only UG years matter son
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Cerrone wins in any fashion or gets KO'd brutally.

We shall see

Cerrone by submission.
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How often do you train with the gi?

I'm trying to a bit more, and I know it's good fundamentally, but there's still that small part of me that's just like "man, **** this thing"

I just feel like I could get into non-effective habits with the gi?

i think the opposite is true... too much no-gi leads to bad BJJ habits IMO. Overreliance on slipping out, scrambling, using strength, as opposed to using a good technique to sweep or reverse.
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Every Mastodon song is in D standard, AGCFAD, or drop C.

isn't Iron Tusk in drop B?
lets see... one Deftones and one Mono t-shirt. thats about it. otherwise i wear normal clothes. Possibly because I'm not 15 anymore.
TS is the woman in this video

ps Closure in Moscow is sick.
got destroyed at BJJ today. feeling a bit down even though i know its natural for the least experienced, lightest person to get thrashed. Bah. Goodnight.
i dunno whether to root for Anderson or Okami. I think Okami cuz he's representing my country but I'd love to see Anderson retire undefeated....
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It's mostly because of the so-called military-industrial complex. Course, it wouldn't be too hard to cut expenditures by ~400 billion over the next 10 years, but nobody wants to do that given how closely knit the whole thing is with private contractors, industry, etc. A lot of money to be made from it.

very true.
i am with her. 18 months and counting

advice: stop being just a friend to her. you want her to be your girlfriend then goddamn it act like it! Live boldly my friends.
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Just started it myself and I'm a bit flabbergasted by what a bitch Catelyn is to Jon Snow.

"It should've been you"

considering what just happend to you know... the trama and associated acting a little crazy is somewhat justified.
plus it really drives home what bastards are regarded as in the universe. No character is without faults and i like htat.
Haven't posted here in ages. Been reading Game of Thrones, which I first heard about in this very thread! After noticing HBO made a mini-series on it (always a good sign IMO) I decided to purchase the novel a few weeks ago. I'm about 3/4 of the way through it and cannot recommend it enough. I don't like fantasy at all but this is just plain good engaging writing.
i have no metal ideology just as i have no indie/rock/pop whatever. Its just music guys chill and enjoy it.
thats my hometown my parents live there.
I'm not either.

Pro tip: go socialise in the real world, not on an internet forum.
finished South of the Border, West of the Sun by Murakami. Now readign Hardboiled Wonderland by the same author
my gf bought me every single Haruki Murakami novel i didnt own for my 21st last weekend. She is awesome.
My rider

1. a naked scarlett johansson
look the reason Falcao was cut isn't because of the assault only- he was sentenced to house arrest and community service and he ducked out of that. So he's a fugitive.

Plus MMA has a rep for thuggery in Brazil, the last thing UFC needs is to screw Rio event up by having some journalist expose the thug-like character of someone like Falcao. I dunno if you've seen a GIF of him continuing to smash some guys head in after the fight was stopped.
i love mintjam! dont have time to tab it out, but they often use Eb for their earlier stuff so try messing around in that tuning? (or drop D flat)
^would of liked to see Diaz pull a slick sub off his back.. but then again I can rewatch the Cyborg fight for that lols.
Its sake, not saki.
Sake bombs are nasty.

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lol Muay Thai world champ? What are you on? Maybe on the local UK scene. The only Muay Thai championships that matter are those in Thailand, particularly the titles won at Rajadamnern (forgot the spelling) and Lumpinee especially.

no need to be a dick mate, just something i remembered being mentioned before the Koscheck fight. I can't seem to find any evidence so i guess its not true. As if his performance wasn't an indication of it

HAHA look at wikipedia, Paul Daley lost control of his bowels due to an adrenaline dump after the fight must be a hack
what i dont get is how Daley lost in the standup- thought he was a muay thai world champ? His boxing didnt look that good
Diazzzzz! You cannot disrespect the guy as a fighter!
yusss its back just in time for the fight
oh ****ing hell my stream at just cut out, anyone else had this problem?
goddamn Mousasi can't finish him
jardine doing better than i thought, looking a bit tired though
cheers for the link.

LOL get a look at that ref!!!!
link to stream plz
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this is a bit too much

anybody remember that falcao guy by any chance? I think he was in gsp vs koscheck 2.... that man is aa mystery....

he impressed me in that first round vs Harris, talk about fast hands. Can't wait to see him fight again.

Anyway, korean zombie ftw. Phil... not gonna say I'm disappointed in your performance, I'd rather just say I was pleasantly surprised at Nog's.
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You should watch other orgs for sure.

Tons of top talent and a lot of really exciting and technical fights.

Check out Pride, Dream, Sengoku, Bellator, Strikeforce, Maximum Fighting Championship, really anything you can.

Because honestly, you simply just don't know when a gem of a fight will pop up and in what org it'll be in.

Yup I've watched a bit of Pride actually, back in 2005-6 I watched a bit at a friends house didn't get into it much, remember playing the video game and playing as Chuck lol. He was real popular back then.

I need to check out Dream, I like watching Aoki (for his grappling).
ive been watching wec/ufc exclusively but i just watched nick diaz v cyborg. Very, very impressed with Nick. Great hands, ridiculously good bjj off his back.
i was like meh shouldn't be a bid deal suck it up till i read that you're Indian. LOL sucks bro. I'm Asian so I can relate. Well, not really- I study my ass off!

Non fiction: The Dragon and the Foreign Devils: The Story of China and the World, by Harry G Gelber

Fiction- Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell