Big muff or tonebender for fuzz should get you in the stoner ballpark, especially if you run them into an Orange OR100 or rockerverb.

If you want the echoplex sound, and aren't willing to part with a leg or kidney, the Catalinbread Belle Epoch and Strymon Flint are great for that kind of delay.
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From what I remember Vox made in UK good, Vox made in

Just like Marshall they got bought out by Korg and moved shop to China, so the newer ones are not so well made.

Actually, I own a Vox AC30CC1, which is part of the older MiC CC series, and i find it great.

TS, an AC30CC is pretty great for that price. You might want to change the speakers, and insepct the tubes, but other than that, they are great. Unlike the newer C2 series, the older custom classic (CCs) were made with birch plywood, while the new C-series is made with MDF. Also, the custom classic have a tube rectifier, while the newer C-series has a solid-state rectifier. What you like more is kind of up to you.

That being said, you might want to avoid using the standby switch on a CC, since it has a tendency to eat up rectifier tubes. Just leave the standby always on, and use the power switch.
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The AC30 in question is an AC30VR, which bears the same resemblance to an actual AC30 as Timex does to Rolex...

Oh, I know. I was talking about tube AC30's in general. Might have been kind of misleading.

Anyway: Ac15. Without a doubt.
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AC15 for me. All tube vintage sounding amp instead of valve-reactor modeling and solid state. The AC15 is clearly more amp but both probably sound pretty decent.

+1 AC15s have a great clean tone, but break up earlier than an AC30. That being said, AC15s an AC30s are LOUD,so you should be able to get a good clean tone at a gigging volume.
I'm going to suggest my new favorite OD: Boss SD-1. Cheap, simple, built like a tank, and great tones across the whole range
Amp-wise, you might want to take a look at a used vox ac30. Heavy, but great amp that fits the indie rock bill perfect.

WHen it comes to guitar, I think that you might want to have a look a perhaps a semi-hollow epiphone (like the sheraton), or maybe a used jazzmaster?
Moog minifooger drive? It has a sweepable filer, so it can be turned into a dirty wah
The vibramate kit will save you a lot of hassle, since you need to drill holes into the body for the bridge on the normal bigsby kit.
Never tried a Ironheart, ut when I usually use a single channel amp, I tend to keep it at a low to medium crunch when the volume on the guitar is full. Turn down the volume knob on the guitar to get a clean sound, and then hit the boost function for when you need anything more than medium gain.
so.. you want a pedal that can emulate the sound, and attack of a keyboard?
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Damn that's pretty. I can hear the sustain through my monitor!

Yeah, it definitely has sustain! You might even say that it is sustainable
While browsing over Reverb earlier, I came across this little gem:

"I am just selling the cardboard box. One owner. This box is not reliced. It is the real deal. It has been preserved safely in the back of my closet at my parents house for 40 years.

This box is a perfect place to keep your 1976 Vintage Electro-Harmonix Ram's Head Big Muff Pi (not included). I am the original owner. It has a few small dings and pencil markings. It is not bright white anymore. It is more of vintage tan/egg shell color that you would expect from a 40 year old cardboard box. The original price of $49.95 write in ink can still be seen on the side.

Just the Cardboard box! Big Muff NOT Included! I will ship this vintage cardboard box in a more modern cardboard box in make sure it arrives in one piece."

Just look at that discoloring! Totally worth 100 bucks
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the mr black is nice, but no splash at all in that video.

True, true. Bad example on my hand.
Catalinbread Topenga or Mr. Black Deluxe Plus (which has a great tremolo in it too)
Black Arts TOneworks Destroyer.

Sure, it has two switches, but that counts, right?
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I know that Teppei from Thrice was using one for a while with his AC30. Not pop punk, but give an idea of how well those fit together and what kind of aggressive tones you can get with it.

If I'm not mistaken, Teppei and Dustin started using AC30's around the time they recorded The Alchemy Index, but don't quote me on that. Teppei might have used a AC30 before that, but at that time he used it together with a JCM800.

But back to the OP: AC30's can get pretty gnarly, but have more of a loose low-end, instead of the more tight bass that you seem to be looking for.
+1 To the rat suggestions. My ac30 absolutely loves mine.

