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You're gonna have to deal with it. You're never gonna be able to change your mom, especially not one like that.

EDIT: have you talked to your dad about this yet?

Don't think what was said above is right! You do not have to deal with it! Just try talking to her about stuff she likes. and try to get along. and soon you will find that you ARE getting along. (I hope). I'm really close to my mom, and I'm actually trying to get a group started up for those who are close to their moms or are having problems with them. So as soon as I do I will invite you to it. (you won't need an invitation to join though) And you don't have to join if you don't want to... I just hope it helps!!!
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Evil Dead
The Thing
Prince of Darkness

And for kicks, Phantasm

Haha, my dad loves evil dead... we watched it last night, and I think we are going to watch #2 tonight. He also said that #3 is good but it's a horrer/comedy so we'll see if we have time to watch it...

My List of horrers I have watched so far:
(In order)
Aracnaphobia -good, verry scarry!
House of the devil -completly stupid! Nothing scarry about it!
Nightmare on Elm Street -(newist one) Kinda scarry. Okay movie.
Evil Dead -Decently scarry. Lots of blood and goary stuff. (blood and goary stuff don't scare me... so horrers have to have LOTS of thrill and suspence to scare me!! )
So, they need to be scarrier than that! The scarriest movie I've ever watched is "Aracniphobia" (sorry if I spelled it wrong! ) I have a major fear of spiders, and that's what the whole movie is about, so I was FREAKED OUT!!!

^^ Also, I would prefer older movies...
What are some really good horrer movies thet aren't too scarry, but are scarry? My Dad and I are probablly renting some horrers tomorrow night, (Thursday-March 3rd) and I would like to know some good ones to rent... I'm just starting on horrers so I don't want anything too horrifing... But I do want to be scared! I watched the most recent "Nightmare on elm streeet" movie and was not really scared.
You could try a Guns N Roses song... sweet child o mine, every rose has it's thorn, or patience
you are right, a 3 hour wait is not worth it! But we always go on a week day so it is not so busy! they only had to wait 30 minutes or so to get on... they were lucky!
haha, YES I was to scared to ride it!!! Usually she's more scared about things than I am because she is younger, but since it was Cedar Point she had to show me out... I personally think it's kinda funny that since she rode 2 or 3 more rides than I did, (including that) that she got so scared form one of them. That was 2 years ago, and as far as I know we are going again this summer. It seems like so long ago that we went last that I would be willing to ride The Top Thrill Dragster just for the chance to go again!!! (even though I would probablly be one of those people you see scared to death while waiting!)
Well, the Top Thrill Dragster is a lot scarier than you would think! I've been there 2 times and never rode it! Maybe this summer when we go again I will be brave enough! (Probablly not, hahaha!)
It's a lot of fun if ever do go! I am lucky to live only a few hours away, so we have gone a few times!
Is the Raptor the big green one in the front of the park? (haha, I forgot...) If so It's probablly my 2nd favorite!
Cedar Point is an amusement park. One like 6 Flags...
What's your favorite roller coaster at Cedar Point?
I'd also like to hear your best/worst moments there!

My favorite ride is the Maverick!
And I'm not sure what my best or worst moment is but, When we went last time, my sister was actually brave enough to ride The Top Thrill Dragster (I wasn't )and our dad rode with her. He wanted to scare her, (right after he had to convince her to ride it) so he waited untill she was buckled up, and then told her how scarry it was! (Not cool!) Anyway she came off the ride crying... But I don't blame her considering she was only 11, and I seen grown men praying (literly) that they would come off the ride safely!
Okay, so the chocolate milk thing is stupid. jayx124 asked about reading TABs! It's simple once you know how! I didn'k nkow how for a long time, then I taught myself how to pretty much.

-------0---- ( high E)
-------1---- (B)
-------0---- (G)
-------2---- (D)
-------3---- (A)
-------0---- (low E)

this ^ is a C chord...
the bottom line (with the 0 ) is the low E string on your guitar, the next one is the A string, and so on as you can see.
The number on the line, is which fret you press down on. Like on the A string, you press down on the 3rd fret.
(FYI, It's easier than reading standerd musical notation!)
Sorry, I tried!
Led Pepplin
Have you ever been told you look like someone famous?
My relatives are down our end until tomorrow, and one of my cousin's friends told me I look like Justin Bieber. Not really sure how to take that. I've also been told I look like a young John Lennon a few times.

Haha... glad I've never been told I look like Justin Bieber!!! (Although that would be kinda weird since I'm a girl!) But young John Lennon... thats another story! If I were you I'd take that as a compliment! (Expecially if you are a boy, not a girl )
But anyway... every time I see my mom's friend's husband, he tells me that when I turn 18, I will be a Jennifer Garner look alike! I don't really think so, but It's kinda funny anyway!
I'll try to remember to watch your videos... And again, sweet dreams was really good!
This is a hard one and if you can't help me I don't blame you!
I like the song "allstar" by smash mouth, but cant find something I can play on acoustic guitar... It would be fun to play...
I thought Em7 was like this?:

E 0
B 0
G 0
D 0
A 2

(tell me if I'm wrong...)

