I'm just gonna paste the Gumtree ad here:

"GUITARIST NEEDED complete post-everything band

Influences: Interpol, Nirvana, Deerhunter, The Appleseed Cast, Sonic Youth, The National, Pavement, No Age, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, Brand New, Radiohead, Deftones, Reuben, My Vitriol, Broken Social Scene...

Must be available to practise at least once a week and willing to contribute towards rehearsal costs.
Rehearsal space in Digbeth.

Bonus points for creativity, multi-instrumentalism, backup vocals etc.

If interested please contact using the following:

E-mail: mutesband (at)
Text: 07913 536 690 "

Cheers guys!
So, UG. Does anyone have any online Piano-tuition resources that they'd recommend? It's about time I learnt!

I'm selling my Line 6 DL4. This unit needs no introduction- it's a classic seen on practically everybody's board:

My unit is a newer one- just under 2 years old. It's seen some use, but has no damage or real wear (aside from a couple of screws missing from the bottom plate, but this makes no difference, as they're on opposite sides.)

I've had no issues with it in my time owning it, only selling as I've replaced it with a M9 and don't have the space for both on my board!

£100 ono + pp.

Pics up soon!

Here we have a Shure SM57. Case and mic clip included, but no box. Great condition- home use only!
Simply selling because I have another mic lying around, and need to fund an M9 purchase!
£60 ONO.

Fancy a part trade for an SM-57?
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I think I misread your post, thought you had a verbzilla going. Thanks anyway!

Ha, no worries!!
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I'd trade my big muff pi w/ tone wicker for it, if you're up for that.

Would do it for the verbzilla, too.

Almost splashed out on a fuzz, but decided it wasn't really for me!

Are you saying you have a Verbzilla to trade?

Tremelo is cool, but, once again, I found that of the effects in the Holy Stain, I only really use reverb!

Playing with pedals/making noise.

Horrible show, that was
I would offer you a Laney VC30, but you're already sorted!
For sale here is an Electro Harmonix Holy Stain:

Condition is practically as new- only a month old with indoor use only. This unit gives you a choice of Room and Hall reverbs, Tremelo and a Pitch Shifter (which could double as a chorus with the right setting)

The reverbs on this thing are stellar, and you get more control over them than you would on the Holy Grail range. You can go from a subtle room reverb to a violensque-Hall setting with ease. The "tone" knob allows you to colour your tone however you desire. The tremelo is sweet, and truly cuts your signal in and out. The Pitch Shifter can be used with an expression pedal for some Whammy-esque sounds, or even serve as a chorus if you were to slightly detune the signal.

Not only do you get these 4 great effects, but you also get the option of 2 analog dirt sections (fuzz and drive) or a clean. The fuzz on this sounds real fat, and the three Bright, Warm and Dark settings once again allow you to dial in the sweet spot in conjuction with the "tone" knob. On the dark setting with the tone up full, you can get some great Smashing Pumpkins/Silversun Pickups fuzz out of this.

Overall, this is a great pedal with plenty of features. It's worth it for the reverb alone- cheaper than a Holy Grail with more control. This unit is especially great for anyone looking for far-out sounds (shoegazers, this means you!). I'm only letting it go because I want a reverb unit with a smaller footprint on my board!

RRP is £80-£85, so I'm willing to let it go for £60 ONO + pp. Original Box and power supply included.

Also considering trades for a stand alone reverb-unit, ideally a Line 6 Verbzilla.
Hey mate, could I get a quote on a Rat clone please?

Digitech Bad Monkey still up for sale!
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Usually in Manchester/Salford, but I'm in N.Yorks at the moment

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£25 shipped for the BM?

If both of you could PM me your address details/proposed method of pay, that's be cool.
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Hey man, you can get the Joyo for 30 quid new on Amazon with free delivery, how does 20 sound?

Whereabouts you located? £20's cool with me.
Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive and MI Audio Crunch Box Clone for sale:
Hi, all! Two pedals for sale here.

Digitech Bad Monkey. Great condition, no issues with it whatsoever through a good 3 years of use. It's very much in the same vein as a Tubescreamer, but the separate bass and treble pots give more tone shaping than the standard single "tone" pot. Great to use as a stand alone overdrive or an "always-on" boost, which I used it for for a couple of years.

