Banjocal Like I said... I learned more outside of school. Then there's always the ones who think they're infinitely more intelligent instead of more educated for studying one or two fields in college.

The point is, when I say "love" there's usually that one asshole who brings up the "love isn't real, just a chemical in your brain for mating" or some shit, and I like to beat them to it. Everything's a fucking chemical... let me have this... lol

public school chem let a lot of us down apparently
Aeolian Harmony
That's part of it...
Banjocal a neurochemical...
He does things to me
Dude, right?
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There are plenty of fish in the sea and Hydra isn't much of a catch. You don't want him.

fuck off, I like him
Shield150 he's mine
I've been lurking
a great guy...

...and I'm in love with him.
I have to pee
I believe Google is going to be in every part of our lives and eventually partner with Amazon. They'll be your security system, your car's auto-pilot/navigation, your bionic eye. They'll have chips in us to monitor our vitals at first, but eventually seek to know our thoughts, too. Eventually Google will own so much of you internally that they will be able to control the signals from your brain and control your body if they wanted to be pricks.

Even your ****ing fridge will be controlled a bit by them, digital grocery list screen on the outside so you can order more to be delivered to you.

Essentially, combine Repo! and iRobot, and you have a bit of our future. They'll gain rights to do things to us you'd never expect because of Terms and Agreements that you opted for. They don't need your permission to spy on you now... you probably use Chrome, a Droid phone, or blab your everything over social media.

It's only a matter of time until Google owns us all, because they'll hold all the secrets to life longevity or even one day, a type of immortality.

Congrats on leaving the womb successfully and aging like a fine scotch.
Jeams has a nice face.
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If there was a pole like for an erected swingset I would slide down it.
I would see what would "fit" sometimes.
My best friend convinced me to be naked under the covers with her.
She was also one of the reasons I tried removing bikini layers in the pool and swim low so they wouldn't know we were naked.
Thought nothing of it. Age probably 8-9.
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Well, I think she just got shitfaced...

*puts sunglasses on*



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reminds me of this (Invalid img)
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I don't really give a-!
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Supersonic Idiotic >_>
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Slowly massage the vag, then rub the clitoris ever so gently. Proceed to stick a single finger in the vagina. Continue adding fingers until your whole fist is in. Slide your arm slowly into her, once you reach your shoulder limbo in with your head, and forcibly insert your other arm, torso, and legs. You are now free to control her. When you feel the job is done, finish by giving birth to yourself.

Finally, someone who gives a solution instead of just creating more problems...
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[1:46 PM] ugtc: i mean don't get me wrong, i'm not gay, but if i found out any of the 'girls' in here
[1:46 PM] ugtc: had dicks, i'd jerk them off immediately.


guest-40253 entered the room. [3:48 PM]
guest-40253 changed nickname to ugtc [3:49 PM]
ugtc: James [3:49 PM]
ugtc: I want your body. [3:49 PM]

Interesting. Do go on...

This made me... so very happy...
James just taking off his shirt like that... was magic...
[3:59 PM] jake: Toni
[3:59 PM] aaron: the royal family
[3:59 PM] toni: day 3 infact
[3:59 PM] toni: its the lighting
[3:59 PM] toni: yes jake?
[3:59 PM] glenn: too bad
[4:00 PM] jake: as you lay across the bed in some nice nighty I laid out for you
[4:00 PM] jake: I'll play you a song
[4:00 PM] jake: not on banjo
[4:00 PM] poopsmith: holy lag
[4:00 PM] poopsmith: refreshing
[4:00 PM] glenn: on his skin flute
[4:00 PM] jake: I'll play you a spanish ballad
[4:00 PM] poopsmith left the room.
[4:00 PM] jake: As I play the open notes I'll light candles
[4:00 PM] jake: Rose petals will softly fall from the ceiling
[4:00 PM] glenn: what
[4:00 PM] glenn: how do you manage that ?
[4:00 PM] amp: what?
[4:00 PM] jake: Then the sex music from "The Room" will start
[4:01 PM] jake: brb, next round starting

Toni is being seduced...
I just want to use your love toniiiiight. I don't want to lose your love toniiiiight.

Moments like these are why I got into medicine...

**** you guys, it's a panda riding a horse...
In 20 years...

In 30 with hard drug use...

Reaction faces to a video of boys jumping/wrestling around on a bed and getting chubbies.
[11:03 AM]adamdk2: my deodrant that I just sprayed on my armpit has now stuck some hairs together
[11:03 AM] steph: oooh
[11:03 AM] adamdk2: and it is very painful to pull apart

steph why you so sadist?
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See... I love that reference. Why can we not be friends? ;_;
-As intelligent as I am (though no one thinks I am)
-Slightly taller than me
-Has job
-Has at least aspirations for own place...
-Has an immature side but knows when to be serious (cause I sure don't)
-Can be an ass, but only means it some of the time...
-Likes video games and will play with me
-Likes outdoors
-LOVES DOGS (*this is a must)
-Can cook
-Doesn't care if we look/act like dorks in public

I think most of all, even if he doesn't understand my depression, he'll still at least try to make me laugh/cheer me up... Any guy who can make me smile is worth my time.

edit: and I ****ing demand he AT LEAST texts me every now and then if he's out of town... not ****ing wait 5 days to hear from him... like I should at least get a phone call if it's been a couple of days... FFS....
Guys... no puns... no jokes... I live in Smyrna, outside of Nashville... and I was driving to Knoxville and listening to the radio for traffic reports... when the poor announcer had the worst time trying to explain why the interstate had slow-downs... I about cried.