That sucks!

I bet they look really cute though.
Eeee I picked nine

But it's making me oddly paranoid now.
Ugh, I'm not sure, but I have a feeling it's going to be gnarly. I have this weird tendency to get random medical problems, so my guess is I somehow contract the Black Plague. Or lung cancer, more likely, if I don't stop smoking at some point.
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Oh yeah, and I ****ing hate African nappy hair. You can do NOTHING with it. Either keep it nearly bald short, wait 10 years and get an afro, get dreads (or get weaves of dreads); ****ing useless. And people always ask you, 'Why is your hair so short?" I DON'T HAVE A ****ING CHOICE!

For the record, as a frizzy haired white chick, I think African hair is the most badass looking thing ever. My stepsister was blessed with her African-American mum's hair, and I am super crazy jealous. You see, we've both got wild and bonkers hair, but hers is all rad and gets cooler looking the longer she grows it, whereas mine makes me look like I belong in Ratt unless I spend an hour straightening it every day.
Uhm between 7-9 on weekdays, and probably more like 4 on weekends (I work weekends mostly).

When school's on, I aim for at least 6, but last year two entire semesters of 8 am calculus kind of thwarted that.
^^ Awes no, my point was that you were on to something there, not that you were wrong.
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on the clothes thing try goin a size or 2 smaller it might work. i dont know how womens clothes are made but it seems plausible that smaller sizes may work.

I don't know about buying clothes that are smaller than your usual size, but if you're like me (ie: small boobs and fairly thin), wearing shirts that are fairly tight in the waist/abdomen area help to balance things out---as opposed to wearing shirts that are baggier around the waist, which I find just make a small chested girl look like she's got the body of a 12 year old.

Also, there's nothing super terrible about a padded bra...I'm not talking like "increase your cup two sizes" type bras, but the ones that have a little bit of padding on the bottom, more to push your boobs "up" rather than make them look bigger. Those are pretty flattering.

11) This last one is a soppy one, but find someone who makes me believe that true love like you get in the movies and books and songs is a real thing.

^^ Totally possible

And awes that just kinda cuted me out.

For a while, my goal was to find a rich dude that would let me live on his yacht for the rest of my life, but then I finally started uni and have a real aspiration to...improve the state of modern agriculture and work on moving society away from factory farming and GMOs and towards local sustainable agriculture systems that utilize traditional techniques and work with ecological processes (ie: with nature) as opposed to chemicals and large scale industrial practices.

I'm actually really excited about that, somehow.
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I've always felt rather flat-chested compared to a lot of other girls in my grade. I'm also sort of clumsy which usually doesn't bother me except it can be embarrassing in gym class at times when I'm totally incompetent.

Yeeeah. I feel pretty flat chested compared to a lot of other girls in the world, and also have tendency to flail about and be clumsy. This, unfortunately, followed me out of high school.

However, those things don't really make me self conscious anymore. (You've really gotta learn to own your clumsiness, and rock the little boobies, and suddenly you're a lot sexier somehow).

I am really self conscious of my teeth though, to the point of deleting most pictures that involve me actually smiling.
It is when he makes it!!
Bastard...better bring me ma chicken...

Should I kill the spider I just found by the front door or leave it be?
Because women have it rough in this world

Will my boyfriend remember to bring me home Thai chicken at one in the morning?
^^ Most certainly

Just heard gunshots outside my house. (True Story.) Should I go outside and have a look about?
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Assuming the transitive property holds for holiness...

In that respect, it probably helps (me to agree with him, I mean) that I'm not a huge believer in God and holiness in general. I assume that those who are against drugs for childbirth for religious reasons probably aren't going to change their minds regardless.
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Therefore: Denying medicine means you are purposely refusing one of God's creations and holding out for direct intervention, which IMO has already been granted in the form of the medicine. bible camp, we made this flow chart which kinda like...proved or whatever...that since God created man...and man created the Transformers...the Transformers are like a gift from God!!!

In all seriousness, you make a good point against the religious argument.
Oh thank god for this thread, Ive wanted to say this all day...

Quit falling all over my boyfriend you treacherous hoors. Especially right in front of me. I've punched out far more threatening people than you gangly-ass b*tches, and I have no problem introducing your heavily made up faces to the heel of my boot.

The woman doesn't feel anything though besides some tugging on her insides.

Wow. Just wow.

*attempts to grow penis*
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...then why go natural? There's this bullshit romanticism surrounding natural childbirth that it's some beautiful event every woman MUST go through, while it's just generally just gross and painful, and even has the risk of death or vaginal tearing.

(Bolded/italicized for emphasis)

Honestly, my mother told me once upon a time that the drugs could hurt the baby, and I just assumed she knew what she was talking about.

If they don't pose any risk to it/him/her/whatever, I guess I don't see the point in natural childbirth either.

Btw I think vaginal tearing and grossness may happen anyway, but I can't say it's something I've investigated at length, given the gross factor.
With the drugs or with the going natural and it scaring the hell out of me?
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Wait what? Drugs? You mean like inducing labor or painkillers or something? I'm quite ignorant when it comes to childbirth practices.

I assume she's talking about when they put you on the drip or whatever, and it basically numbs you from the waist down.

Correct me if I'm wrong, please

And also, if I ever end up birthing something (presumably a child) I'd like to think I could go natural, but it truly scares the hell out of me.
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I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear.

Far too lazy to read this whole thread and see if somebody actually caught the amusing Pokemon reference

Dear god I hope you were making an amusing Pokemon reference.

Uhm. Yes. I also like shorts.

^^Rickard's Red!!! Gah!!! So hearty and fresh and amazing!!!
The other that I'm a huge fan of is Keith's, but it's a lighter brew, so keep that in mind.
Doug, the cartoon, that delightful little melody always cheers me up
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play the Ghostbusters theme on repeat, and have sex... lots of sex

I actually pictured that in my head, and laughed, a lot, out loud...

I agree with the Slip n Slide dude, but only if it is also a random costume party.
Didn't Ronnie go to jail, or something, and get replaced by buddy from Bless The Fall?? Not so terrible, I saw Bless the Fall live and thought they were decent, there are certainly worse vocalists they could have ended up with...but Ronnie was kind of a huge part of the band for me.
Okay yeah...Escape the Fate=guilty pleasure of mine...
Yea actually. Recently got out of a dead relationship, just scored a partial scholarship, actually have a job, and somehow still manage to party from time to tiem...Life's pretty good!!!
I actually desperatly wish to hit the Rockstar Mayhem thing, with Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Bullet, Manson, etc...But the closest it's comin' to me is Seattle...on a Tuesday. Just don;t see it happening.
I actually just heard something about how Slash used to be really huge into hair metal and hit motley shows, before Guns n' Roses was anything, and there is a part in The Dirt that references Axl showing up at a Motley party and being totally Denied...but G n' R themselves only ever even looked vaguely hair metall-y in that Welcome to the Jungle video and I blame Axl for that
^^It's nice to hear somebody else finally say that, haha, around here (where I live) last time I hit an A7X show I was like "Um, pretty sure that's the same setlist I heard last time???" and people got on my case for bein a hater. These guys are one of my fave bands, I just would like to hear some new live material, y'know?
Umm k Im assuming this is open for business if it hasn't been closed...

Okay I'll be the "weirdo"
I happen to like Bullet. If you hate the kinda music they play, well, of course you'd hate the band, but for their...I don't want to say genre, but at least out of the few bands in their little niche, I think they're one of the best. I mean, no offense to anybody that disagrees, but they kick the **** out of Atreyu. I once saw them (Atreyu) opening for A7X and was kinda embarressed about being there.

EDIT: **** **** didn't notice this thread here:

Sorry all!
Used to be kinda obsessed by the idea of getting breast implants but over time realized how silly an idea it was. Besides...they'd be hard...what's the point of that...
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To keep what was rock 'n' roll sacred from what rock has become.

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...Yes I do?

^^Lol, sorry bro, I don't mean to tell you how you feel, I just meant you don't look like ****. In my opinion anyway.
Quote by xFeatherx

Most of the time I think I look like shit.

No, you don't.

I like me. I think I'm attractive. I'd sex me. I have days that feel ****tier, but overall there isn't much Id change.
I have an insane amount of respect for drummers. I've tried learning to play basic, easy as **** beats before and I just can't ****ing do it. Drumming isn't as easy as it looks. And even though tons of people are all right drummers, truly talented ones are so hard to find.
And if I'm allowed to have a stupid girl moment...drummers are sexy.
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No one ever comes and sits next to me on the bus

I try to convince myself it's because I look intimidating...

Me too

I actually like the bus. Except when I put 2.50 in the thing, and bus driver goes "you need another quarter" and I go "but i paid the full amount" and she goes "It went up to 2.50"
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Awwww such a nice guy! We need more people like you


I enjoy spreading cheer
At work last week a girl asked me if I go to 'metallic' shows and if a lot of gothic people go to those.

It was really cute though, and I think she was trying to make conversation, so I said "sometimes." I don't like being rude to people cause they don't know something music-related. I figure not everybody spends the ridiculous amount of time listening to/discussing/pondering music that I do.
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Sounds like i was the nicest...

..I thought it was classy, I got it at Sears portrait studio, lol