That being said, for that low end thump, you might want to get a closed back cab to use as an extension for you combo. Maybe something like an avatar 212?
As a bassist: Gallien-krueger RB700 with a unkown 410 cab
As a guitarist: Vox ac30cc1, which i still have <3
Might not be the cheapest straps, but I have a special kind of love for Couch straps. Might be 'cause they look cool, or the fact that they several of the models are made from recycled car vinyl.

Also, the fact that they are cruelty-free can probably get you some points with all the hipsters
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And just because you have 40yrs of experience doesn't mean shit, because your 40yrs is wrong here

I see pedals as an extension of your guitar. Do you need them to produce sound? No, but you can use them to alter the sound your instrument produces, thereby expanding what sounds you can produce.

Personally, I always have my reverb and distortion pedals on, and I could not imiagine being without them. That being said, I can see why some prefer to plug their guitar straight into their amp. Both are valid choices, and we should all respect that really.

That being said: You aren't cool if you haven't tried running a fuzz into two delay pedals, three reverbs, and a tremolo. Tone for days mate
I've been using a soul food to boost my ac30 lately. Just need to cut the treble a little on the pedal really.
lots of shoegaze and post rock bands use teles. Can name Mogwai of the top of my head.

Really, shoegaze and post rock is more about using a bunch of distortion/fuzz and delay into a clean/clean-ish amp.
If you're aiming for that Jesus and Mary Chain wall-of-fuzz sound, you might want to try to get your hands on a superfuzz clone of some kind, and maybe a boss hm-2.

I know that you stated that you're only interested in getting a pedal in the UK, but might I also suggest the Penny Pedals Fingerprint? Pretty much nails the wall-of-sound.
If I were you, I would probably try to sell the mictro terror, and get a jet City JCA22. Can get one from Thomann for 180 quid, and a Bad Monkey overdrive for 20. Then you can be on the lookout for a used boss tuner or korg pitchblack, and a used boss dd-7. Should set you back about 300 quid maybe.
Metasonix Assblaster. Mainly because of how the glorious art design complements the name

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Unfortunately, im from Czech republic. There are lots of Addarios and Warwicks in our stores, but no elites

D'addario ProSteels would probably work out great for you then.
Out of those you have listed: The Vibrolux clone, no doubt about it.
So, a small update everybody I think I have managed to find just what I want for a real bargain, but the owner can't give me a confirmation until Friday, so here's for hoping for the best!

The amp? It's a Vox AC30CC1. just love the cleans on it, and I think I have an idea for just what kind of pedal i'm going to throw in front of it: A boss HM-2. It might sound dreadful, but I think that's just what I want
I have usually never been one to cry over anything really, but I'm not gonna lie and say that I have been crying a lot lately since it seems my four year long relationship is coming to an end.

Yeah I know, I'm probably a pussy for being like that.
Thanks K0nijn! I'll keep a look out for the TH30. Love the sound I'm hearing from some demos. A RV combo would also be great. Too bad they cost about 1500 Euros new here....
Thanks for all the suggestion thus far guys. Really enjoy your feedback.

@Bob: Yeah, a MP-1 might be a good idea, but then I would have to get a power amp,and from what I've gathered, they are kind of scare on the used market here in Norway.

@Cath: The VH100R is a great suggestion. Sadly, I haven't been able to find any used for a while,and new they often cost as much as a used jcm2000- or JCM800 stack.

I did find a Laney GH50L and Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 (100 watt head) for sale though. The Laney is about 300 dollars cheaper than the VM, But from what I've gathered, the GH50 seems kind of picky when it comes to cabs.

Speaking of cabs, if I go with a head, my idea for a cab would be to get either an empty Palmer 212 or a Harley Benton 212 cab. I could get a hold of two Eminence Private jack for real cheap, so I just plan on putting it in either cab. The issue is that I would have to import the HB from Thomann (yay for not being part of the EU). Because of that, the cab would cost me 25 % more than normal thanks to import fees. On the other hand, I could get a Palmer here in Norway, for cheap, but they seem to be made from MDF, which I've hear is.. less desirable than plywood.

Just keep your suggestions coming guys!

Edit: Damn, I need to stop writing huge walls of text

TL;DR: Like all your suggestions, but hard to find. Found used GH50L and Marshall 2466. Yes?
Hey guys. I am in dire need of help. I've managed to get a hold of my dream guitar (a Fender CIJ Jaguar), but now I'm in need of an amp, since.. well, I don't have one! Being pathologically indecisive, I have a really hard time actually deciding what I want, so I turn to you, oh wise inhabitants of GG&A.

