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lol go away mr naruto fan

My username has nothing to do with the post. Please at least read the article.
in times of great need, we need to unite
43 trillions stolen:

>hate it, but use it: vote it up on reddit :

don't be ignorant and spread this shit.
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But what if four tracks take up 2 LPs?

Anyway, taking matters into my own hands:

If four tracks take up 2 LP's, your Dream Theater or Opeth.
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I mean, with threads like these I always assume it's for "opinionated best" or favorite, because while Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Bright Sprites was commercially successful and got regular kids into the dubstep and electro house scenes, it's still a fucking shitstain of an album

It's an EP, not an album. And yes, it is a piece of shit.
Necrophagist - Epitaph
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Well it doesn't say how many I'm supposed to do on this

Just listen to the song and play the trills in the same timing and speed.
Great song but no way dude. From the sounds of it, your a troll. There is no possible way that you can transcribe that.
Fast hammer-ons and pull offs that are repeated in a musical sequence. Try this:

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It's Beauty through Order, from the world painted blood album,

Yeah. They play a lot of stuff from their new album on it.
World Painted Blood. Title track of their newest album
Your mom. I'm on the bottom :3

WAY!!! My favourite stoner song... LOL JKS I never get stoned.
I can vaguely remember throwing a kid off of a high playground climbing thing at around 8 years old. He broke both of his legs and stayed in hospital for a long time (Or so my dad says).

I had good intentions, but I smashed a kid through a window for bullying my friend really badly. Not like through, but smashed his head into it and it broke. I was about 15 when this happened and him and my friend were a year below me. I got praised by everyone I knew but the principal didn't like it

Once highly embarrassed my friend's crush by asking her out for him in front of all of her friends... He didn't speak to me for weeks but it was definitively worth the look on his face after I told her.

Dobbed in my friend in high school for threatening me with a used syringe. He was one mark away from expulsion. Never saw the guy again.

Okay, worst one of the lot (Well, the one I feel the worst about). My best friends brother and I were planning to prank my best friend on his birthday for the lol's. We waited for him to come home so we could through honey on him as he walked through the door and use feathers to "Decorate him" with. Turns out, he was just dumped by his girlfriend of 2 1/2 years and attempted suicide by driving off a bridge. Lifes great huh?

I haven't talked to him in 3 months and I still try and apologize to him to this day. That's about it Pit. Hopefully i've satisfied you for at least 30 seconds
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Nope, its GMaj7 and FMaj7 respectively. Starting on the first degree of the scale, you would have degrees 1, 3, 5, and 7. You doubled the root in both chords.

The key would be G Major/C Major depending upon the kind of feel you want. The GMaj7 has an F# where as the FMaj7 contains notes in C, so you might want to make use of the F# in the scales you utilize.

THANKS!!! I understand it better now. I could use G harmonic minor? Yeah, that would sound good

Thanks again to anyone else who contributed.
I'm gonna make this a really quick question:

Okay, so i've been playing around with some weird and unusual chords that are hard to fit into a scale. The chords are BmaddG and AmaddF. Or...


The notes in both are:

BmaddG - B, F#, G, D
AmaddF - A, E, F, C

Both of them contain notes from Major and Minor scales (The 3rd note in the chord being major and the 4th being minor in the B and A keys. The second is a 5th)

What scales would be appropriate?
Bugera v5 all the way dude!!! Ibanez are great at making guitars but their amps tend to lack that rich tube sound and feeling. Bugera on the other hand are great at making amps that are globally renowned.

The Bugera v5 is an excellent amp. I've tried a couple different bugeras in the last few years and they are easily the best i've played through.
Necrophagist - Epitaph!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well you could always get the new Opeth album if you like Pink Floyd :P
True. He's almost as over-rated as kirk hammett.
Facebook, Youtube, Ebay for necrophagist shirts.
Sounds pretty cool. It's sort of like As Blood Runs Black in a sense.
Maybe something like "Your improving a lot, you really are, but you should pay more attention to..."

And then show them how you would approach it and give them some tips.
No.1 Tip: Remember to pull your finger sideways from the string and not just up to create a picking motion. Try something basic like this:


Remember to slide your finger off and not pull up. Also try to hammer that fret hard to get a good sound out of it. Good luck dude
The PGM3 is a really good guitar. Wish I owned one
You want chicks? Don't do metal, do post-hardcore/emo-core stuff. There are tonnes of teen scene girls that love bands like Asking Alexandria and others like that so if your worried about not getting in, grow your hair like Oli Sykes and form a band. Boom!!!

B) Hmm, not too sure about this one. It could be just a small defect in your guitar.

C) I guess you just need to practice a little more and that will improve over time.
Roland Micro Cube (Either the normal one or the RX)
Roland Cube 15XL or Vox VT15+. They're suited to play all of the things you listed
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So I'm this examination table, right, and I'm just minding my own business inside this doctor's office when some kid with a raging erection comes and lies down on top of me. I mean, come on, man. Tables have feelings too, and I didn't like what I was feeling.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL This one, the baby one and the erection one wins!!!
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I have no funny stories. Today was just disgusting. My last shift as doctor in my surgery before I went home to a romantic dinner with my wife; it's our anniversary. Then this guy walks in and lies down on the table, clearly had a massive hard on and looked fairly pleased about it. I had to break the ice somehow I..I...couldn't think of anything else to say.
When I got home the wife had made black pudding

Well, I just got back from the doctors. I was in the waiting area when this woman who looked about 25ish walked in with a baby. She had unbelievably massive boobs and she was super hot. When I saw her, I was like :O

So then, she sat down across from me and I got a boner from looking at her. But that's not it, she started breastfeeding her baby and I could see them... Probably the biggest hard on i've ever gotten.

Then, the doctor walked out of his office and called my name. I went in, sat down and I told him what was wrong. He told me to lie on the examination table...

At that stage, I still had the boner... and I was still thinking of the woman, shit.

So I got on the table. As soon as he came over, he said "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"... It made me sooo embarrassed and I felt like dying. Uhh!!!

So Pit, tell me of your funny stories
I'm surprised that no one has mentioned lyrics from bands like Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus and Anal ****.
My brother is shit scared of Buckethead LOL

I would have to go with Nergal from Behemoth, damn he does some scary crazy shit!!!
You won't be dissapointed with the Metal Muff. My older cousin uses one and it sounds amazing!!! You can get every kind of metal from it and it's a brick shithouse and won't break easily. The TS-9 is more of a boost pedal and is only ever used on top of distortion, like the icing on a cake.
Electro-Harmonix and ProCoRat are hugely under-rated companies that make excellent pedals. I have the freeze, cathedral (Reverb) and metal muff from EHX and they are simply amazing pedals. Clean sounds with the cathedral are the best i've ever heard. All true bypass too.
Well it is probably a power supply problem then. If you use batteries for your pedals, replace them with a cable and visa versa. Maybe it could have to do with your cables. Hmm, I don't really know... The only time this would happen to me is when the batteries in one of my pedals would die.
Basically, you blew your speaker. That or theirs a power supply problem. Replace the speakers and the rig should work again
It sounds like it's being played with C as the chugging note so knowing thrash bands, C Standard tuning. It's a major 3rd down on every string. Amazing band and song.


I think this is it.