Ha, holy crap. I was just browsing a thread and saw a recent post from Bill. cap, roam, and bill are all still around. Good to know all is well in A&C!
Glad to see some familiar faces around here still. Hope everyone is doing well!
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From what I can see of the specs. the only difference is the number of frets. the FG700MS is 20 frets.

I'm sure they both have 20 frets. It has been a long time since I have seen a FG700 of any finish, but I suspect that is a misprint.

P.S. ohai, cap
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tommy emmanuel is a lot better known than jimtaka might be aware, but the people who might want to own a guitar he signed would probably rather it was a high quality guitar or a maton.

next time you have someone sign something, have someone take a pic of you and the person, either standing with you holding the guitar or actually doing the signing.

I am quite aware of who Tommy Emmanuel is and his relative level of fame. Don't overestimate it. I love him as an artist as well, but that doesn't change the facts.

Also, he mentioned in a later post that he has photo and video evidence of Tommy Emmanuel signing the guitar.
The saddle(s) will be adjusted during a setup if necessary. Normally it is necessary, but not 100% of the time.

What kind of guitar is it? Make and model?
What is your question here? Are you asking what the guitar is worth?

My guess is that the guitar is worth basically the same as it would be if it was unsigned. The difference is that by having it signed, you eliminated 99.9% of the market for the guitar. You should still be able to find somebody to buy it (via eBay would be the easiest imo), but you are not going to get more than what the model is worth on it's own. If you happen to find just the right Tommy Emmanuel fan who also just so happens to want that exact model of guitar, you might get like $10-$20 more than the value of the guitar alone, but I wouldn't count on it.

People never seem to realize that the only way a signature really substantially improves the value of a guitar is if it is a nice guitar in the first place and if the person that signs it is a really, really famous guitarist. Niche fame (like Tommy Emmanuel) doesn't count. I'm talking about having something like an American Fender Strat signed by Eric Clapton.

There just isn't a serious market out there for collecting mildly famous people's signatures. Sure people collect them, but they don't pay very much for them.
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alright folks. Final of now ... is:
Nicklas Backstrom (Away)
Ryan Kesler (Home)

Good choices, imo. I actually voted for everyone but Toews because I figured that was like voting -1 for Toews.
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its a goddamn SWEATER!

I have been waiting on someone to say that.
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I'm going to move in with my friend next year who's an obnoxious Philly fanboy and when he goes out I'm going to bedazzle his Flyers jersey so it's fabulous.

Oh man, I have to get a bedazzler now.
You guys noticed this:

Also... BONNAROOOOO! lineup announced today. Stellar.
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You can't get 90 from subtracting two numbers.

haha, Ahhh **** me. I'm a moron.
Quote by alaskan_ninja
When you take a two-digit number and subtract the digits from the original (eg. 27 - 2 - 7) you will always end up with a multiple of 9. All the multiples of 9 on that chart are given the same symbol, which changes every time so you don't get suspicious.

This is correct, but did anybody else notice that they ****ed up 90? It's different from the other multiples of 9 every time. Morons.
Hahaha, so your girlfriend's Uncle is a middleman sketchy fake jersey dealer? Sweet.
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Get a good fake if you are going to get one. You won't get a good fake from where you are looking to get it from.

Now this I do have to agree with. As somebody else pointed out, just because the jerseys that your buddy ordered from that site are decent doesn't mean yours will be. Maybe the third-world factory that produced his has more talented eight-year-old seamstresses than the one your shipment might come from.

I would for real go the eBay route. At least that way if you get the jersey and it's shit, you can send it back and get a refund. eBay always stands behind the buyer. Plus you can just ask the seller if the exact jersey you are getting is the one in the picture. I usually tack on a little "I appreciate your honesty" at the end of questions like that, and I've found that most people will shoot you straight... even sketchy fake jersey dealers. Because the thing about eBay is that the sellers know that eBay will support the buyer, and the sellers do care about their feedback. The other thing is that with eBay, at least you can use PayPal and have a trustworthy funding source instead of giving your credit card information to some sketchy fake jersey dealer.
Why do y'all care if he gets a fake? He knows they are fake. He's OK with it. He wants to spend $30 instead of $300.

