I listened to "From the ashes". It's nice song, but I would work on the intro from 0:00 to 0:24 until the solo comes, I would remove it and leave just the solo or change it somehow, because leaving just the solo might not sound too good. It's not like it's SO bad and maybe with proper recording I would see that differently, but to me something is missing, something isn't right. Other than that melodies are fine.

As for the mix and the production you already know it's not like it should be, but if it's just an idea till you get to some studio it's more less ok, although I would still pan it better to make it easier to listen for reviewers. Adding some bass wouldn't hurt too.

All in all keep up the good work
Really nice song, I've got no complain Well it could use some real drums, but I understand lack of them since I also use Superior 2 and have problem to find someone to play with. Other than that guitars, bass and vocals sound really great. Well ok the song could be also a bit longer, but it's not like it's bad this way, I just would like to hear more.

All in all keep up the good work
I wrote my comment and then I read you use iphone 4 for recording, so my advice won't be useful until you'll get some proper equipment, but I leave it like this and I hope it will help you some day in the future

I listened to "Time distortion" and "Bridge blues". Generally you've got nice ideas, but the drums need work, they lacking a lot. You could use some bass there too. The guitar tone is not bad, but I'd recommend to EQ guitar track better. I guess you could cut everything to 250 Hz (or less, start from 250 and then check lower values). You could also cut a bit at 800 Hz, it helped me a lot to get better sound and check these:

Those things helped me a lot too. Cutting everything from 12 kHz (or higher, or lesser) can be helpful too.

I would also recommend (if you don't want to record the second rhythm guitar track) to copy and past the track you've already got, then pan one on the left (something like 75-80%) and the second one the same way on the right (though you have to set 13 ms delay, so they wouldn't interfere with each other, I don't mean delay as an echo effect only that second track should start 13 ms later than the first one).

All in all keep playing
Nice song The guitar tone is awesome, especially the lead guitar tone. You've got a lot of nice guitar licks there. I like the solo at 3:30 the most. Recording quality and the mix are also good, although I would bring the bass up, because I sometimes got the impression like it wasn't there.

The vocal is good too, you've got nice voice, but I would put at some places more power, energy there. I mean something like "Don't stop me now" by Queen. Generally this song kinda reminds me of Queen and Joe Satriani Keep up the good work.
Great song I've got no complaint. It's composed and produced very well. I like your sound, the riffs and the vocal. I hope to hear something more from you in the future. Keep it up
Thanks for your reviews


The rhythm guitars and the vocal are EQ the same way through the whole song, so I don't know why you got such impression only during the first verse, but you're right and some people mentioned that before too, the vocal track could be a bit louder in the mix.


I know it may sounds weird at some places, because some lines in the lyric are longer and some shorter, but maybe after listening to it a couple of times you'd get use to it and it won't be a problem. There are songs you have to listen a few times before you start to like them, but of course it doesn't have to be like that.

I played the song first and I was kinda confused because I saw the lyric under it and I only heard synth melody, after a while I realized that you probably put it there to imitate the vocal which you add later and then I read your comment

But to the point. I really liked it. The intro is very interesting as same as the riffs you've got there. As for the composition itself, I wouldn't change here anything, it's pretty solid. The only thing I would change though is loudness of the drums and the bass. Imho you should bring them up a bit, especially the bass. Btw. those drums are real or you used some program? Because they sound pretty real to me and if that's some program I'm impressed.

I would also put real vocal instead of that synth, but I guess you already know that

Keep it up and if you want to you can check my song:
I like the idea, though it needs some work. As you already know, the song needs better mix, the vocal is overwhelmed by the music. I'd also work on the drums since 1:26, they seem lacking, I would also add some distortion on the guitars during choruses, but after 1:26, making the first chorus clean, generally that whole part to 1:26 with lacking drums seems to be a fine idea, but after that the drums should be a bit more dynamic, I guess you can start from adding more hi hats and see how it will look like. Nonetheless you're of a good start, keep it up

If you want you can check my song:
Thanks Well I don't listen to them and at first I didn't know that actually I know one of their songs "Money for nothing", but somehow I've never noticed, who's song it is. Cheers
Nice song, but like you've written, the mix is a bit rough, you should definitely fix that. Rhythm guitar sounds nice, though I've got impression like it was a bit out of tune, but maybe because of the mix, I don't know, but sound you chose is great, there's no doubt about it.

As for other things they sound nice too, but the song itself sounds to me more like a rock rather than pop punk, though it has some punkish vibe, but whatever, it's not so important. Keep it up

And if you want you can check my song:
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Thanks a bunch for the crit on my stuff!
Im real impressed by your track. I thought the singing was great through the whole song. Mixing was done well and the bass/drums are pretty solid. I like your arrangement to where it all gets chilled, seems like the songs going to end, and then blam, straight back into the main theme. The only thing I'd maybe change are those string bends too (but thats all been said before). Otherwise, awesome stuff!

Thank you for your critique

Quote by miosanchez
Sorry for the delay for the C4C, it was a busy week. Finally checked it out.

I love the laid back blues vibe on this track. With the vocals and how the song is arranged, I hear a huge Bon Jovi influence. The instrumentals and vocals are pretty solid, vocals also fits the song. There is great execution in the verse, but I am not a fan of the vocals on the chorus (I'm not buying it) part. The bridge is sweet, but I feel there is tons of potential to build up from the section 3:47-4:09, feels a little empty and redundant. Quality is great, and playability is good too. Overall, it's a sweet tune. Looking forward to hear more!

Thanks Actually I don't listen to Bon Jovi, but ok On 3:47-4:09 section, I wanted to change the mood of the song, kinda lower listener's concentration, "put him into trance" then bring him back to the point where he was before, make him feel like he's listening to a two different songs. Something like that... if only that make any sense to anyone else
I've listened to all of your three song and I really like them. Pink Floydesque improv of course needs to be developed into something more, but you already know that. News paper is my fav, but could use some better mix, there's not enough space in the mix for all the instruments, all of them should be better hearable and lead guitar is too loud. Nonetheless you've got many nice licks there. As for the Forever, it could be fine intro for an album or a song, though I'd wish to hear after it ends some strong, powerful guitar riffs. Keep up the good work

And if you want to you can check my song:
Thank you for the crit. Well I had to pan guitars on intro part 100% on left and right side, because when they were closer, they interfered with each other too much and it gave unpleasant effect.
I listened to both of them. They are nice composition, playing is tight, your sound is also good as same as the production. Will you now has nice synth solo, but I prefer vocals on Quite a Lot and I guess I would be also my fav. Keep it up.
Nice song You've got really good riffs there. The solo is also awesome, but as you've already written it needs to be louder. I would also add some bass and turn down rhythm guitar tracks a bit. The drums will be better hearable, but it's not so bad. Keep it up I've also noticed you're of Polish descent, great

And if you have some time you can check my song:
Thanks Well I guess some sounds might sound a bit off, because my guitar doesn't tune on fretboard like it used to. I need to set it up, but other than that when I started to use thicker strings, that cuts for strings you've got in the nut, got deeper, so it's harder to set up now. All that bends are one step bends and it's obvious, so I don't know why I write this, but when I bend a string like that, I bend it to the point, when the sound matchs the sound two frets farther and when it's off... Other than that I guess I've never learned to bend so perfectly, like I should.

Thanks for the crit
For example what? From Japanese bands I only know "Maximum the Hormone" and "Metal Safari".
Me too, you've done well Did you come up with it by yourself? If yes you've got talent. I've never tried to rearrange others songs. Well I thought about turning some classical melody into some rock/metal stuff, but I didn't have any idea. It's not so easy, so I definitely give you credit for that. Recording quality and the mix are also nice, though I suppose that the bass could be brought up a bit. Overall great work, keep it up

And if you want to you can check my song:
Nice song Like it has already been written, it definitely needs some vocal, but it's promising and that's important, and like Joshua1207 wrote intro kinda reminds of some Japanese cartoons but it's nothing bad. The mix needs some work, but instruments are placed well. So good luck with your demo

And if you want to you can check my song here:
It's really nice melody and like gurreu wrote very relaxing tempo. Besides quality of the recording is pretty awesome. Did you use real amp and some mic? Drums also sounds a bit real not like you composed them in EzDrummer, or they are real too? As for the mixing it's good, although I would turn down guitars a bit and bring the bass up, because in my opinion there is a bit too much space in it, but it's up to taste. Instruments are placed well. Your song also reminds me of Pearl Jam is some way.

Cheers and if you have some time
One year ago I posted here a blues song idea, I came up with. Now since I found a singer for that song, I'd like to present you its new rearranged version with vocal.

I hope you'll like it
It's really nice song, in some way it reminds me of some 40's music. Although I've got small feeling that your guitar is a bit out of tune or you just hitting unfitting note, nonetheless I don't find it annoying. Your voice sounds nice and as for the mix itself, like it was said before you had to set something bad, because the vocals sometimes overdrive. I would also EQ the rest of the tracks a bit different to give the instruments more space, especially at parts where the song overdrives. Cutting low and mid-low frequencies might help a bit or it might be just bad usage of compressor and limiter... I have problem to make really good mixes on my own... so That drumish thing you do, could also be a little bit louder.

Overall it's nice composition with a lot of potential, but it needs to be recorded in better quality or at least fixed on the mix and the mastering. Nevertheless I still enjoyed it as it is.

StrangeDaze- Thank you for your review.
Nice song, but I agree it sounds a bit distant. The drums could've been louder and you could add there some bass, because it affects the song. Your guitar playing is good, as well as the composition itself, so keep it up. Cheers
Greendaz, -Blue- Thanks for you reviews. Well like I've already written, there should be vocal there, so repetitiveness isn't something extraordinary in songs made for vocal, though I suppose it could be more complex, I could add some new riffs or at least some guitar licks here and there, I thought about it, but first it would be better to put there some vocal and then decide what to do later.
I really like it It has some Greek music vibe to me. It's composed well, I can't really say anything bad about it. As for the mix loudness of the drums seem ok to me, but hi-hat, cymbals could be louder, and this would be my only complain. Keep it up
Quote by aaron aardvark
The "tighter" it is, the more precise the timing is with the playing (that is musician's slang in English). The opposite of that would be "loose". At the other extreme, if a synthesizer or drum machine is controlled by a sequencer, and the timing is too precise, it will sound rather machine-like, and sometimes that is not wanted. With electric guitar, real drums, or electric bass, something played by an actual human, being too precise in timing is rarely a problem.

Ok thanks.

Quote by jmako
just started up. the intro riff is cool but not something I would associate with funk so i was a bit taken aback. funk generally doesnt have that much distortion, speaking of which im not a huge fan of the guitar tone here. its hard to describe here but it sounds a bit hollow. i dont mind it when chords are being strummed but on individual notes it sounds a bit plasticy. the bass is a bit too low ( i actually just remembered there was bass in it and listened for it and could pick it out but i wasnt hearing it before that). i dont mean this in a bad way but i wouldnt introduce this song as funk to people because its a good rockin number but people that are expecting that funk element could be put off by the tone of the guitar and the lack of presence from the bass. i think i see what you mean because the song has that jam to it that gets you up and moving but at least to me, the element of funk opens up an entirely different realm.

would you like to check out my new track and leave some feedback?

Well yeah, this song definitely doesn't have funky tone, it's too heavy and I agree that it's more rock stuff, rather than funk, I just called it like that, cause like you wrote it has that small jam, although I had second thoughts as for the name, when I was uploading it. Thank for the crit

Quote by Poisonouspot
really nice song, the tone suits it(even if its a bit heavy) but overall i really enjoyed it, it isn't what i imagined when I clicked play but I really enjoyed it

Thank you
Nice song but I agree it would be better, if you used it as an intro for something, rather than an individual song, though I guess it could be used in some movie, but then it would have to be a bit longer and a little bit more complex. Nonetheless you've got something good here. The only complain I've got is that guitar parts could be a bit louder in the mix. Keep up the good work.

I you have some time you can check my song:
You did fine job, both mix and playing are good, composition is really nice , though I would rather use it as an outro for some song rather than individual song. It reminds me of Soulfly in some way and actually I can't say anything bad about it, so keep it up
It's really great song I can't say anything bad about it, both mix and composition sound very professional and it reminds me of Misery Signals Keep up the good work
kschaef, KDawgAtsu Thank you for your comments
Nice intro, though I would use it as an intro for a whole album, rather than for a song placed in the middle of it and I guess you could add some lead guitar or just some guitar licks here and there. If you use it somewhere, I think that you should put some powerful melodic song after it, some metalcore/melodic death metal song or something like that. Though I don't know whether you play such kind of music or not. Nonetheless it's good.

Cheers and if you have some time
Your song has some potential, but like Heliotrope wrote it needs some work. The very first thing you have to improve is your singing, sound of your voice is nice, but technique is pretty bad and at some places it seemed like the guitar is out of tune a bit. As for the mix, the guitar could be louder and there's no bass. You should record it or compose it in some program, because it affects the song. Although there's some Nirvana/Offspring vibe in your song, which is nice, cause I like these bands.

Cheers and if you have some time you can check my song
Both of the songs sound well. Like monwobobbo wrote "Inside your head" sounds like the song of some 80's professional band, as for "44 Magnum Opus", which I prefer, it sounds very epic, especially the first part, I guess If I were you, I would do it whole in such style. Nonetheless good work on that. Cheers
Nice song, I really enjoyed it. You composed it well, cause even if you repeat some riffs in the song a few times, it doesn't seem repetitive, which is good. The drums are ok, maybe you could use some other program (you used EzDrummer?), maybe Superior or Addictive Drums, but in the end their sound fits your guitar sound, which is also nice. The song could use a little bit more bass though, guitar solo is out of key at some places and of course it would be nice to hear it with some vocal.

Cheers and keep it up
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I like it dude! I agree, a little less gain wouldn't hurt. Some interesting riffs though, espescially around 2:30 haha, that sounds great!

If you wouldn't mind, could you check my stuff out?:

Keep it up dude!


Quote by aaron aardvark
Sounds like the 70's (fine by me). To me this is purely rock as opposed to funk.....well maybe a little funky at times, but that is not important. I agree it could use some vocals. Around ~2:00 the playing could be tighter. The riffs are good. Audio quality is pretty good. Please review my music at this link:

Thank you What do you mean by tighter? It's in time and generally I wanted to do two different melodies there... well actually three melodies, but Ron couldn't come up with anything on the bass.