It works again, thanks !!!!
"Lady of Mars" by Dark Star
"Get Away" by Grave Digger
"Red raw and bleeding" and "deathstiny" by Blood Money

And I forgot to mention these are only visible on the "my contribution" board.


I have several bugs with my accepted tabs since this week-end: the "edit" button leads to a dead link, the number of view is empty and the dot "reviewed by UG team" is grey instead of blue. Could you fix it?

Thanks UG and Audio-Technica for this prize. After listening to a couple of albums, I can definitely say that the headphones are excellent.

I have neither UG points nor notification on the board when my tabs are rated since several weeks; I only receive notification by mail. Please help me :s
Yeah, me too, it's odd because I still have the notifications of the recent ratings I lost on "my activity" section.
Hope it will be fixed...
Gamma Ray, Death, Angelwitch, Kreator, Vektor, Running Wild, Anvil...