Same here! Didn't even know they had left handed guitars when i first started but it's for the better. Finding left handed guitars must be a pain.
Eddie Vedder (pearl jam) has an album called Ukulele Songs. Check it out
Thanks for all the advice guys! I'll check them all out ^^
So I have this awesome friend that helps me and my roommates out a lot and we want to surprise him with a bass cause he's always wanted one but he can't afford one right now.

So I need advice on a good beginning bass guitars and practice amp. Right now i'm looking at Squire Jazz or Precision bass. Amp i'm not so sure. Maybe one of the squire starter packs will be fine?

His favorite band is Mastodon and he listens to a lot of old psychedelic music, classic rock and metal.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks ^^
#1 Clapton!!
Joe Bonamassa
Jimi Hendrix
Derek Trucks
Randy Rhodes
Yes! Clapton is a million times better live than in studio. His studio stuff in the 80's were over produced. Never had that raw Clapton playing in them except with From the Cradle. Fantucking fastic album and him live was amazing!!

I saw Blink 182 live last summer and it was pretty awesome. they don't sing well live but it didn't matter cause they played all their singles and everyone was singing along so that was fun. It was a great vibe plus they're hilarious. Before them was my chemical romance and they were pretty good live. I don't listen to them but i gotta say they put on a great live show.
As far as i know Fender says that american made fenders go through a high quality check and more detail is put into crafting it. That does not make Mexican mad completely bad though. I have a mex-strat myself for 2 years now and I love it ^^

And yes the pickup's aren't too amazing. It gives you a nice clean twangy fender sound but if you want distortion or anything you'll need to replace the pick ups with something hotter.

So if you can save up for an american go for it. Having a mexican made one though is not a bad choice. Oh yeah american made ones usually have more features and come with better pickups so that's a plus for that too.
^^^^ This guy

There are no wrong ways to pick. It's all based on what you want it to sound like. Upward picking has a brighter sound to it which would not match a song like MoP.

Also Hetfield plays some awesome harmonies with Kirk and pretty much makes all the awesome riffs for metallica. Hetfield is a BAMF
E minor is the same thing as G major so if you're more familiar with the minor scale use that. Also keep high up on the neck if you're playing an electric guitar cause anything below 10th fret just doesn't sound right whenever I play along with it.

The lick is also in e minor.
I find that the amount of pressure I use to hold the pick affects how hard I strum. Harder you hold it the harder the strum sounds and softer you hold it the softer it sounds. That's just me though. I lose grip of my pick sometimes though when I hold it too soft haha
Mexican made strats are called standard strats on the Fender website. They'll price a new one around 700 but you can easily get a new one for around 400-500 at a guitar shop.

Usually they're 21 frets. Maple or Rosewood fret board and 3 standard single coil pick ups. Also some have a humbucker as the bridge pickup. But otherwise nothing too fancy on it.

I have one myself and I love it ^^
As far as I know the tone knobs don't affect the bridge on all standard strats. Maybe the higher end ones but not standard. Says so on the fender website for the circuit schematics too.

if you want to mod it so you can change the tone google search "stratocaster tone split mod" first link. It's a pretty simple mod.
Thanks a lot! I'll mess with my amp when i get the chance ^^
I recently got a Fenders Blues Jr tube amp and it's great but i can't figure this out.

When i use my pedal it gets some awesome distortion. Nothing too heavy but good enough for a rock sound. However, sometimes when i increase the volume the distortion starts breaking up. I mess with the tone knobs on my amp and pedal and sometimes i'll get it and sometimes not.

So question is what do i need to know to set it up so I get good distortion all the time?

Standard Strat SSS
Boss Blues Driver pedal
Fender Blues Jr. amp
As soon as a car leaves the lot BAM. Loses most of it's value. That's why they say buying a car is the worst investment ever, in respect to selling it in the future.
Buddy Guy can still kick out a badass solo
Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Led Zepplin, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Megadeth, Black Keys, Joe Satriani, Ozzy Osbourn w/ Rhandy Rhodes, Queen, RHCP, The Killers, Killswitch Engage, System of a Down, Joe Bonamassa, Allman Brothers, Airbourne, Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Blink 182

For laughs and giggles:
Flight of the Conchords
In order:
Eric Clapton - inspired me to play and his tone and dynamics is amazing
James Hetfield - awesome at cool sounding riffs
Joe Satriani - creative with how he makes the guitar sounds
Rhandy Rhodes - Love his classical influence
Derek Trucks - his slide playing is just beautiful
Joe Bonamassa - he's pushing and keeping the blues alive
Foo Fighters - i just love the energy they put in their songs
Unplugged, From the Cradle, Derek and the Dominoes. Those would be the best for blues and his live performances is where Clapton truly shines. His recordings are great but nothing compares to him live so look those up for some really inspiring licks.
Like a lot of people i got hooked by listening to the unplugged album but his best would be Derek and the Dominoes. That album was created from all the crazy passion for pattie boyd and you can hear it without a doubt. But his best track would be Old Love. Every time i see him play that song live, on youtube, he just blows me away with the solo and his singing.
That was awesome although I don't listen to Gary Moore, i have heard a song or two by him, that sounded great! Keep up the good work ^^