Well it's going to be hard for me to to find my way around the site as I have chosen spanish over german during my university years
The distortions are amazing. Hands down the third won wins
But we do all agree that having an actual drummer can be quite a relief for us ?
Your translator is not working :P
Hello there friend !

I'm not a drummer neither. Unfortunately, us guitarists and bassists will be narrowed in creativity while writing drums ( du to the playing limits, if you don't know how to play an instrument, all that is left is theory ), but that doesn't stop us from writing straight forward nice beats. It won't be gavin harisson level, but it will still be decent.

Some cool tricks :

A drummer actually taught me this trick, for each palm mute, do a kick. Sounds simple and in the mix it sounds pretty neat.

Another drummer taught me this : Don't crash every starting bar, hit a crash on important rhythmical changes to accentuate the transition from chord X to chord Y.
Oatmeal has a variety of sounds you can use.

Give it a try.
It's a pretty cool song. As for the mix, it's missing out some stereo my friend. Are the guitars double tracked ? Where is the bass ?
Well hey man, if you have the money for it, why the hell not ?

It's like eating a steak at buffalo or at entrecote. Same steak, price difference is about 20 euros, but you get better treatment for the other, even though the outcome is the same for both, in the other case you had a more pleasant time.

It's the same thing for softwares to be honest. I really advise you to stick to one recording tool, and pick the one that is more comfortable to you. Don't go cubase or protools just because some people often say they use them. I use fruity loops, probably the least recommended software of them all, but I'm used to it and I know most functions and it allows me easier recording and therefore I save time.

If you are familiar with Sonar and Reaper, then there is no need to upgrade in my opinion, because if you do, it's going to be time consuming to get used to the program and settings.
Quote by oneblackened

So here is a rough mix of a math rock band that I'm recording. Crits?

Listening to it as I type.

All your instruments are very clean, your mixing is great, however I would watch out for that cymbal, it's too high for my taste it's doing that crashy sound. You might want to control that and it will be a 10/10 for me.
To think about it, it's not a volume thing that intrigues me, the volume is good, but I would tweak a bit with the high frequencies, maybe cut the ones that stand out too much.

Else, I'm giving you 9,5/10 for the production. Great job.
Hello there !

It definitely has something to do with the volume, as I believe this problem only happens when you don't have an external audio mixer/card plugged into your pc, so you are using a soundcard ( just like I do ), so to fix this problem, lower the volume from your guitar first, keep strumming your chords until you get no distortion.

Next, get a free noise gate vst, and place it as an effect on your recording bus ( or track, or whatever you call them ).

Higher the noise gate until there is no hiss, but be careful not to overdo this as it kills a bit your tone.

Now if this is not your problem, then I believe it must be a software problem and therefore if it's getting passed 0 db of master volume, clipping happens, so check for volume settings.

N.B : For general culture, clipping is the phenomena where your audio wave has no longer space available so it has to curve a bit to fit since our technology is limited to the audio space that is 0 db the great limit before clipping. ( to simplify it a bit )
Thanks a lot friend ! It's my most recent song. The project is 2 years old, the rest of the stuff is not as mature as it is now. I now control my production easier so I can focus on song writing better. And I'm getting less metalish with the time
Lol no, they call faders the small things you lower and you higher for the volume

But for signal peaks, faders won't really help you
Good luck processing the vocal tracks without some sort of compressor !
Hello everyone,

I used to be a noob in recording, and if some of the old users still lurk around they might remember me as they helped me a lot.

I learned a lot throughout the years, and specially thanks to this forums and the feedbacks I got on my recordings, also personal experience helped a bit.

I would like to return the favor now by making this thread.

If you have any mixing / recording , go ahead and ask me and I ll do my best to answer it.
Friend of azkaban, stop it before you spend a single dime on recording !

Guess what my friend of azkaban ! You can do everything for free and still get great production !

However you will be needing to dig deep for some cool free vsts.

For your guitar, you just need a clean input, you don't even need an audio interface, but one would be better to avoid having some problems with the mixing hissing and stuff.

Then, you need some impulses for them guitar sounds!

Then for the bass, same thing!

Drums : Find yourself a nice drum vst, I personally use superior drummer, but it's not free. Haven't found anything free worth using.

Synthesizers : Many free vsts out there, all of them are great.

Vocals : You just need a microphone and a compressor.

As for the mastering, I suggest you start practicing the mixing first friend, when you have accomplished that, do another thread and I ll be glad to help you out.

Give a homie some love and feedback. I don't care about the likes counts or whatever. just tell me what you think.

One man band, ambient progressive rock music
I'm looking for a vocalist or vocalists for an online release I'm working on.

I can sing myself, but I'm more of a soft rocker singer.

I'm kinda doing some heavier music, need vocals with a grungy voice into it.

I'm 24, and I want to be able to release a good freaking release before I graduate and start working as an engineer where I would probably no longer have the time for it.

It's gonna be very simple music, but production oriented. So I'm playing simple catchy riffs with huge emphasis on production and sound quality. No 13/8, 5/3 odd time signatures, no djent riffs, no nothing. Some old school P.O.D like riffs ( Knowing I used to be a heavy progressive metal fan )

Drums, bass, guitar vocals. Nothing more.

If interested, pm me.
Quote by Mauzer1337
Prominy SR5 Rock Bass! Seriously, you won't regret it. I use it for all my recordings for pretty much the same reasons as you. Ultra realistic, and if you pair it with a good bass amp VST, it's killer.

