what kind of effects pedal do you guys think I should get?
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yeah you can buy bass overdrive / distortion pedals.

a bass pedal would work on a guitar?
So the guitar amp that I currently have is a piece of crap. But I don't really want to spend money on a new amp right now, can I just buy a distortion pedal or multieffects pedal and use it with my bass amp? Since my bass amp doesn't have a built in overdrive feature.
There's actually no master volume. But I was able to adjust it to a comfortable volume with gain, so I guess there's not problem now. But I'm still curious as to why there is such a big leap in volume even if I just turn it a little bit.
It has a volume knob in the clean channel and a gain and level on the overdrive channel. And like I said, for me to hear even a bit of gain, I need to turn both the gain and level know so high that my ears hurt.
So I just got a Fender Squier fat stratocastor and a budget amp, and I'm wondering if there is any problem with the amp. For one I can't hear the overdrive unless I turn it up to a volume where my ear hurts, and it seems that any slight adjustment to the volume nob will have drastic change the amount of volume.