Hi guys,

anybody knows a way how to achieve a "80´s- Glam Metal" Hairstyle? something like the haircut of George Lynch (the guitarist) in this video? i have somewhat wavy hair, very similar to lynch´s .... how should i get it could? should i just go to my hairdresser with a photo of this style?


Uncle Acid an the deadbeats - I´ll cut you down

was born a bitter man, no hopes or dreams
I get my kicks from torturing and screams
I lust for womens blood, and their evil ways
I twist my words to what the good book says

I want you, I need you, I'll bleed you
It's all true, I've been told to, I'll cut you down

My mind in purest white, in lawless land
I'll smash right through the evil hidden hand
I'm paid in drugs and gold, it's all I need
I'll take your soul and cleanse it with my greed

I'll burn you down to save this town

Lady in gentle slumber
Wary your not all alone
Maybe, I'm torn asunder
Lady, you're not on your own

You're not on your own
Lesbian Disco Metal.

Uncle Dolan and the deadbeats
I recently got that pedal, it kicks asses!

now, it seems like the stock pickups sound quite cool, it has a little individual touch in them...
From teh ****in kings of SoCal Rock.

ladies and Gentlemen, i bring you, the mighty Fu Manchu!

We Must Obey

Satisfied, Out Of Time
Hides In The Back Of Your Mind
You Will Stand, As They Command
Again For The Rest Of Your Life

We Must Obey!
Never Heard A Sound
We Must Obey!
Show Us A Better Way
Tear It Down Again
(We Must Obey!)
Those They Couldn't Save
(We Must Obey!)
Tell Them What I Thought
(We Must Obey!)
We Must Obey!

Locked Inside, Race Through Time
Slowly Realize
Without A Trace, You Take Your Place
At The End Of The Line

We Must Obey!
Never Heard A Sound
We Must Obey!
Show Us A Better Way
Tear It Down Again
(We Must Obey!)
Those They Couldn't Save
(We Must Obey!)
Tell Them What I Thought
(We Must Obey!)
We Must Obey!

Times Rollin' On
Times Rollin' On
Times Rollin' On
Times Rollin' On
(We Must Obey!)
Times Rollin' On
(We Must Obey!)
Times Rollin' On
(We Must Obey!)
Times Rollin' On
(We Must Obey!)
Times Rollin' On
(We Must Obey!)

My Denial
Scene Metal

Sexualities with Elephants.
ok, will look for one of these above fuzz pedals. Thank you Guys!

edit: Is it this Pedal?
Duncan Invader in Bridge, ok, I heard these things are agressive, but maybe thats whats needed. Thank you man!

If i choose to use The Invader Humbucker in Bridge Position, do I need to rewire anything on my Guitar (S.S.S Stratocaster) or can I just throw it in ?
Thank you!

Ok, no active, quite hot Humbuckers in Bridge and neck... and in the middle?
Singe Coil?

By the way, Is there a way of keeping the Strat-typical sound on the Neck Position with a Humbucker?

and also, is there a humbucker for Bridge and Neck you could recommend me?
Sup Guys,

As i´m gettin further involved in the local music scene, I´m looking for a slightly different sound than others round my age, somewhat like a stoner rock-ish sound. so, I have a Jackson Stratocaster, but i guess, for Stoner rock, at least a Humbucker in Bridge Position would be needed, am I right?
Do you have any suggestions which Humbucker woul be good for my needs, and do I also need a Humbucker in Neck Position?

Sound samples, quite near the sound which I´d like to achieve :



Just samples, But i thought of sound like that, not so endless-space-dogging like some Stoner Bands do, but also not to Mainstream-Rock-ish.

I hope you understand me, look forward to your answers!

Oh, and my english somewhat sucks, so I hope everything I´ve written is clear

Thank You!
My Teacher is great! It´s always kind of a Jam session, where we play something completely new together, and at the end of the lesson I realise hat I´m now able to play something completely new. Hé´s not the "Music Theory Type", so he doesn´t bringit in that much, but you learn about it too. I think this "balance" is important to help you when learning your instrument..
Lightnin strikes again - Dokken
Fu Manchu - King of the Road

this song led me to stoner rock bands.....
Need Long Hair! With chort hair i look like the road runner on crack! Also, I´m quite used to it ;-)

do you like theory?
i´m gonna see ém in about a month!!!! so exited! sadly without ritchie, but still.....
Why does everybody mention George Lynch with Dokken, Lynch Mob was HIS style, he played what he wanted to hear, i don´t think that he had the same "freedom" in Dokken.... don´t get me wrong, i love dokken, but htats just my opinion....
Motley Crue - Kickstart my heart

quite easy, i know, but it sounds really cool :-)
Symphathy for the Devil and MANDRAKE ROOT!
around 10..... turned 14 a month ago.
murdered by mouthless mercs
I also found out lately that "FAME" strings work very good, and seem a bit more close to the Lynch sound. i´ll keep testing stuff and post how it works
George Lynch

Rithcie Blackmore

Cows with scarfs
Dokken, in the original line up.

btw: I saw Deep Purple live one time!!! Woohooo!
visited your blog a couple of minutes ago, nice one! Keep up playing;-)
@DaFjory I already guessed your name´s not Hugh, but in germany "hugh" is used as something like, the Word or sentence to end all un-friendly disussions. Hope its understandable, didnt know how to explain it better, i´m not that good in speaking english;-)
dunno, never seen it
What is your favourite Album youve ever bought?
Do you think Marc Bolan was arrogant?
had enough of science for that week.

what would be your dream guitar?
dunno, I do too.

Do you realy find this pointless wuestions interesting??
And because i like it so much another: HUGH. HE HAS SPOKEN:
ain´t that what we´re discussing in this thread since the first post? We already came to the conclusion, that Lynchs TONE can be imitated, if you have 100& THE SAME CONDITIONS, his style won´t anyone have, but i think you could be abe to get close to that style, or learn it, if anbody wants to.
George Lynch, he´s a killer guitarist, and also had a very cool style!

If you could have the skills of one guitarist you know, who would you pick??
I could put another "Hugh He Has spoken" here, I think for example that Edward Van Halen is agreat Guitar player, but he´s not one of my favourite tone-having-guitarists, just to underline what you´ve said.
Naked Homeless Turtles??

Who do you think is the best guitarist ever?? (alive or dead)