but what parts of your tab would you play if you only have one guitarist in your band?
what would you play if you only had 1 guitarist in your band, what would you play for this song?
tabs are ment for you to play the guitar to sound like the guitarist that wrote the song, and so you kno, green day has 2 guitarist in the band already. where blink-182 has only 1, so if a cover band with only one guitarist wanted to play this song. how would they be able to play that with your tab? so if you wanted to play your tab live with only one guitarist, what would you play? your tab helps only 2 guitarist bands, not just 1, which the blink-182 songs are ment to be played with only 1 guitarist.
yes, you are right. but the thing is, he doesn't do both lead and rythem at the same time, like he has some lead riffs, then rthym and how would you play both of them together at once?
hey thanks for all your help emad.
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um, how long should i wait?
um, why did you block me Kat?
do you want me to resubmit it? if i need to i will.
I submited a Up All Night bass tab by Blink-182 and it was up for like 3 days then taken down, i was just wondering it was like this?