2 year rule dont go for anyone 2 years younger or older if your inbetween 13-18. thats what I love by :L

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Yeah I know, buts its a really old tuner can't even tune flat :/

sorry this was meant to quote from Weaponxclaws
Well basically I'm looking for a new tuner, I've got an old current one which will only pick up EBGDAE notes. I can't tune well from ear, though I am learning, so drop tuning is a different story So anyway about 3 months ago I had a guitar teacher and he had a tuner, I think it was called blue bird or something, anyways it would tune B, C notes the lot. Just wondering if anyone here knows any good tuners to fit this description. In the range of £30. Thank you
Yeah pissing the furthest distance was an ORIGINAL :L

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