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How's that 5 on 5 scoring working out for ya?

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I will say I find Nashville's third sexually stimulating.

Quote by /-Vince-\
and yes the 3rd nashville jersey is sweet. You can add this one to the list

That's hot.

All the pictures online make that black/blue checkerboard pattern around the bottom really stand out. You can't even see that in person. It just looks solid navy unless you look really, really close.

Just out of curiosity, Vince, why just that one particular website? There are a bajillion fakes out there on numerous websites, not to mention eBay. At least with eBay you get to see the actual fake you're buying.
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Wakarusa has a line up I'm more interested in and it will be less bro tastic.

Yeah I like the Waka lineup as well. It's always good. It's more jamband-oriented than what Bonnaroo has become. I loved the old Bonnaroo when it was mostly jambands, but I've really enjoyed how it has gotten more eclectic as well. I've seen a ton of stuff that I never would have otherwise. I've seen all the big/medium jambands, most of them several times.
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y no crosby or vechkin?

They don't have Crosby on that site. They do have Ovechkin, though.
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Those jerseys are 32$, I dont care if they're out of date...+ yeah I'm looking for the coolest looking one out of those, definately

Yeah I noticed they are cheap as hell. They must be fakes.

Anyway, the more I look, the more I realize that I can't be unbiased. I look and look, and the Nashville third jersey is still the coolest looking jersey imo. I'd go with this one:

At least he still plays for the team, even though he wears the C and not the A now. But it shouldn't be out-of-date any time soon either since he should get a long-term contract after this season. He's an all-star and played on the Canadian Gold Medal team in the last Olympics. If you watched it, you might remember him shooting the puck through the net. They stopped play like a minute later because they realized on the replay that he had scored a goal, but the puck actually went through the net. It left a black mark on the net. Freakin' sweet.

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I would go with a home Connolly. Although I don't like/dislike the player I think Buffalo's home is just great.

Man I think the Sabres jerseys are fugly!
Quote by /-Vince-\
My team is the Montreal Canadiens, but I find their jersey is the ugliest of all, and I want to wear the shirt to play also, so I don't really care about the team...
And as for the names, I'm limited to what they've got on stock there:

No offense, but that first part just doesn't compute.

Also, damn the jerseys on that site are way out-of-date. There's a bunch of jerseys of guys that don't even play for those teams anymore.

Anyway, I'm looking to see which one looks the coolest imo... since it seems that is what you are after.
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patty f*cking mayonnaise. she was MINE DOUG! MINE!

In all seriousness, I'm a little confused that you have a bunch of players from different teams as your choices. Don't you have a favorite team? You can't root for the Sharks, Capitals, Sabres, Blackhawks, and Canucks!
3rd jersey Patric Hornqvist, of course.
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You should've gone in 2009. They both played Bonnaroo in 2009.

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When is the other half coming out?

They trickle out artists over the next few months now. No more set dates for announcements usually. They'll announce anywhere from 3 to 15 artists at a time here and there leading up to the festival. There are usually a few big names that come out in the later announcements.
See just based on the few bands that some of you have picked out, I could come up with another list at least as long, if not twice as long, of other bands playing that you would probably like.

Thursday night seems to always be the night I discover 2-3 bands that become favorites.
This will be my 7th 'Roo.

For me, seeing bands that you already know about is only like 1/3 of the experience. 1/3 is discovering awesome bands that you never would have. You can't be lazy and sit around camp complaining about being hot. You've got to get out and go to as much stuff as you can. Especially late night! The other 1/3 is just the atmosphere and hanging out with friends.
This thread can be summed up with two words: Peewee Herman.
Yeah, I wasn't that stoked about the lineup at first glance. I was originally comforted by the fact that there's 90 bands on that list, so there's probably another 50+ still to be announced. There's also been rumors circulating that there are going to be two headliners each night this year, so that leaves anywhere from 3-5 big acts still to be announced (if that rumor is true). I'm hoping for Radiohead, RHCP, and Daft Punk.

