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krieg is gay dont bother.

do sal.

gotta get legendary weapons they make life worth living.

Don't listen to this.
Krieg is hella fun.
Get a love thumper and a rapier.
Spec into bonus explosive damage, pull the pin and the one that lets you throw dynamite in fight for your life.
Suicide bomb enemies.
Win game.
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Hngg. I kinda want to get a quad set of 2133MHz DDR3 for my 18, but it's like $200 since only Kingston makes it. I dig Corsair's stuff (and aesthetically, I prefer it) but they only make the Vengeance up to 1866MHz in laptop DDR3, and that's not worth paying for in my case.

RAM prices make me sad. It's doubled in price since I bought mine
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wiio is sold.

missing it already

This is a sad day. Every WIIO version I've played has been amazing in its own, unique way.
Don't get the DC Brick; it's a daisy chain in a box. You'd be better off just getting a One Spot ($30-$40). For a real power supply, Voodoo Labs ISO-5, PP2/PP2+, BBE Supa Charger or a TRex Fuel Tank Jr. are all good options.
Si senor. BL2 is also amazing at that resolution, but some of it's menus are wonky. I can hit >60 FPS now though, so I can deal.
Picked up a Corsair AX760i to replace the second defective HX850. Hopefully this one works
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Spec'ing out my little bro's birthday build. Think it's gonna be

Processor - Intel 4670k
Mobo - Asrock Z87E
Case - Bitfenix Prodigy
PSU - Corsair TX650
RAM - 16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro @ 1600MHz
Cooling - Corsair H100i w/ Cougar Vortex fans in push-pull
Boot SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
HDD - WD Caviar Black 2TB

Should work out to ~$1200-1300 with a copy of Windows. Should also be a ****ing beast almost on par with my machine before I threw in another GPU.

Dang. Prices down there look a bit lower than up here. Mine ran me $1000 when I built it, and I built to lower specs at the time.
Went out and bought a new PSU and video card today. Get everything installed and ready to go, and I find out the PSU is DoA.
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I just want to see what it would look like.

I have the hair, it's just not brown...yet.

Still overrated. It turns into another chore.
Just saw BB King and Dog Blood (Skrillex and Boys Noize). My body's going to shut down now.
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Frank Turner is the ****ing man, loved everyone of his albums to date. Poetry of the Deed might be one of my favourites ever.

Anyone played any of the Fallout 3 DLC for xbox? Wondering what I should invest in. Really enjoying this play through of it.

Broken Steel's worth it. It does a great job of extending the game.
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Rush or Trailer Park Boys? Either answer is acceptable

HNPD then! As long as it's not Adma's then we're all good.

Rush. Bluesfest is a wonderful time here in Ottawa.
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I can't get enough of Bubbles. The guy that plays him (name escapes me right now, last name is Smith I think) is actually a really talented musician. I loved the episode with Rush where he played Closer to the Heart with Alex.

Gonna see them on Monday
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Stealth kills on Fallout are super satisfying. Nothing like killing something so hard that it bursts from miles away with a scoped magnum.

I'm still a fan of pocket grenades.
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I got a response back from the people who I bought the computer from. I don't think they're going to help me, they just responded with all this random stuff about how you can crack programs to play them and download weird codecs from these weird ass Chinese websites. They recommended VLC, which plays anything in shit house quality. Think I'm just going to grab a retail copy of Windows 7 and be done with it.

On the plus side, I managed to run a few games today and the quality is excellent. The graphics are stellar, everything is high quality and big frame rates. Load times are nearly non existent and the actual time it takes to load games up is super fast. Geekbenched it again today and clocked 11400 on 32 bit, gonna grab the 64 bit one and check it out. I don't really feel the need to overclock it really, it runs perfect without it.

Make sure you can't get it for free through your university. And if you can't, see if you have a friend in engineering or comp sci who can but doesn't need it.
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Okay seriously, what in the **** was the point in putting in a blu ray disk drive when windows 8 refuses to play dvd's or blu rays without having windows 8 pro and the media centre pack which costs $249.

