Banned because I simply don't know what the hell is going on.

I suppose I'd get banned here for listening to David Guetta right now?
The guy that presents it starts to annoy me when he obviously desperately tries to find his "odd" habits like bringing his own tissue paper.

I use the blow dryer (almost wrote blowjob) on myself when I get out of the shower.

Edit:They put that as an "unusual habit", but I thought it was still cool.
I don't see anything wrong with it. It isn't as if they are benefiting the community, when the state/community is drained by certain people's inactivity.
Asus is pretty good (except for the technical support which I heard was pretty bad but I haven't used it).

You get good value for money (even more so than Dell) and the laptops do look pretty good.
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I get up and walk to the fridge a lot even if I'm just getting a sip of something.

I quite often go to the fridge, open it, close it and walk away.
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but scho schweet.

paparazzi piccha. i`m the blue in green.

I really didn't recognise you there..

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Reminds me of someone I know.

I get it but I don't see how it is funny.

He put his meat (dick/sausages/chicken) in your girlfriend/barbeque..
I've found 90% of my music on that site.
Only 16k for me!

(I am 21).

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If you've ever had a friend who is going through a drinking and drug abuse you know it's not particularly fun...

You are being overly sensitive to it and if we can't laugh about the depressing parts of life we are pretty screwed.
If I was your friend and you did this to me I wouldn't be offended I'd maybe facepalm and feel like a bit of a fool but I wouldn't be offended. I think people are being a little over sensitive. I think it is hilarious. I wouldn't be able to contain myself if I was in the car and knew.

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Plus the emotinal distress you're putting your friend through...

They aren't ending a 50 year marriage..

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If I was your friend and you came clean I'd say 'dude, that's not funny, my fucking cousin is a drug addict,' make it totally convincing, and laugh as your face falls.

That's also hilarious.
Interesting that there are a lot with blue.

Orange t-shirt? Awesome. I want one..

I usually wear black but I am wearing green right now.
Don't always give them what they want (and maybe tease them a little with it) because then they will want it more.
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My idea is to get a cargo ship, fill all the cargo crates with Navy SEALS, and let them take control of that....

Stack them tight.
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I can't stand him for some reason, I know some of his stuff is funny, but I can't bring myself to watch him. Same with Peter Kay, bog standard Blackpool comedy acts get on my nerves... In fact Blackpool in general gets on my nerves and I've never even been there

I am the same. I don't like Lee Evan's voice he seems to put on when he does his act.
I don't care about what people do every minute and I really couldn't be bothered to tell people what I am doing.
Is this satire?

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Download still looks better. Unless Pearl Jam decide to play again. In which case they should have a Pearl Jam day, where it's simply Pearl jam rotating to different stages for two different sets- unplugged and fully live.

I think I am only going to Download for the just atmopshere (friends and whatnot - drunk, music.. other things ) I would love it if Pearl Jam played at Download.

Bloodstock did look really good before some of the bands pulled out.
Songwriter, I am obviously picking the one that I evidently won't be.
What the hell does wondeer mean? I am having difficulty finding it in my dictionary.
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Har har. How old are you? Or maybe you just recently heard that there was a country named Turkey?

Sounds like you just have.

It seems to go up even when I am not posting on the forum or perhaps I am just visiting my own profile.
I was at the vending machine and this girl brushed tightly past me. Oh, I was thrilled.
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You should be happy he took that.

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Top this.

I was onlyv going out with her for 2-3 weeks or so.

but her birthday was really soon so ibought this 90$ necklace. ( ive spent over 300 dollars on her already)

my friend and i planned a party for her. people were drinking and smoking....

i mixed drinks >.<
we left the party with everyone and went to burger. i threw up like a beast

then we went to the train station,

little did i know, my switchblade wasnt on safety and it opened in my pocket

she broke up with me
broke the necklace
my leg got stabbed deep
and she didnt give a ****

i go to the hospital with my parents.
after a body analysis i figure outt heres a dangerous tumor in my chest.

i got it removed the next week though but ****. one fo the worst days of my life.

The whole situation kind of saved your life then and I suppose it wasn't that bad!
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is it just me or does all guitarists nowadays look like clean cut fashion thumpers


I don't know why I am posting here either.

I don't have a hunched back.

I am on the far left.
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Drop 'em boyo.

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I r moduhl
That mark is a lip ring btw

It isn't spot.. that turned black with terrible hygiene?

Wooahh.. crazy hair.
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put your hands up and step away from the synthesizer

1. Viking Sax
2. Korpiklaani - Before the Morning Sun (folk dancing?) or Norther - Final Countdown
3. The Genie from The Thief of Bagdad
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I've seriously never thought of that, I colour it automatically now.

It sounds like too much effort to me.
How amusing.

No comment on if it has happened to me..
Always good to have friends.
I don't know why I am asking UG for advice. :P

There is this girl that does not leave me alone, she practically follows me around in nightclubs, moans about how lonely she is. She used to ask the same question everyday on msn "Got any plans for today?” I have also been in an awkward situation where she was drunk.

I would rather not look like the dickhead and say "I don't like you in that way, now leave me alone. "
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Ya it's embarrassing to finally realize how your parents made you happen isn't it?

You only say that 'cause you're old.

At primary school on sport's day there was a parent's race. I wanted my Dad to go up but it had already started but he got up, ran, tripped up flailing dirt up into the air - what a nutter.
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When people say "I could care less" instead of "couldn't" care less.

I also find that annoying.