Got this on Saturday for $400, hard case included. I'm pretty sure it's got the Het Set in it. It sounds amazing.
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Get a new speaker and use the SD-1 as a boost, it'll make a huge difference. I have a TS-9 out front with the tone (might cause harshness with the SD-1 tone cranked) and level cranked, drive at 0 and i put a WGS Retro 30 in it. I love the amp to death now.
Rondo Music has a few strat styles with tune-o-matic bridges, they're all SSS as far as I know but you'd still have enough left to buy a new pickguard and a bridge humbucker or even a hot rail pickup for the bridge
I have the 6505+ 112 and I use a Valveking/Windsor footswitch with mine. Channel obviously changes the channel and "Boost" is for the crunch on the rhythm channel.
It's a 6505+ 112 party in this thread!
I was 13 and I decided I wanted to be able to play the music I listen to. Plain and simple.
I'm also planning on getting a new speaker for my 6505+ 112 within the next few days. I'm probably going to get a WGS Retro 30.
Jet City
Line Six
Peavey 5
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Peavy Vypr 15.

I agree with this. Vypyrs are great little amps for the money, very versatile.
With either amp, but especially the 800, you'll need a boost like a Tube Screamer.
The combo has an impedance selector for 4, 8 and 16 ohms.
I own one and I love it so........
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OK thanks guys, i will keep it, actually i got offered an epiphone les paul special!

With P90s or the Special II? If it's the P90s flat-top yes, Special II is not worth it.
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A Boss DS-1 will do perfectly. Kurt Cobain actually used it. I use one with my overdrive channel on my amp and both of them together gives a great thickening sound. You won't be disappointed.

If you don't plan on modding it a DS-1 is a horrible idea. I had one and I think it would have sounded better if I had plugged into my garbage can for distortion instead. Naming your amp would be really helpful because distortion pedals can sound different though different amps.
HNAD! The Class 5 is a cool little amp. I haven't played one but I heard one in person and I liked it.
I own the 6505+ combo and I can say it's a great amp. I don't know why some people hate on it so much. I think it sounds awesome and I can confirm it has two speaker outs with impedance selection (4,8,or 16 ohms) on the back.
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You could also try the Peavey 6534+ if you want a more British tone with a modern high gain.
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Good! Just don't get a Line 6 Spider III...To say the least people don't really like them here

This. Or a Marshall MG. DO NOT buy either of these. You can get better sounding stuff in the same price range.
There's three Peavey XXX heads on ebay for around $550-$700 plus around $80 for shipping to Canada.
I would say 7 as I'm really motivated to get better at guitar and when school starts I'll probably get to around 8-9.5. I don't often reach a 10 although that may change as I just joined a pretty serious band.
Go for the Orville. The Japanese Orville is probably better quality than the American Studio.
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As far as Gibson goes, there is no substitute for the Classic Custom.

+1 The Classic Custom is my favorite Les Paul. Too bad it's discontinued and way to much money for me. I would much prefer an awesome Telecaster anyway.
Peavey. I love their amps. I currently own a Backstage plus and a Rage 258 which are awesome practice amps. While they're good amps, my 6505+ 112 is coming next week! I can't wait!
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controllers go in your hands, if you are dropping them you are doing it wrong.

No like bumping them off of a table or something like that. It's just nice to know they can withstand the damage.
In my experience the PS3 controllers are way more reliable. I've dropped my controllers for my PS3 (by accident) lots of times and they are still in perfect condition. My friend's 360 controllers would disconnect from the slightest movements because of an issue with the battery pack. He also dropped a controller once causing quite a bit of damage.
I would say you should look at a Vypyr as they are generally thought to be better than the Spiders.
Sometimes people make a big deal out of it, (Rise Against and Megadeth's Endgame) but it's not illegal.
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Heard on XBL Sentuamessage that 3 expansion are being released for FO:NV, one this month, one in june and one in July/August.

Second one involves Joshua Graham, which is definatly confirmed and is set in Utah.


Each one raises the level cap by 5 too. If you get 'em all the level cap will be 50!
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I actually played that guitar when I was in the Plano store last week and its a really good guitar. I played it through a Mesa RoadKing and it sounded great, played everything from blues to death metal.

I think it was the RoadKing that made it play everything from blues to death metal.
Thanks guys! The information has been very helpful. Once I get a job I'll be getting a new amp, then the SG standard, a Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro, and then I will probably save up for the 61.

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I'm not sure how similar the 57' Classics are to the 57' Classic + ones which are incredible pickups, i'd imagine they'd be fairly similar. Really smooth and massive sustain, a set of them would cost you about $350-$400AU so I think sound, quality wise the 61' would be a better option for the money.

Where I live (Canada) I can get the 57 classic plus set for less than $250 which means I still could save over $300, leaving me enough for 2 or 3 pedals I wanted to get.
So I guess it will come down to neck and pickups. Are the necks any different and are the 57s much better than the 490R/498T set?
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I prefer the 61 Reissue. Only because the smaller pickguard looks way better imo.

But are looks really worth an extra couple hundred dollars?
Awesome guitar! HNGD!
Hey guys I was just looking for some help on which Gibson SG I should get. I play a lot of Rise Against, Revolver, GN'R, AC/DC etc. and I've started writing and will probably be recording sometime next year with my band. The real decision is between the Standard and the 61 Reissue. I would just like to know your opinions, the differences between the two, and if the 61 is worth the extra cash.
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