raymatteoli1  i'll give it a shot this evening,
dawgrit  it is not hard to figure this one out, in standard tuning, most on the D and A string, it would be great if ug had it on the site
mendace  ah ok,  is it not that mentioning both artists in it would make the song easier to find?, either when searchin on cuco or dillon it will show the song? 

[h]Dillon Francis & Cuco - Fix Me[/h]

[url="(Invalid video video code)]

[h]Walking Blues - Robert Johnson [/h]

a little typo  
mandelstamdavid   yes i am using a different computer now (till i have another hdd it's completely dead) and all seems to work fine on chrome
mandelstamdavid hi, i think so, yesterday  the hdd of the computer crashed, (hoping to recover some out of it) guess ug not working on chrome was an early sign., thanks  anyway    
mendace  hi, i tabbed the song in the past, it is alread on ug 
mendace  as the previous user stated..   
Hi, since a few weeks the site doesn't load no more on chrome, at other several browsers i tried to open the UG page, no problems at all. anyone an idea why this is and how to fix it?
mendace probably the requester means this song?  

[h]John Lee Hooker - It Serve You Right to Suffer[/h]
emad  can you remove the rating i got on this tab? :

i had it tabbed without capo but it is played capo 4 so instead of setting a note to transpose i edited my tab, i asked to play the tab again and reconsider the rating but no reaction after 3 days, the 1 star wasn't fair from the beginning as it was (almost) correct in the first place. 

thanks in advance 
mendace  hi, how are you? i already made this tab a while ago. 
mendace  the chords are in the tab type of tab too, but ok then i  guess :p 
mendace  this song is also already on UG , but i guess the requester needs a tab if i read what he wants 
mendace  hi,  the song indeed is already on UG in acoustic, i can recall it was a bonanza a while ago too. 
mendace  must the artist name be changed first before submitting as it is feat okay kaya ? 
seems in the most wanted tabs section that it does not remove already submitted tabs as i encountered this 2 times now at songs of nina nesbitt.. ??
this song goes on for 26 minutes :p Come on :p 
ninelima  can you send a link to the song? 
NSpen1  yes, but those people are potential registered users, so take away the option of submitting tabs will lead many of them to other similar sites. 
NSpen1 so what is your conclusion in general? if you want to share that ofcourse
martmiguel  it was not meant to be rude, don't be offended so quickly  
martmiguel  most people do not talk their own language here... english is the standard, i speak dutch normally you see... there is no need for different languages and it is making moderators the life difficult,  in order to run the website properly they need to understand the language. or should everyone start learning spanish? 
Benster28  i think unregistered users should be allowed to make submisions to the site, it's the same as with registered users who don't take the effort to make any correction in 3 days----->result is the same. correction by a mod or rejection. 
As i already mentioned earlier this week: it would be better to  be able to correct basic stuff at tabs in the qeue instead of just suggesting. cause a lot of tabs are approved by spam-approvals by people who want easy iq. so correct them before that happens would be a big advantage for the site.  but i guess it's all or nothing here. 
ninelima   that would not be fair, it should be at least 16-20 iq or so. it costs more time and work to even do a single instrument in a GP file then a chord sheet. 
mendace  i submitted the tab but apparently the songtitle is: machine gun (fuck the nra) , i needed to confirm songtitle when submitting and the link with this request is gone now
mendace  i guess this can be closed?  

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Proud Mary
3:10Official version created by UG Guitar Team. Includes chords with lyrics, and interactive tab synchronized with backing tracksHigh qualityOfficial
Proud Mary
2:20Electric Guitar (clean) (x3), Electric Bass (finger)12Pro
Proud Mary
Proud Mary (ver 2)
Proud Mary (ver 3)
Proud Mary (ver 4)
Proud Mary (ver 5)
mendace  seems like this was already on UG and updated/corrected recently by ninelima
All Right Now
Official version created by UG Guitar Team. Includes chords with lyrics, and interactive tab synchronized with backing tracksHigh qualityOfficial
All Right Now
5:32Distortion Guitar, Electric Bass (finger), Honky-tonk Piano, Drums8Pro
All Right Now
All Right Now (ver 2)
All Right Now (ver 3)
All Right Now (ver 4)
mnyitrai can you provide a link , i cant find it . thanks
mendace i am not really sure if the artist name needs to be changed? i think so:  


[h]Ivana Selakov i Mirza Selimovic - Da se opet rodim - ( Official video 2017 )[/h]

yet i did submitted tab already