Second is a Joyo Crunch Distortion. If you've done any research, you'll know that Joyo do some pretty great clones of certain, ahem, popular boxes such as the OCD. This one is a copy of an MI Audio Crunch Box. It has the internal trim pot, and has a great Marshall-in-a-box sound. Can go from crunch to real high-gain. It has one screw missing on the base-plate due to the head stripping, but I may put a new one in. Either way, it makes no difference. Once again, great condition- practically as new.

Looking for around £30 each, but open to offers or trades. Original boxes and a battery included.


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could you post a picture, i dont get it at all :s

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What kind of pickups are these, actually? It's really weird to hear that.

It's a Swineshead (old handwound UK company, kinda Bareknuckles lesser for a while til it disappeared.). Condor, neck position.
Yeah! I thought it was a bit strange as well...I'm guessing not soldering them together would cause grounding issues??
No, I'm putting a metal, standard cover on a pickup which is mounted onto a plastic backing, as opposed to a metal one.
Hi, all!

Now, I know when installing a cover, that you're supposed to solder the cover to the back of the pickup. However, one of the pickups I'm doing this on has a plastic cover as opposed to a metal one. Is it still possible to put a cover on?

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I'm surprised to hear that about the cleans on th HT-20. All the reviews and all the YouTube videos I watched said that the cleans weren't fender like but definately useable. Also, I think the dark terror is out of the question because it is a one channel amp. Im going to check out all of the amps suggested and see if I can make up my mind. Y'all were a lot of help thanks a lot.

They're nice at low volume, but you have to have the amp literally cranked ina live situation, and there's just no headroom. If you weren't cranking it, they'd be fine though.
Laney VC30 2x10, might be one to look at.
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The Cleans on the Blackstars are very good. Better than those on the JCA20. The Mini Recto will probably fall outside your price range though that would be what I suggest. There's a lot of bandwagoning on the Jet City, and a lot of negative bandwagoning on the Blackstar.

YMMV, but I own a HT-40 because I think it sounds good, and I really didn't like the JCA20.

The cleans on the HT-20 are god-awful. NO headroom whatsoever. I could actually get feedback out of the clean channel.

EDIT: The HT-5 would definitely not work for a band situation. I sold my HT-20 because of lack of volume and headroom. A HT-40 might be better for clubs.

The Orange Dual Terrors are pretty cool. Maybe a Dark Terror?
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Wow, let's start the list:

EHX English Muff'n
Vox Cooltron Bulldog Distortion
Seymour Duncan SFX-03 Twin-Tube Classic
Wampler SLOstortion

All of them are awesome pedals, and all except the wampler pedal are tube pedals. But the wampler is great and will give you a heavier distortion. It Is based on the Famous Soldano SUPER LEAD OVERDRIVE circuitry and is a very modern, American sounding distortion pedal. The rest are British sounding pedal (think hi-gain Marshall's - even the Vox pedal is to high-gain to be a vox) but they clean up really nicely, especially the EHX.

The EHX sounds great to me, but I fear I'd need some higher-gain choices as well! The Wampler is a bit pricey...
Hi, all!

Basically, I'm looking for a drive/dist. pedal to use with my Laney VC30. I'm only going to be using the amps clean channel, so I need something to provide my main dirt.

Whilst I'm looking for some heavy tones, I'm really wanting versatility. I've been mainly looking at the Blackstar HT-Dual, which I'm liking. But there may be something I've missed- another product I should know about!

Sound wise, I'm loving the heavier tones that some bands seem to get out of the JCM 800- Underoath, Thrice etc. But recently I've been writing alot of stuff that needs less saturation and more "crunch" and definition. I've been really liking more vintage-voiced tones like the Dandy Warhols, Brand New, The Horrors, Fugazi Smashing Pumpkins etc. Again, the JCM 800 seems to be the amp of choice for some of these sounds.

So, any advice or reccomendations? Using an SG with Swineshead Warthog/Condor (kinda JB/59) setup.

