassist) influences/ed how you approach playing bass?

Dylan Carlson of Earth. He's taught me to appreciate the minor elements of musicality that are usually overlooked. Everytime I hear a tune now, I listen for overtones and individual frequency interaction. Playing a show, I look for the resonant location on the stage and experiment. He's taught me to look at music from a different angle. He simply walks around me in circles as far as his music is concerned. It is the most dense, gratifying, entertaining, advanced, and innovative music I have ever heard.

3. What was the first CD/LP/Mp3 download you ever owned (and be honest)?

The Beatles - 1962-1966 the "Red" album. Got it sometime in 4th grade. I was a total hipster. Then I got all the Weird Al cds in 5th grade! hahaha. Then Sum 41, Linkin Park, and Good Charlotte. Oh god.

4. You’re stranded on an island for a week. What CD would be your desert island disk and why?

Killer question. Probably would be Worlds Apart by ...Trail of Dead. But since its only for a week, I'd bring some sweet Tiny Tim recordings to dance around to!

5. Name one person who supports your musical aspirations and how they support you.

Mozart because he's my best friend. I always call him up when I'm down and he's all like "Well this one time, I was writing my own Requiem and I got all depressed then realized it wasn't all too bad!" That always cheers me up. Good 'ol Mozty. Love the kid. And he has sweet hair. He goes to all of my shows, and teaches me lots of new things. He funds my GAS list as well. Sometimes, he lets me drive his pickup truck which is totally badass.
^Ughhh. My fingers might melt into the strings.