Try freeing up the 100-600 range.
Seems counter-intuitive when you want more bass, but if you can free up those frequencies on the other instruments, you might find the bass guitar would work much better and solve your issue. I find muddiness occurs mostly when there is too much in the low end, so your bass might just be overloading it.

Its hard to say without hearing the song however.
If I may make a suggestion, your drums sound very robotic.
Try giving them a more human velocity.
Quote by oneblackened
Ah, I figured you meant the "sub-bass", which is like 20-50Hz. And honestly, those frequencies aren't THAT important outside of movies.

They're more important then you may think.
For example, they're extremely prominent in clubs, but I have been advised so many times never to mix through headphones. They'll definatly do the job, but you won't get a result as good as if you had used monitors. Mixes should always be tested through multiple speakers anyway once completed.
Quote by oneblackened
That's actually not true. Depending on the set of headphones, sometimes the bass is actually truer than in monitors.

Sub-frequencies meaning the frequencies that are typically felt not heard.
You do not feel them accurately or at all in headphones and they are near impossible to mix.

I was given this advice by numerous professional mixers.
One of which was a producer who works rather frequently for Universal.
Trust me.

You miss all your sub-frequencies by mixing in headphones.
Buy a pair of studio monitors.
That was so damn fun to breakdown NB.
Thats awesome.

I threw it down 7 semitones and it still sounds awesome.
My opinions completely bias because I really don't like this kind of music.
But I found it extremely boring.
Quote by kylendm
29-44 was pretty cool. Everything before it was a bit boring though. I may be a bit biased though because I didn't like the original song.

I hear you man.
Those bars were the entire reason I wrote the cover.
I don't participially like the original song either. Just that chorus riff
really blows me away.

Thanks heaps for checking it out!
Quote by xbitmetal
Plz no slap bass like this. Drums are boring, otherwise this is cool. Or not actually bar 20-onwards boring shit till acoustig guitar. And yes, very overused the last riff. However as generic it is, it's good.

No slap bass, and better drums and u have cool material.
First riff was really cool. The second was overused/generic, and could have been worked out better way.

You should have seen the drums before I fixed them up.
You would have fallen asleep to them if you find the current ones boring xD.
I getcha' man, I would never actually slap a bass for a song like this.
It was just for the tone it gives the MIDI file.
Thanks for the feedback (:
Quote by kylendm
46-on was very I killed the prom queen. The acoustic part was pretty neat. The parts before it were indeed generic though. Still, it has potential. I sent you a PM too.

Thanks man!
I used to learn a lot of prom queen when I was starting out with guitar years ago, so they were a pretty big influence on me (:
I don't think I got your PM unfortunately. It says Private messages: 0
Re-send? (:

Quote by Odirunn
I think it was pretty gnarly. I recorded the first bit cuz I was bored earlier. With vocals it could totally be legit. Nicely done.

Holy ****ing shit.
That sounds amazing man. The tone is god tier to my ears.
I didn't even know those riffs had that much potential in them!?
The stutter effect and bend in the breakdown was beautiful, so beautiful.
You beast.

I love the style you added to it as well.
Gives it such a better groove.

Quote by CelestialGuitar
I actually thought this was very good, have you ever considered getting into a Metalcore band? I think you've got some great ideas, especially the synth/acoustic section in the middle, good work!

Thanks heaps man!
Yeah, I'm currently in a Metlacore band as the bassist/back-up Vox.
I used to be the Vocalist but I couldn't really see myself as a front man.
Here is our material I did Vocals for:
Lol'd hard frank.
Love your stuff from the collabs by the way.
If you get bored and want to crit something, I really need feedback
on the Apache cover I posted, and your opinion would be extremely valid.
Quote by Ometh
I've been ****ing around with your song since metal drum tracks are easier for me anywayz, and this is what I've got so far (been working on it for like 15 minutes lol)

Thanks man!
Gotta love those blast beats.
The fill/choke at bar 10/11 is awesome. Suits it so well, way better then anything I could have come up with. The ride in bar 3/7 is sick too.
That is really awesome man. Love the sound of the little bit that starts at bar 9.
I'm actually going to learn this. I need something to practice.
Quote by Ometh
You sounds like you'd dig some of my brutal death stuff then lol. I'm too lazy to link but check my thread history and just click on anything that says "brutal" or "slam" lol.

Good stuff man, I like that there is a heap to go through xD.
Okay so; spent all morning on this.
Actually pretty happy with the turn out.

