So ive just started to look at all the chords and decided to learn some, well i learned almost all of them i just cant understand chord progressions... naturally i would just google it and find my solution but then all i saw were ROMAN NUMBERALS!!! so... can someone please help me to understand these, or at least give me a link to a good site for help...
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Oh you did not.

what are some good bands like skrillex? i know i cant possibly expect sumthin to kick that much ass twice but its worth asking.
I need help creating a setlist for my new band. We have a small amount of experience and we will be playing at my brothers birthday party tommoro! help if you can... any suggestions????
so why did their drummer quit? They are one of my favorite bands! Im amazed everytime i listen to a song by them and wish fo more!!
from what i heard there was this online lesson that herman lee put out... my freind tried it and he is pretty good at sweeps now! I dont know what its called and even if you dont like Dragonforce it woudnt hurt to look it up and take a quik peek!
well from what ive learned is.... If you need to switch from string to string just use an ascending scale, if that still doesnt sound right then change the tempo of the riff. If you have some more problems then just write a new riff inbetween the two!
yea dont use an alchohol wipe... it will dry out the wood...
ok yes i am amazed at the bohemian Rapsody... it was perfect with the song behind it! Questions: 1.Where did you possibly get the idea for that, 2. How long did that take?!?!
Lol. Dear Reapre/chaos, are you dumb?

Ok first things first... my name is REAPER! and if you ask a question like that.... ok... look at your post... One: you spelled my name wrong when its like 2 posts below your own, Two: you ask if im dumb?!?!? What kind of a question is that??? and Three: You actually bothered to waste your time trying to insult me... im sorry bud but, i dont give a crap if some little fart on his computer has a problem with the way i post and decides he is going to insult me when i dont even know him... dont waste my time.
wow im amazed this forum has lasted this long.... mabey its just too awesum..
ok wtf?!?! Are ****ing berries taking over the world?!?!! (dont answer that)
Dude... what the hell is with you and freezing berries? cmon man! Just take a canister of berries, and stuff your little berry loving head into it!

Berries do not = music!
Tho yes they are quite good... i must agree, but you should have started the ultimate munchies forum or sumthing!
Its nice to find so many seven string players! i thought i was all alone! I had to custom make an old Bc Rich that was busted and and destroyed into a 7 string, suprisingly i did it! I made it work!
Why dont we make a group? we could make forums for good seven string songs to learn and we could invite more of the 7 string players! Someone make a group! If i made one i doubt many people would join it... i dont know....
Well i dont know what to think of 7 strings, ive owned one for about 2 years now and i must say... Its a lot harder... I have a B.c Rich Warlock 7 string with an ibenez head stock and honestly, its actually a great guitar, tho if you try to play something that is for that 6 string then you are up for quite the challenge! If you need some advice, the most helpful thing i can find about it is.... The highest string for a 4 string bass, it can be used to replace your bottom string!

BTW: seven string players should have their own group... what do u think?
Dude you might want to buy a Ibanez G0, they are pretty good starter guitars and plus they dont cost much, plus they can be customized really well!
So why can you only create comics in Mozilla Firefox?
Illbe able to upload them either this weekend or next.
Well its finished! Ill post as picture of it next time i stay the night at a freinds house cuz i cant do it from school. Its doing good i used Neon green spraypaint, White Rustoleum primer, spray on laquer, 120 grit sandpaper, a screwdriver, and a cresent wrench. But for the matirials i had, it looks awesum! It only has 2 marks on it and they are small.

The only hard part was the tuning keys... they took forever! If you mess up once on one of em' you gotta do it all over again! Its a pain in the butt, but it works!
Being in high school and playing guitar for 16 hours doesn't work. It's a math thing.

Yea i understand... how would that work? Mabey if they came up with this miracle called night school! Ya see you only go to schooll for like four hours! 24-4=20!!! 20-16=4!!!! Yay! See i dont **** around with guitar, ive played for quite a while now and im still not as good as i want to be. Plus i have a bad habit of not being able to put a guitar down... unless its missing a string, then i only play it for like an hour.
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So how do people do this? What is there a site to go to to get all this shit or sumthing? I wanna make one!!! I hear im an actual genius at shit like this so i wanna try it!!! Mine would be freakin amazing!!!
Don't flatter yourself too much. Make me laugh.

Ok honestly give me a little time to do this because im in high school and im a guitarist who plays 8-16 hours a day so you gotta give me some time! Mabey some time during this weekend i will be happy to make your day!