I just thought of something.... could they be different versions?
1st song-watch this. I'm pretty sure it's as close to perfect as you will get!
But as for the 2nd, I don't know what to tell you! That is a hard one!
Nice guitarist, Good drummer, and good bassist...BUT, I think your singer has the looks and not the voice... I suggest teachng him like, secondary guitar or something. And one of the other members of your band take over singing... Thats just my opinion though, so if you like his singing that's great too! I'm not part of your band, so don't let me tell you guys (and girl) what to do! - You did ask for cunstructive criticism-
But over all, I think you guys are doing good so far! I think your lucky to be in a band! (I wish I was!!)It looks to me like you are playing some good songs too. I really like sweet dreams and think you (all) did good!
*Although, I do have to admit that my voice sucks. So at least your singer can sing better that I can! Believe me, you wouldn't want me singing!! **
Thanks guys for my spelling mistakes... Thats the best way to correct them!
eahilder I forgot to mention that I tried to get the music for that last night also, but everything I found was too hard- I seen that it was origanlly wrote for 3 guitars (not including bass!). I would really like to learn it if I could find an easier version though!
I would also like to thank RetroGunslinger for the acoustic songs!
And most of all elvor0 for the encouragment and videos!!! I watched the first part of sweet child o mine... thats really cool that they can do that on acoustic! ( I love that song!) Thanks again! And maybe soon I'll go back to GNR, but for now I actually want to broaden the types of music I like and learn different music!!!!!!
I am really enjoying this classic rock thing a LOT! It's fun, and now I am realizing how much I like classic rock!
I guess I should also note that I use lots of bar chords too if it makes it any easier...
Last week I was trying to cover my favorite Guns N Roses songs untill... I got 3 or 4 and couldn't really make any of them sound like Guns N Roses. And then it hit me that I don't have an electric guitar...
So last night I asked a friend of mine for some suggestions of some good music to cover for acoustic guitar, and he said classic rock...
( I'm not really familliar with names of people who play that kind of music, or the names of the songs they play. But I do like that kind of music and reconize lots of them if you tell me their names...)
Anyway this is the list of people he gave me to look up/cover:

The Eagles--The Doors--Grateful Dead--Bob Dillian--John Mellancamp--Eric Clapton--John Denves--Slightly Stupid--and Tom Petty

I already got 'I won't back down' by Tom Petty last night...

Can anybody give me any other suggestions please? I'm on here almost every day. So you can either reply on here, message me, or post on my "main page" where it lets you.
**NOTE: I am not a begginer, but I'm not amazingly advanced either... --Meaning I can play difficult chords and have lots of chords memorized, but I haven't played too many songs with a lot of finger styling stuff... ** BUT it would be good to test my ability to play some things that are a little challenging...
*****Message me with any Q's!*****
AND I would like to tell Kazzmaster that it's not easy for everyone! Even he/she should know that! I'm sure he/she's been there before! Everyone has!
I say Kazzmaster should learn some manners!!! I'm in the middle of getting at least one of them to you right now
K. I'm definately interested! Tell me what you want...I'll see what I can Do!
Why do you think it will be so much of a challange???
I just realized that when I posted the song for you, the chords all stayed at the beggining of the line...
so, should go more like...

Bm G
The world is moving to the song I hear,
D A/C# A
Who's that singing wind is rushing in my ear,
(and so on... you get the point)

So, do you like any other Matisyahu music?
Thanks ezequielgdl, I'll try it...

-dustinp- The chords are Bm-G-D-(A/C#)-A --I don't always play(A/C#)--

Intro: Bm G D A x4

Bm G
The world is moving to the song I hear,
D A/C# A
Who's that singing wind is rushing in my ear,
Bm G
Mind gushing memories almost lost everything,
D A/C# A
Felony and fellows running in my dream,
Bm G
We were in the van where the hits were driving,
D A/C# A
Saw myself in the highlands at age thirteen
Bm G
And I'm asking questions to the present day me,
D A/C# A
Moving backwards down the hill see we were posting

Bm G D A/C# A
Moonlight illuminate my night and my days sun-ray make the people say
Bm G
Had a vision somethings missing so they're screaming out loud
D A/C# A
Keep my feet on ground and my head in the clouds
Bm G D A/C# A
I'm the arrow, you're my bow, shoot me forth and I will go
Bm G
And I know and I go and I go get up and go
D A/C# A
Make me feel its for real tell me what you know

Bm G D A/C# A
I don't need to glorify, ate the apple of the tree and tried to lie
Bm G
In the garden i'll remember that's when I started to sing
D A/C# A
I said death brings life into uncertain things,
Bm G
Classroom's not for me, sun setting autumn breeze
D A/C# A
Sound is moving like a chorus keep hearing that melody,
Bm G
Check the radio but theres nothing playing,
D A/C# A
Check the radio again but theres nothing playing


Bm G D A/C# A

Bm G D
Swing low, sweet chariot of flames change my name, No!
A/C# A
It was always the same,
Bm G
Till if only what you find when you climb,
D A/C# A
Check the radio but of all that shines theres no time,
Bm G
My life is making your mind work in overtime,
D A/C# A
But along the line you'll have to pay for the crime
Bm G
Slow it down you turbo too soon,
D A/C# A
Vroom vroom then you want to blast off unto the moon,
Bm G
But you might get trapped in a temple of doom,
D A/C# A
You might get trapped in a temple of doom

There is this song I LOVE called "Time of Your Song" by Matisyahu... I have the lyrics and chords for it, but can't get the strumming pattern right. I can't find it anywhere either... - usually I am great at getting the strumming pattern for songs just by hearing the song it's self, but I just CAN'T get this one!- (the weird thing is that this is one of my favorite songs ever! )PLEASE AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!
Can anybody find me a version of "All Star" by Smash Mouth that would sound okay on an acoustic guitar? It doesn't have to be very detialed or anything... I just like the song and want to be able to play it for myself. THANK YOU!!!
I still say the Pacs will win this one