Bought myself a Holy Stain. Was kinda worried about it, as it was a bit of an impulse buy, but the reverb is lurvely, and I'm not experiencing the unclean "clean" channel issues that people have spoken of. The rest of it is cool, but I'm gonna be using it as a reverb pedal mainly. Was cheaper than a Holy grail anyway, and I couldn't justify buying seperate fuzz, reverb and tremelo boxes as I don't use fuzz/trem that much (yet.) I have a whammy so, aside from chorusey stuff, the pitch shifter is useless to me. Now I have to get my SG pickups all soldered in (Swineshead Warthog/Condor), get a Blackstar HT-Dual, and save for an M9 for modulation stuff, and I'll have a brilliantly diverse rig!!
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So are these open coil type pickups you are getting? If so they might already be potted, I know my BKP Painkiller open coil is wax potted, and the coils are wrapped in tape to keep the wax in. If so you prolly wont need to pot them again, just solder the covers on.

Yeah, they are. I'll probably just put the covers on and see what happens.
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You won't need to re-pot. If the coils are already potted from the manufacturer than you have nothing to worry about.

I think you're confusing your adding covers to the actual making of pickups. Some people suggest wrapping the slugs in tape before you wind a coil around it so that the metal doesn't potentially corrode the wire over time.

Doesn't adding covers increase the risk of microphonic feedback?

Refer here for the electrical tape stuff:
Hi, all!

Basically, I'm replacing the pickups on my '72 Gibson SG (sacrilege? I need something to cope with slightly higher-gain ya see).
I'm putting in a Swineshead Condor in the neck and a Warthog in the bridge.

However, I want to put covers on. Whilst I am perfectly fine with soldering the covers on, it's the wax potting that I don't really have the facilities to take on- and it's £30 to get done per pickup here (**** that!).

So, as the pickups don't really feedback too much by themselves sans-covers, would it be absolutely necessary to do it? I'm probably going to try it anyway- I can always take the covers off if she does squeal too much.

One more thing- some people talk about putting electrical tape on the slugs. Do you literally just fold it over itself so that the pickup sticks to the cover?

Hi all!

Basically, I'm in need of some advice/reccomendations. My recent laptop of 5 years has broken, and I'm replacing it. A desktop is unfortunately out of the question- I don't have the space atm, and I need some portability. I'm in the UK btw.

My budget is £400. I don't play any video games, and, although unlikely, I'd love to get something that's as good as possible for the price when it comes to audio (if I could DI record with my interface with no latency, that would be fab).

Aside from said recording, I'd only be word processing, watching some videos, listening to music etc.

As I said, I'm oblivious to this kinda stuff, so any help would be fantastic!
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The public school system drives anyone who can go to University into University as well.

One of the best things you can do right now is realise what you're ding and where you are. You've most likely got a fair amount of free time and money, and brilliant social opportunities at your finger tips. Your University most likely runs a range of societies which can offer you new social experiences. You're not just paying for a degree, you're also paying to go to University. You might as well embrace it and make the most out of your final year.

Dude, I know about societies and stuff. I run a department in the Uni radio station. I also have a job that has me for about 17 hours a week. Fair amount of money!?!? No...I mean, I'm not living in poverty, but I'd say I'm being fairly tight! As for free time...certainly none spent without an overriding feeling of guilt that I should be reading some incredibly boring Modernist book. Typical case of mixing business with pleasure, and now reading is just a bloody ball ache.

And for the record, I'll be keeping my job after Uni. In the bar, that is, whilst I get the new band up and running. I'll be looking around for voluntary opportunities to broaden my horizons CV-wise, but no immediate plans. I don't see the point when I don't do a vocational degree. And, hey, if some of my good friends are touring Europe, Japan and the USA an signed to labels with a decent amount of investment, there's sure as hell no reason why I won't be given a lil' bit of luck and a whole lot of effort.
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Depends on your degree. Arts students won't because they earn peanuts but I am/will be a science graduate so I'd pay back a lot more.

I really regret choosing English Literature. What a ****ing pointless thing to do. In fact, I'm convinced that the only reason they exist is so that us graduates can stand up and say "I can take alot of bullshit without killing myself/dropping out" after 3 years. This is my last year and I can safely say that Uni has, in many ways, been a complete waste of time and money. Not that I'm doing badly, just that a) I feel the private schooling system basically guided me into it with a rough hand without presenting any alternatives and b) that my naive parents have some image of graduates leaving Uni into a full, well-earning livelihood within roughly two weeks.