Faded jeans, with a black t-shirt..
That creepy, Mabye ur parents lit them before they left or is it just parnormal activity going on in ur house, ?
I like very little of it, I tend to listen to heavy metal or metal, sometimes rock,
But hiphop has its areas for me,
I like Foo fighters, But I moslty like heavy metal or metal,
And they r nice guys.
And then he banned me !,
I saw it. Left straight after. NOT WORTH IT!
School fights happen dude, Don't worry about it! Let them decide for themself,
Metal - Betallicka
Mettallica is a very good band !
Zak Wylde from Black Label Socioety and Zak is also from Ozzy Osbourne,
Guitar Pro 6 is very good software for new guitarists. I'm still using it and havent even got halfway though it!, U can download guitar tabs for the program on UG (UltimateGuitar), I would recommend this software to guitarists.
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I'd say the same thing it is like looking into hell!