I'm looking for a real cheap entry level mandolin. Something that I can learn to play on and record some easier stuff with. My maximum price range as of right now is around $150, and I have no trouble going used. Any suggestions?
The first 25 seconds or so is tuning to open D because I'm unprofessional. This was my first time ever recording vocals or even singing anything in general.
Right now I'm a sophomore in high school and am looking to build up a repertoire for college auditions. Almost every school I've looked at wants a Bach, and I have the Prelude and Fugue (currently working on the Allegro) of the BWV 998 worked up to where I'm pleased with them when I listen back to recordings, so I should be okay there. Places like John Hopkins and Oberlin want two or three "contrasting selections," and for these I'm looking for suggestions (I figure that even if I don't make it into a top music school like that, it couldn't ever hurt to work up the material on those repertoire lists). I'm thinking a Villa-Lobos Etude wouldn't be a bad idea, just to show that I've done one, but, like I said, I'm open to suggestions.
I started singing more seriously recently, and I've gotten my range to about where I'm happy with it (F2 to about a G5 mixed voice). I don't have any problem carrying a tune or singing in key or anything like that, but it doesn't really matter much because my voice naturally seems to sound like shit tone-wise. Is there anything I can do to fix that, or am I pretty much stuck with it?
This is straight out of a list I remember my guitar teacher having a while back...

Midnight Rider -- ABB
Melissa -- ABB
Ventura Highway -- America
One More Cup of Coffee -- Bob Dylan
Lookin' Out My Back Door -- CCR
Bad Moon Rising -- CCR
Last Dance With Mary Jane -- Tom Petty
There Comes a Time -- Niel Young
You Can't Always Get What You Want -- Rolling Stones
Wild Horses -- Rolling Stones
Norwegian Wood -- Beatles
Get Back -- Beatles (pretty much anything by the Beatles is fine, really)
Patience -- GNR
Pride and Joy -- SRV (this one can sound pretty cool acoustic)
Sultans of Swing -- Dire Straights
The Weight -- The Band (if I were only going to pick one, it would be this)
Going To California -- Led Zeppelin (this one sounds good as a short instrumental, too)
Key To The Highway -- Don't remember off the top of my head, so I'll just say Derek and the Dominos...

Hopefully that will get you started.
As of right now, I'm still a sophomore in high school, but it's never too early...

I was looking over the requirements for auditions at FSU, and this is what they give on their website:

1. Major and minor scales (Segovia edition)
2. right-hand arpeggios
3. knowledge of entire fingerboard
4. adequate musical performance of such standard etudes as those of Aguado, Carcassi, Guiliani; selections from Sor Studies (Segovia edition); performance of minor works by Milan, Bach, Tarrega.

I've been working through the Segovia scales, and I'm assuming right-hand arpeggios is something similar to the Giuliani 120 or some other right-hand exercises I've been doing, so I don't think I'll have a problem with them when it comes time to audition. What I'm afraid of is the "selections from Sor Studies" bit... Will they just hand me a Sor Study and ask me to play it? My sight-reading is passable, but I can't see myself passing that unless I work through them all beforehand. Maybe I just have no idea how the whole thing works...
I'm looking for Jan de Bobrowicz's transcription of Chopin's Maurka, Op. 6 No. 2. If anyone could link me to a sheet music download, or suggest somewhere where I could purchase the music, I'd appreciate it.

Tablature is fine, too, but either of the above is preferred.
It sounded great... You got a bit off time at about 0:50, but I'm wondering if that's just because you're trying to play the solo with Slash in the background. You might do a bit better if you tried playing with a backing track (I'll link the one I use).

This one sounds like the master track without the lead guitar:

Would you mine critiquing mine?
Overall, it was fantastic... Just a bunch of small nitpicky things...

Some of the sections, especially towards the beginning seemed a bit more staccato than what's appropriate/desirable for this tune; you did mention that the fingerstyle thing was out of your comfort zone, though, so it was probably just a result of that. In addition, sometimes, when you'd hammer-on/slide to a higher note, you'd put a really fast vibrato on it that seemed a bit out of place (0:38-0:40 is an example). Those things were really few and far between, and other than that, it's all pretty great.