Seriously should've opted to have 7 put on, I didn't realise it would be this bad.

wat. Even if you use another media player like VLC? Can you get Win 8 Pro through your school?
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ACR was still way better than the last one. i felt like snapping the disk the end was so bad. but if you are a fan of the series you have no option but to finish it.

also why are the bringing out another one after that abortion or a game?

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Grabbed a K70 while out at Micro Center earlier. Kick ass keyboard for sure, though I do wish there was a bit more of a tactile click when hitting keys.

That's what I like about it I tried the Cherry Blue switches, and I just couldn't deal with that click they have. I'm really glad Corsair released the K70 and 95. They make a lot more sense than the K60 and 90 did.

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I guess I've never really tried a stealth game properly. I might grab AC or something when the PC arrives.

AC is an absolutely beautiful game. My favourite will always be either ACII or ACB simply because of what a good job they did recreating Italy.

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BioShock infinite ****ed with my mind.

Although the new Borderlands DLC was the best i've played. Had real life meaning unlike the last 3 and the main story. It was about dealing with loss and death and was really like woah wtf where did this come from i thought this game was silly.


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I still haven't even come close to finishing Borderlands 2. Never really got into it on XBox. Should have bought it for PC.

Pick it up when the summer sale happens, it's an amazing game. There are so many hilarious things about it. And the guns. So many guns.

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the last game i played was AC3 or whatever the last one was. dear god that had the shittiest story of all time.

I'm slowly playing through that. I just can't get into it for some reason. ACR was such crap that it pretty much killed any future games in the series for me.
Whatever works for you, man. I know the Blackwidow's are fairly popular. My stepdad actually has one
I'm mostly just not a fan of their aesthetics and I don't like how clicky the Cherry Blues are.
I actually had a K90 and decided to get the K70 later because I wasn't using the macros. Also, the K90 isn't full mechanical, but the K70 is. If you really want macros, wait for the K95 to come out.

My build's a mid-tower, and the parts aren't too bad. I could definitely have room for more and to force more power out of it too.
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It's only 5" bigger than my laptop screen, but it just feels giant. I'm super duper tempted to order a second one of these and run two. That would be amazing.

Gor for 3. It's glorious.
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H8 u. Trying to plan out my next build. I think I'm gonna say **** it and just build another one around November/December once stuff goes on sale, and hopefully a 790 will be out by then. Wanna shove a 4770k on a Maximus VI Impact into a Bitfenix Prodigy, using a 790 for the GPU. Seasonic X650 should fit and provide 650W, along with being really quiet. Can definitely fit two 2x120 rads in there for water cooling, if I give up the optical drive. Otherwise I dunno. Think I'll order the case relatively soon (only $80) and make some measurements and modify it if necessary. Will be like 1/4 the size of my current case and 1/3 the weight. And outperform it if I manage to shove a 790 (or Titan I guess if there's no 790 by the end of the year) in it.

EDIT: I also need to get a really nice mechanical keyboard... Using a cheap piece of crap I bought at Radio Shack. Though I've got a $130 MMO7 mouse.

I'mma be so jealous if you use the Prodigy. I'm a big fan of Bitfenix's cases. I've got the Raider now, but have been eyeing that one for a while.

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Yea, but that build is gonna wind up stupid expensive, just because of whatever GPU I wind up using. The 790 is sure to be over $1k, more likely $1.2k+. But if I want SLI in a mini-ITX enclosure, it's the only option. Titan would be $1k, but not as nice.

And TBH, I'm not the biggest fan of Razer's stuff. They're always quick to replace it in case of damage, but everything I've owned from them has crapped out really quickly.

I'd avaoid Razer too. I had a Naga Hex for a little and between the driver/software for it and it's cheap feel, I was just not a fan. For keyboards, I love my Corsair K70. Cherry Reds are where it's at.
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3770, Nvidia GTX650 Ti, 3rd Gen i7, Intel H77 mobo 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD with the OS installed on it, 2TB HDD and Windows 8 64 bit. Not the fanciest specs, but certainly a lot for what I need.

3770 or 3770k? Either way, not bad
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Any suggestions for games to grab off steam once the computer gets here and is set up? Considering grabbing Half-Life considering I've never actually played it. Or just something super fun.

