Aww I cant make posts like this? Sorry, I haven't signed on in years to be honest
Haha thanks very much
Hey dudes and dudettes. My band is involved in a national radio competition, and it'd be a big help if you guys could click this link and give us a vote. Its super easy, you don't have to sign up for anything, just literally click the link, then the button that says "vote" . And, you can do it everyday if you feel super generous!! Thanks everyone. Here's the link:!/artists/The-Broken-Strings
I picked French, but I would've picked Russian if it was there.
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Yes, they have already proven that there has to be somewhere(I Think) because of how big the Universe is

That statement doesn't really make sense.

Also, word, aliens are dope.
I dunno guys, Yankee doodle has always had a special place in my heart.
I guess 7-8 Blue Star ( Best beer).
I don't believe you, ts.
I'd pick:
- my buddy Justin( My good buddy who I've had much practice with in l4d)
-Kate Beckinsale, who is useful for both kicking much as as well as being very attractive and thus can help me repopulate
-and Jason Statham. Who else would you want with you when facing such gruesome and violent behaviour?
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I defy anyone to name a dedicated rhythm guitarist who is more famous than the dedicated lead guitarist in the same band, for that band.

Keith Richards.
Does anybody know of any comedies ( Film, television, internet etc) that have used the Ironside siren theme? I've been trying to remember where I've heard it since I watched Kill Bill earlier today.
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Yes, but during, say, 1000 B.C., they didn't have access to vitamin supplements and whatnot that enable survival without meat.

There's no way that a vitamin supplement is better for you than the real thing.
Doesn't really matter to me, I wear a leather jacket. I also enjoy eating steak and other slaughtered animal meat. Call me crazy, but I'm sure humans have been killing animals for survival for centuries, for both clothing and food.
Well I shave the unsightly/unwanted parts of my facial hair every 2 or 3 days I suppose, but I keep my moustache and goatee because I have a favorable mexican facial hair doo going on right now.
I say go for it, but counter-offer to take him out to lunch as payment.
I crushed one with my balls. I got a boner.
Yeah, but this bass is useless to me anyways.
I have an old, beat up Samick 5-string bass that has a push-pull pot in it. I was curious if it was possible to put that pot into my les paul guitar?
**** a monkey!
I have a question: Can guys get cold sores from performing oral sex on his female partner?
I believe there is no band above me so:

The Twenty Twos
It just made me jump a little =\
^^ Already google'd and only found annoying recipes that could take time and effort to make. I wouldn't have asked the pit if I found something on google already, that way I would've avoided sarcastic idiots like yourself.

^ Maybe I will just try pouring some wine on it anyways before BBQing and just cook it and put BBQ sauce on it as I normally do.
I was wondering if any of you peoples might know if it's possible to just pour some red wine over a steak for marinade as opposed to mixing up a fancy red wine sauce. If not possible, would anyone know any very simple recipes to whip up a marinade with red wine?
I'm gonna say Neil Young, Roger Waters and Nikki Sixx.
I'm enjoying some irish cream coffee right now and it's absolutely delicious.

No matter what coffee I have it's always black.
I think your best bet is to play around with it on your own. Try listening to your favorite songs with bluesy harmonica licks and try to copy them. Thats how I learned; trial and error.
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like broly

You know the score, alright.
'Cause his power is maximum, nub.
Two for the price of one chicken snack wraps at Mcdonalds.
Why hasn't Pink Floyd been mentioned very much?
You tried, kid.
Am I gay if I wait until my friend falls asleep so I can put a wig on him and pretend he is a girl and lay there next to him?
As much as I enjoy these other suggestions rock, may I also suggest something from Kiss or the Joker. Both quite fun face paint get ups.
Secret Window is cool.
Lame list is lame.
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On the internet... we all have big dicks.

In Soviet Russia, big dicks have all.

He could totally play Solid Snake.