Btw: I dont flatter mahself! I said Ive heard im a genius at shit like this so its not my opinion. plus any dude is gonna say his is gonna be awesome! its just me being exited! no need to bust balls man! And yes ill try to make you laugh....
So how do people do this? What is there a site to go to to get all this shit or sumthing? I wanna make one!!! I hear im an actual genius at shit like this so i wanna try it!!! Mine would be freakin amazing!!!
because eventually we would find the funniest ones!!! plus... how do you guys make these? what do you copy paste and edit?!
Dude we have to start a contest on these things! can you imagine?!?!?
Well as far as Dr.SKArface McDank dude im painting the metal parts on the guitar Neon green! Also i wanna paint the pick guard, the pickup guard and the pickup (mabey the pickup i dont know) neon green! if you know any way to help read the rest of this post and then send some tips!!

Well here is the update!!! I got spraypaint, primer, and some 120 grit sandpaper... (i know the grit it too much but im still using it, its all i have to work with) so i started painting yesterday...

So far: I started on the plate that covers the wires and switches in the back of the guitar.... well at first since that part is plastic i didnt prime it... well then i painted the bridge (primed it first) i realized... the color shade was brighter ... so i have to prime everything before i paint it ... and thats gonna be a pain.... but its worth it! I must say some of the peices are done and they look nice!!! it seems to have a finish built for a feakn tank! Im even going into the detail of painting the tops of the screws... so tell me... should they be black or neon green?(the actual guitar is black)
Where are the pictures???
Well i gots a couple o' problems there... I dont have a ride to Home Depot or any hardware store like that... walmart is pretty much all i got to work with... and i kinda wanna use the sand paper cuz ive heard from people all over that i need to use it. (one of those people was my wood shop teacher who has done this once but wont help me much) But that doesnt mean ima ignore your advise... so... about what grain sand paper should i use? Im not really looking for a shiney smooth finish just one that looks good! Plus where should i buy those nifty lil strings u showed me? Im going to use Automotive Primer so what kind would be the right kind? If you can, give a brand name and type. (if i cant find the primer i need ima order it off o' Ebay.)

Man this is turning out to be quite the pain in the a$$... I only have about a 30$ budget too. but that doesnt mean ima give up that easy, ima try and make this work, and make this look good! But thanx for all your help!
Man it turns out ima have to wait to paint the guitar so if anybody has any tips then send me some! Also RebuildIt, dude... that was a freaking great idea but i have a question... where do i get those? I looked on the site but couldnt find out where to buy them...

ok heres how ima do this... im gonna tell yall how ima paint it and you guys give me all the tips you have... please...
ok here goes:
1. First im gonna take everything off of the guitar. (bridge, tuners, pickup, pickup cover, pick guard, and the pot plate)NOTE: I already have this done
2. Im gonna take some 300 grit sandpaper and carefully "roughen it up" so that the paint sticks better.
3. Im gonna Prime it with some metal primer. (does walmart carry that?)
4. Im gonna double check with everything.(make shure im in a good spot where there is no wind or dust, make shure to everything is good and sanded, make shure all kids in the area fear for their lives if they touch it, etc.)
5. finally im gonna take some neon green automotive spraypaint and get to painting.
6. make sure all is painted well and wait till its just cool enough to hit with a hairdryer (this is cuz when you hairdry it, it creates a kind of shell that is awesome!)dont worrry i wont blow myself up... *snickers and finishes taping little brother to propane tank*
7.put it all back on and GO!!!!

so... any one got any comments/tips for me?
I cant possibly be the first idiot to try this so cmon and give me all your tips!!!
Im repainting one of my guitars... but im not painting the wood... i wanna paint the metal parts Neon Green... Its a Black guitar.... but im wondering... will spraypaint do? Ps: im painting it this weekend so ill give you a reply and tell you how it went!

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nice... now someone should make one about what happens after a baby is born.... the raising of the child.

Father in law: (actually makes your day!)
To all of you Maggots out there come and join me!!! join The Pulse of the Maggots!
Yea i downloaded power tab and it says its having problems with the font file or somthing... i looked all over google but i cant find out what to do. do any of yall know what to do?
Mabey its so that guitar strings dont hurt your fingers, which is a sad thing to fix... because honestly... all you gotta do is have calice... but how would it work? it confuses me!
if you wanna help me find free power tab then do so... but if not... shut the **** up be fore i make you go tea bag an upside down lawn mower! i will slam your **** in a waffle iron! i will grind your balls with a steam roller over broken glass so hard your children will scream!

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what is the difference between guitar pro and power tab?

how bout' the waffles?
ok i know this isnt the right forum for this but can someone send me a link to some free power tab software that isnt a trial... please...

Do you like bacon???
ill try ebay sometime but first what equipment should i look for... i play stuff like A7X or Arch Enemy, but i also kinda like the blues and even some acoustics.... so what should i buy? (im currently at a computer in which Ebay is blocked... so no links to ebay please)

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that was a very strange game... ico was soo much better..

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Just a question but what the hell are dollhairs? Btw: thanks man for the ebay advice!

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Yeah, it's a good place to find deals on gear.

well i was sure of that but like does anybody ever like rip you off? thats what im worried bout.

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