Link to Original Song:

For anyone who doesn't know the song, Its Apache by Jerry Lordan
I'm writing a cover of the version The Shadows recorded in 1960. Don't really know
what genre to classify it yet, so at the moment the best description I can offer is just 'Core'. I promise there are no open breakdowns or binary riffs, I went all-out in terms of effort.

There is like, one or two more riff's I need to write and add in as of yet, but you'll get the gist.

Happy to critique back, just leave a link.
Quote by ohp-kyle
I enjoyed it. I was sort of hoping it would pick up at the end, maybe even just for a bar or two, but I do think it's decent, to say the least!

I know what you mean. I literally ran out of idea's and the only thing I could think of was to fade out and leave it at that haha. The end sounded a lot more epic in my mind then it did in MIDI.

Quote by thePTOD
I thought it was actually pretty neat. She should like it!

Thanks man.
Yeah she loved it, but then again she loves anything I do. Even when its terrible. Ahh the perks of having a girlfriend.
Not too sure. The file is called 30 minute mark, and it was the Collab before 2010 Summer Jam.

D00d. If you ever do anything with that riff, you have to PM it to me. The amount of times I've scrolled through 400+ Bars just to find it and hear it again is ridiculous.
Really liked the clean riffs, and defiantly sounds dark.
I have trouble sitting through anything that slow though to be honest.
Quote by Wquennasar
Can you post the full song? I really like that part

Speaking of Ometh posting full songs,
Remember this little riff?
Turn it into a full song. I've loved the shit out of it for like three years.

Could do this if you want, I don't plan on doing anything with it.
35 Bars of shit you've probably heard before.
Okay, so I wrote this song for my girlfriend.
She likes overly-typical Metalcore and Acoustic music, so I did my best to try and combine the two. I've been thinking about fixing it up and turning it into a decent song. Anyone think its worth it?

Happy to crit back, just leave the link.
I personally record two left two right.

Your guitar sounds to me like its occupying every frequency it can, which is your problem :l.
Re-do your mix. Guitars should 'technically' only occupy the Mid range of the Mix, at about 3000Hz. If you want to move a guitar to the back of your mix, knock off its 3K~ Mids. If you want a guitar to stand out, up its 3K.

Don't let your guitar occupy anything under 1K or over 4K.
These are just guidelines, not rules by any means.
Its just what my lecturer used to tell us for making really basic mixes.
There is always an exception.

I don't know what you recorded. If you're amping a DI this can all be easily fixed. If the distortion is from an amp, I'd honestly just scratch it and start again. Drums First, then Bass, then Guitars. That way you'll know where your guitars need to be at in respect to everything else.
Thanks man.
Really liked the stuff you wrote in the UG collabs.
Especially Bar 444 of 30 minute mark. That riff gave me chills the first time I heard it.
Well I was going to title it Basicore but I didn't think the humour would be appreciated.
Still pretty new to writing. This would be like my 3rd song.
Pretty basic stuff.

T'would be good to get some criticism.
Good job on that EP.
Vocalist/Guitarist from Bris here.
Squander is a ridiculously fun song to play on guitar/sing/scream, I never knew someone from Brisbane had something to do with it. Hope you found your members and stuff, I'll come see you'se play ;D.
Another song I wrote.
It has a few very 'typical' metalcore riff, a typical breakdown, however I'm proud of myself for the chorus. Even though it wasn't an overly-difficult thing to write I think it adds a lot of power to the song.

I'd be happy to crit one of your works in return~

If you don't have GP6, just click the link below, the song will stream.
If I have time when I get home I'll write a riff for you to spark some ideas.
Warning; I write a fair bit heavier xD
Woah dude well done.

I'll try and write you a decent crit a bit later, I'm really tired. But just figured I'd let you know I really loved that outro.
Thanks for the feedback man!

I agree; I do tend write very repetitively. I'm a vocalist, used to scream for/co-started a band called While Your Heart Beats. Theres songs on youtube with my vocals still. If you end up hearing them, you'll see I tend to change my vocal Rhythm a lot to add more diversity. So on the musical side of the song, I like things to be a bit repetitive to give me more room to work with :]

The higher octave sounds a lot better and makes that last part more interesting, thanks heaps for the suggestion and for bothering to tab it out!

And thank you for the encouragement :].
First attempt at writing a song.
I'd really appreciate if someone can critique it for me.

By the looks of it, no one has GP6, so I'll throw a dropbox link up to.
Also, for anyone who's hasn't already heard it, thats GP6's RSE.