So, when it comes to genre, I have a huge crush on 90's rock, especiallyearly shoegaze, grunge and alt rock. Think Swervedriver, The Smashing Pumpkins (Gish-era specifically), Jeff Buckley, The cranberries and MBV. That being said, I also have a soft spot for Of Monsters and Men and Paramore (sue me). So really, I'm looking for something that isn't really too high gain, since I'm planning on getting a couple of fuzzes, and I alreeady have a RAT.

When it comes to the sound I'm looking for, the clean sound would be something like this:

On thr flip-side, I'm havering for this kind of crunch (yeah, I know: marshall jcm800 )

I live in Norway, so anything by Mesa , or the Randall MTS heads are out of the question (Mesa's are insanely expensive here, with dual recifiers costing more than 2000 dollars new. Sadly, I have never actually seen a MTS head here, used or new)

Price range? Well, let's say up to 7500 Norwegian Kroner (~1200 dollars)which is the price of of a New Vox AC30C2.

I have always bought my gear used, so there is no question that I'm doing to this time to.

I plan on gigging with the amp, since my new band (Huzzah!)

combo or head + cab doesn't really matter, since my flatmate has no problem with me making a lot of noise. That being said, I don't want the amp to be too small. Having had to carry bass cabs for 8 years, I can't for some reason see myself getting something like a blues junior or an AC15. They just feel too small

Sorry for writing that is a jumbled mess, but I hope you guys can help me out with my conundrum.

Also, it's late, I'm tired, and my grammar sucks
Might be spamming the thread, but F it.

This soundtrack is dope yo
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How dare you defile the glorious masterpiece that is Dschinghis Khan with your Swedish danceband music?!
Thanks guys I'm planning on getting the switched fixed eventually, but I'm most likely replacing the bridge pickup for a SD Jaguar antiquity I at the same time, so I have to wait until I get some more money.

EDIT: After having played it for a while, I know what's on the top of my to-buy list: A new strap
Thanks guys She's a beaut alright!

Fisheth, you better get used to there being more than one fish around here
So guys, today I finally took the big leap. After being a bassist for 7 years I hit a wall. I no longer found it to fun to play bass, even though I still love the instrument to death. Knowing that I couldn't play drums at all (blame the fact that I was born with reduced motor skills), I decided to pick up a guitar following my discovery of the magical thing that is shoegaze.

Having borrow a friend's Squier Vista Venus (Who I named Sasha) and Peavey Classic 30 (which was stolen the other day) for about a year, I decided that it was time to actually get my first electric guitar (and pay back my friend for the Peavey).

At first I was set on getting a strat, mainly because I love how they feel and look. I drove into the city to meet up with a guy who was selling a bunch of his gear, set on buying his old Highway One strat.

But then I saw it.

In the back of the room stood a guitar that was missing three of its switches, had a unoriginal pick guard, and had a small part of the headstock missing.

It was perfect in every single way.

I literally threw my money at the seller and brought the guitar with me home.

So, without further to do, I present to all:


Katsumi is a '92 Fender Japan Jaguar in Candy Apple Red, and she plays like a dream. The neck is super smooth and easy to move around, and even though she is heavier than Sasha (weighing in at 4.0 kilos as opposed to Sasha's feather weight 2.9), she feels so nice hung over my shoulder.

Sound wise, the bridge pickup is slightly weak sounding, something that is apparently this is typical of Fender Japan's pickups. This doesn't bother me too much, as a usually stick to the neck pickup.

Here you can see the the broken pickup switches, but to be honest it doesn't bother me at all. I managed to turn on the switches and turn off the "choke-switch" by using a pick, and now I just switch between the rythm section and my preset "lead" tone.

So, all in all, it is kind of quirky, but I love quirky instruments. Was this a nice enough gift to myself for scrubbing toilets all summer? Not at all, but this might be my best purchase when it comes to instruments. Ever. Period. End.

So, all in all, I would say that this has been a very successful first-guitar purchase

Just to annoy you slightly more, have a blurry "family photo" of Katsumi and Sasha.

Now I just need to get a amp... hmm.. Maybe a vox?