Steam summer sale is coming up. Just wait for it to hit and then buy everthing. Make sure to check out Mass Effect and Civ 5 too.

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That makes my throat swell up just by looking at it.

League of Legends is a great game.

If you can find decent people to play with, it sure is.

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isnt tube better than solid state for PC's?

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They said about $150 on top for it.

For SSD and install? Doesn't seem bad. You know what SSD is going in?
Totally missed that. I haven't been checking too often
That's fair about the price.
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Sent a message to the guys with my computer asking them how much it would be to put in a SSD with the OS on it. With tax return coming, why the hell not?

Why not build it yourself? It's basically Lego, and you'll be able to get a bit more out of your money.
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I feel you. My set up is relatively quiet, save for my GPU, which I want to liquid cool as well eventually. Have the 3 fan Gigabyte 680OC, and it's super noisy once the temps hit 60C or so and the fans ramp up, which is about the only situation watercooling would really help with noise. Really need to get another pair of monitors for Eyefinity. And yea, I could do external WC, but that's not terribly mobile and I do want to be able to move it relatively easily should I need to. Just bought a new Alienware though, so that might not be as critical for my next build.

I'm not sure how the Nvidia cards handle surround, but I know with the AMDs, if you don't run all 3 off the same display format you get tearing because the clocks get messed up. I cant really get around it because my card only has two Mini DPs. Might be worth looking into for you.

My issue with external water cooling isn't portability, buy principle. I'd just prefer to have all major components contained in one place.
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**** go get the torgue DLC its fantastic!

I have them all, and I'm starting to play through them. I've just been playing other games too.

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I dunno if it's necessary, TBH. Biggest reason I'll be using it for my next build is to get (more) ridiculous overclocks out of the whole system, and because it sort of makes up for the relatively poor airflow in most mid tower cases. Currently top out at 4.9GHz on my 3770k using a Corsair H80 liquid cooler, which is about equivalent to a nice air cooler in performance. I want to hit 5.5GHz on my next build though.

It's definitely not super necessary for me. I'm comfortably at 4.0GHz on my 3570k with an Hyper 212 EVO, but the damn thing's stupid loud. For now, I can manage, but that's because my computer's sitting in the laundry room. At the beginning of next month our basement will be finished and I'll actually have a proper bedroom. It'll be moving down there, and I'd like it to be quiet. I could manage to work out an external water cooling system with this case, but I'd really prefer to have it internal.

We'll see though. I might swap out my graphics card instead to fix the tearing I get in Eyefinity, and I'm planning on replacing my laptop soon.
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you there. are you as excited for Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragons Keep as i am?!

Si senor. I still haven't actually played the other three yet though
But when I do, I'm going to be playing it in glorious Eyefinity.
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Yea, but it's sick.

True. I actually might have to pick up a new case relatively soon. I'm considering switching to water cooling.
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My dick is so hard right now. Will definitely be my next case. In between a mid-tower and full-tower, 20lbs unloaded and has the ability to put 2 480mm rads in it. Now to just figure out if I'm gonna build something this year, or wait until next year.

Dang that's pricey.
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Got him to level 61 last week. He's good for just running around belting shit.
I mainly play with Gaige though I love her. And Maya.

I started with Maya and just picked up Kreig and Gaige. I'm probably having the most fun with Gaige. Anarchy and shotguns or any Jacobs weapon is just too good.
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i got this finished yesterday.

Have you played Krieg yet? You have to play Krieg.
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Can anyone give their opinion on my board?

Guitar > Digitech Whammy > MXR BlueBox > Russian Big Muff >Boss BF2 > Digitech Digiverb > Alesis Quadraverb > Digitech Bad Monkey > Boss TR2 > VisualSounds Delay > Amplifier

Sorry if off topic.

Why the Bad Monkey so far down the chain? Also, I'm a bit curious why you need the Digitech Reverb with the Alesis. Overall, not bad though.
I'll get the box sent out by tomorrow. Sorry I've held onto it so long. There's really no excuse. :/
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Check out Norma Jean.

Specifically the album Redeemer.