Out of curiosity went in to check most of these vsti's demo, and this one is by far the most realistic one I have ever heard in my life !

I immediately ordered it!
I personally love this thread !
Someone sticky this already !
Hey odirun, you're definitely doing something you're not telling us. The leads fit so well with the rhythms, you are definitely scooping out some frequencies! TELL !
Wow buddy that mix is amazing , so clean
I think he can call it EP, heard that stuff on the original recording section,imperfect, but pretty close to studio quality.

As for the topic starter, I advise you to spare yourself to hassle and go to a studio, that way you would have a less work to do, and focus more on the advertisement.
Good gracious mother nature who hath sent its wrath upon us !

What an incredible EP! How on earth did you manage to get such a good mix with DFH??? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU hahaha

nah seriously ! This is quality death metal ! So much anger ! And the music, it's very original, I can't compare you to any band. I hear so much influences.

Excellent job ! Pm'd you for a question related to the mix
"Budget is around 150 USD."

I thought M-Audio's ranged from 400 to 700

Edit : Never mind, I'm a total douche.

I want to get an interface, what do you advice me guys ? I don't want pro tools. Just the interface, regardless of the price.
Alright, so I've seen a lot of people who make videos using softwares like Hypercam.

I can't figure out something by myself:

How do you record, by getting both, the microphone and the pc sound ?
Suppose I want to put a DAW tutorial, I will be needing my microphone, and I will be needing to hear the sounds in the DAW.
Hey guys, I finally got it !

My question is, how do you load a preset ?

I copy pasted the file into the directory, but it doesn't seem to load in the vsti itself.
Marco Sfogli releasezz him albonnnnnn on reaper
I don't get the metronome method. What is that actually ?
Quote by FireHawk
FL is an amazing now a days. I use to use Cubase and much prefer FL Studio...the biggest problem with FL is the tempo change and you can't change time sigs during song...but its not hard to get around either if you just make your own metronome which takes like 30 seconds.

When it was still called Fruity Loops it was a very weak program.

Also FL currently doesn't work with out dual booting on Mac but that is about to change:

"The FL Studio team announced in early September 2011 that they are seeking experienced FL Studio users with a registered copy of FL Studio to test a beta version that runs natively on Mac OS X. According to the thread on the Image-Line forum in which they announced this information, the Mac version will run in a customized CrossOver wrapper, a Windows emulator/wrapper, which doesn't require the user to install neither CrossOver nor Boot Camp. Beta testing will start sometime late September or early October of 2011."

I found a pretty easy solution for tempo changes.

Export your drums as wave and reimport
With my FL edition, I can do anything.

I don't see why you guys say it's a bad program. I have pretty much full control over my tracks
Then mate I really feel down now. Payed 1200 $ for a 4 GB RAM
LOL awesome thread!
Do you guys get arrested for killing a chicken in USA ?

Seems like a cool country. In here, they don't give a damn about chickens !

I <3 chickens
For 1000 $ you can get a pretty good laptop fo recordinz
I'd say mic ! I've been struggling with amp simulation a lot lately. So I had to modify a lot to get the sound I want.

But nothing beats my amp ! And soon I'm buying a mic to start recording from my amp.

Don't get me wrong, you can get amazing sound from Amp simulations.

I just haven't figured out how yet
Yes !

Actually, to get the sound from your amp, you have to use a mic instead, and plug that mic into your Tascam.

However if you want to plug in your guitar directly, plug it, and now you can use Guitar RIg
1) I want to record my jams, and some tunes that I have, and I believe that with the gear that I have I may be able to do so. But, I always read things like "Guitar Rig" or "guitar processor", what are those?

Guitar Rig are amp simulation programs. If you don't have an amp, you can use those. They generate close sounds, but amps are way better.

2) Lets say I want to record my vocals. But I also want to add some effects, like for example, Reverb or Distorted, or Robotic or that voice effect that Green day uses in the interlude of American Idiot (like the voice is from a radio or something like that). How do I do that?

It really depends on how you want the voice.
If it's a robotic effect like daft punk, you can use a Vocoder program to emulate a roboish sound.
As for reverbs, it's available in your recording software.

3) I dont have a Bass guitar, and tough I would love to get one, it's not in my current budget. So, how could I emulate that bass through my guitar? I believe that here enters the Guitar rig soft that I mentioned earlier?

You got to ask yourself, do you want the bass to just fill in the lower frequencies and give you the boom effect in the songs, or you want the bass to have a melodic role in the song ?

The first part is pretty easy to do and using even bass midi works. The second is much much harder, because you can't hide the sound anymore and the only solution is to get a real bass. I personally don't like the bass VST's they sound really horrible.

4) Which software could I use to create drum beats, that doesn't sound midi like? I mean, is there a software that I could design a pattern, and then it plays but with real drum sound? And could i have each drum in a separate track so that i could EQ it accordingly?

Search for Drum VSTi
many great programs such as Supperior 2/ Battery 3

5) Whats a PreAmp, and what is it purpose?

A preamp is something you put before the amp to process the signal.
I was just joking
According to my armenian friends, Ararat is a mountain where the genocide occurred. So I thought you were turkish

To not seem that counter productive , I'm going to contribute to this topic by saying that synchronization is probably the best method I know.

Like the other poster said, record yourself with a cam, and meanwhile get an multitracker to record the whole band. Then replace the sound with the recording