Are the vocals yours? They seem a different than I remember (they're excellent, by the way), but's its been a while since I listened to the original.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you'd critique mine; I say it in the video description, but I'm sorry for the title. I just want to see how it affects views.
Pretty much just the title. Constructive criticism appreciated. (Sensationalized title for more views, if you were wondering).
So I just wrote Hendrix type tune... The chord progression so far just cycles through an A maj, G maj, F maj, back to G maj, and "resolving" back to A maj... So what key am I in? (still new to songwriting/theory, sorry)
arunawayslave is right, only thing I can think of is to bend behind the nut... you can also bend the neck if you need to drop the pitch.
I just learned SRV's "Sky is Crying" by ear, so I know I can do it, but it took a good month for me to get everything (working on getting it down now). I'm pretty into that style of music (classic rock, blues rock, that sort of thing). Are there any good songs or anything that I should look at to get me started?
Sounds pretty good! I guess I'll go over everything...

Vocals: They were a bit shaky, but overall they weren't too bad. I loved the harmony at the end of the choruses from the second one on (I don't think you did all 3 in the first chorus, I could be wrong though)... The last third and fifth verses were definitely the strongest, but it was pretty well done. The vocals might have been a bit too prominent in the mix, but like you said, it's hard to get that stuff right without being a professional musician. 7/10

Guitar: I loved what you did with the guitar licks... Most of them were well played and fit well in the context of the song (Especially the part at around 3:29... Mind if I steal it? lol). The only things I noticed were the licks at right around 1:58 and again 3:00... Both sounded a bit weird, but they didn't take away from the overall performance. Tone was great, I also liked the little acoustic licks you played. Would you mind sharing your gear? 9/10

Bass and Drums: I'm not a drummer or a bassist, but everything sounded good... I didn't notice either of the things you mentioned, so that's good I guess. 10/10 (Although again, you might want to get a real drummer/bassist to review that)

It's missing the piano though :/

Critique mine?
Hey man, really nice job. I loved the tone on the acoustic sections (although I think the chords near the end may have sounded better if you weren't using a pick... some of the strumming sounded a bit harsh for this song, but maybe it's just me). The solo was pretty much perfect, just a couple bends at around the 3:00 mark were a bit off, but the tone and playing was excellent. I think it would have benefited from a backing track, but overall it was really well done. Do you think this song would be too difficult for me to learn? I'm 13, I've been playing for about 2 years, and I usually play Zeppelin and Hendrix type stuff.

Rate mine?
I guess this is the right place to post this...

I've been playing for about 2 years now, just recently got a decent mic... I recorded this about an hour after learning the song, which is why most of it is improv. I'd appreciate any advice or tips you could give me. Thanks!

Also, I apologize for the Garageband phaser and the end of the main solo...
Recently, I've been trying go for a more SRV type tone, but a Les Paul through Tiny Terror will only go so far. I'm planning on picking up a Blues Junior tweed and having a couple Billm mods done to it, and of course getting a strat. I'm wondering which makes the bigger difference in tone, since I can't afford both at once. Also, are the Mexican strats worth it, or should I just save for an American? Thanks.
I couldn't decide if this goes here or in Gear & Accessories, so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My question might seem a bit stupid, but is it possible to replace the LP red wine studio's toggle switch top (not the whole switch, just the black top) with a cream top from the standards? I've always liked the way the thicker tops on the standards look. Also, would it even look good to have a cream switch on the red wine studio? Thanks
I just started getting into singing recently and can't really afford a vocal coach... As of right now I'd like to know how to sing/scream with more power and range like Roger Daltrey of Robert Plant... As of right now I have a very weak voice... I know that you can't actually teach me anything over the internet but any tips/videos would be appreciated.
So I just got into classical guitar back in the summer, and since I've been playing, I've always had a problem with my i fingernail breaking.... I'm not sure if it's because I play piano or if it has something to do with the way I'm playing guitar, but is there anything I can do to prevent it from breaking constantly?
Thanks for all the responses.

As far as budget goes, anything under $550 is fine. I'm in mid-Florida, currently not in a band but I'm planning on changing that soon. The cleans on all the amps above sounded fine. And new or used is ok.

I wasn't too crazy about the Blues Jr. or the Blackheart, although I did like the AC15 and the Nightrain. So right now it's between those two and the TT for me.

I own a Marshall MG (I know, I know...) and I'm looking to upgrade to a nice small (around 15 watt) tube amp. I play mostly classic rock and blues (Zeppelin, ZZTop, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Sabbath). Right now to I've got a Gibson LP Studio and I use my dad's old Strat from time to time (he never plays). As far as pedals go, I've just got a Big Muff Pi and a Dunlop Wah.

Anyway, I'm mainly considering the Orange Tiny Terror. I can't really afford anything more expensive than the TT, and I almost prefer the basic Volume-Tone-Gain approach. Will the TT do what i want? If not, is there anything else that anyone can recommend? Thanks