Anyway, so then I spent about 3 hours looking up youtube videos of all the bands I hadn't heard of... and there are a ton of awesome ones. So now I'm excited.
Surprised there wasn't already a thread about this. The initial lineup announcement was made today around 11:45 EST.

Arcade Fire
Widespread Panic
The Black Keys
Buffalo Springfield feat Richie Furay, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Rick Rosas, Joe Vitale
My Morning Jacket
Lil Wayne
String Cheese Incident
Robert Plant & Band of Joy
Mumford & Sons
The Strokes
The Decemberists
Ray Lamontagne
Iron & Wine
Girl Talk
Dr. John and The Original Meters performing Desitively Bonnaroo
Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas
Pretty Lights
Florence & the Machine
Superjam ft. Dan Auerbach and Dr. John
Explosions in the Sky
Gogol Bordello
Big Boi
Scissor Sisters
Gregg Allman
Global Gypsy Punk Revue curated by Eugene Hütz
Warren Haynes Band
Old Crow Medicine Show
Bootsy Collins & the Funk University
Wiz Khalifa
Matt & Kim
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
The Del McCoury Band and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Mavis Staples
Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
Chiddy Bang
Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers
Loretta Lynn
Cold War Kids
The Walkmen
Wanda Jackson
Neon Trees
Portugal. The Man
Sleigh Bells
Amos Lee
Best Coast
The Sword
The Drums
The Black Angels
School of Seven Bells
J. Cole
Nicole Atkins & the Black Sea
Freelance Whales
Justin Townes Earle
Ryan Bingham
Deer Tick
Band of Skulls
Sharon Van Etten
Abigail Washburn
Omar Souleyman
Twin Shadow
Man Man
The Low Anthem
Alberta Cross
Railroad Earth
Jessica Lea Mayfield
Smith Westerns
The Head and the Heart
Karen Elson
Beats Antique
Clare MaGuire
Hayes Carll

So what say you, UG? I dig it. Can't wait for the other half(ish) to be released.
I didn't see your thread from before, but what is the distance between the underside of your low E string and the top of the 12th fret wire?
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Welcome back, jim!

Doing alright, I guess. The forum's not nearly as busy as it used to be, but it's still running at an okay pace.

how's the real world been treating you?


Have you notice a drop-off in all areas of the forum or is your comment more A&C specific?

The real world has been good. I'm in the middle of opening a new office right now, so life is a little hectic. But I should have everything wrapped up and be moved in by the end of the month, which is exciting.

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What up Jim?

Played through an Egnater Rebel 30 today with a Les Paul for about an hour today. I have a serious, uncurable bout of GAS now. Unfortunately, I can't give up my strat for a paul, and my Blues Jr won't fetch me the $900 necessary dollars for the Egnater.

Hiya, Jon. Don't trade a Strat for a Les Paul! Humbuckers have no soul.
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This video is amazing.

I want to do that to my kids when I have kids.

That's from Family Guy! Awesome!

So how are all the A&Cers!? I miss you guys!
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I love my Sharpie. But yea, you just get it silk screened over and then clear coat it. I dunno jack shit about silk screening though.

Neither do I. Which is why I just want to pay someone else to do it and not have to worry about it.
I think I'd rather find somebody that has done work on and is familiar with guitar pedal enclosures. Thanks, though!
Can you guys recommend somebody that does custom painting/silkscreening for pedals? I'm want to make a Retro-Sonic Phaser look like an MXR Script Phase 90:

I talked to Dan of this1smyne and he said he could do it and quoted me a very reasonable price, but said I would have to provide the silkscreen. Yeah well I don't know anything about this stuff. I just want to pay somebody else to do it. Any recommendations?